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New mini game idea: keep away!

Discussion in 'Nano Games' started by partyin, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. Hello!

    I had an idea for a new team game based around sheep quest!

    If you don't know what sheep quest is, its a mini game where the player and there team tries to capture sheep from other teams side and bring them into there own! Its really simple, and one of my favorites!

    So here is the simplified game idea:


    have the most sheep in your section by the end of the 2 minutes!

    The arena will be a simple flat circle divided into thirds like a slice of pie.
    at least a 2 block high wall around the edge with boundary blocks going up for a bit

    SET UP:

    there will be 3 teams (Blue, yellow, red,) where all of the players will be evenly divided
    5 sheep will be in each teams side.
    each player will have a knockback 2 stick
    players will not take damage and will wear there teams color on there leather armor


    the players of each team will try to hit the opposing teams sheep into there own section using the knockback stick causing the color of the sheep's wool to change to the new side( if a red sheep is hit into the yellow side, the sheep's wool will change into yellow)
    the teams can defend their attackers with their knockback sticks hitting them away.
    the round will end when the time is up, and the team with the most sheep in there section at the end wins!

    So yeah! that's pretty much it. I really love sheep quest but its not as popular as it used to be so this could be a solid substitute! This draft is in no way final, and would love feedback on how to make it better/ in the game!

    Posted Nov 10, 2020

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