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NgL BL xp is ...... just no

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by missmasch, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. I feel the need to rant a bit about ....Bomb Lobbers...
    Yup, yup.
    People earn way to much exp. from that game mode.
    Maybe its just me, but.... I find it to be one of the most corrupt modes on the server.
    How is it even possible to earn 850* xp pts in one 45 sec match on a mini game?!?! That's pretty much what I usually get from spending 5+ minutes on a cake war match??? I mean even Dragons only gives about 70*xp from a few minutes in a match, so why is BL so flipping high? I find that to be really annoying, as I have been watching numerous friends quickly catching/passing my level 50 rank from just playing that mode. I find this to be unbelievable as I have always held a higher rank than most ppl I know. I have played my fair share of games to get the rank that I have. Trouble is, I typically play on Survival, which grants you absolutely no xp.... and yeah wow. Nearly all my friends have discovered this great xp gain from BL. Some have gone up 30+ ranks in like 2-3 weeks, just from them continously chucking some lagged out tnt.
    I am very annoyed. You now how long its taken me to get to the level I'm at now? For players to be passing me by numerous levels so quickly? How fair is that? The Bomb Lobbers mode has just always seemed like a complete joke to me, I mean I play on 17.1.1 and no I am not going to downgrade to 1.14.<?> be able to play it "better"...? I hate the mode but the amount of xp that is given from it is just far higher than any other. What is that all about anyways??? Really I find hard to respect a lvl 100 player now, cuz they may have just sat there for a couple months playing only BL to get their rank. Thats just dumb! :(
    Can something please be revised about the xp gain from that mode?

    [[[* - earned xp from my most recent memory in those modes (unamplified)]]]
    Posted Mar 27, 2022
  2. Yeah it’s so much
    Posted Mar 27, 2022
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  3. Hello,
    So as a Bomb lobbers main there is some things I agree to and some things I don’t.

    1. I do agree that BL gives great xp but I wouldn’t say enormous or loads of xp. There is 2xp enabled on the server right now so you get about 800-1k xp per game when unamped. However, when there isn’t 2xp and the game isn’t amped, you will end up with 400-750 xp most of the time depending on the length of the game.

    2. You can’t really afk or camp in this game so getting xp this way is pretty hard. You can’t afk because 1) you would get kicked 2) if you die you get close to 0 xp. You also can’t camp as the 4 maps where you could camp were removed. You can also hide in spots but you would probably lose and losing in this game gives you little to no xp. So you should respect a lvl 100 no matter the game they mained to get there because BL isn’t about just sitting around and waiting to win.

    3. I get that you are frustrated from the fact that your friends pass you and gain lvls much quicker than you but just so you know, rank doesn’t always mean that someone is better than you, after all, it’s just a number.

    have a great day,
    Posted Mar 27, 2022
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  4. I actually never got any of my xp from Bomb Lobbers, I was level 100 before it came back. It does give lots of xp, but if you can't beat them then you should just join them. Spectre made some good points above too
    Posted Mar 28, 2022
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  5. I do agree that it does give a bit too much. Told by many people that bomb lobbers and mob arena are the best way to earn xp. I get why Mob arena gives so much xp due to how lengthy it can get and why people use that to grind. From what I’ve observed is, I get less xp for a 2-5 minute sky wars game than playing a 2 minute match chucking pieces of tnt mindlessly at a person until they fall to their demise. I will say that amplifiers are huge in all of these and they will always affect how much more xp you can get or (could've got..etc)

    Find it a bit odd that a much more competitive game mode gives less xp than one that’s more meant as a “party game.” Aside from that, I would not worry about someone’s rank as they stated above rank does not matter all that much.
    Posted Apr 6, 2022
  6. I would say that Bomb Lobbers XP is fair, but the amount you get time-wise is simply not right. As missmasch said, getting anywhere above 500 XP for a 40 second game is a bit too much, this was the same issue on Java until they fixed it. Perhaps XP should get added when your time in-game gets longer, and the base XP needs to be lowered. But it should also not be too low, after all this game can get as competitive as a game of Skywars too.
    Posted Apr 6, 2022
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  7. Hey, it is true that bomb lobbers can give absurd xp even with no amp or modifications to the normal xp. But most matches end very quickly and since the game has been out a bit now players have been getting good so its hard to survive for a whole fifteen minutes now. Also campy type maps with hard to reach places were just removed recently making it even harder to have long games.

    A lot of the xp in 40 second games comes from the fact you won other than the time you survived.
    Posted Apr 6, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Apr 25, 2022
  8. Yep, hence why the base XP (for playing the game) should be lowered
    Posted Apr 7, 2022
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  9. Being a bl main myself I do agree. Bl xp is a bit uneven. But to get lvl 100 via bl anywhere from 10-17k wins are needed. Depends on how much u play with 2x. So not exactly a walk in the park
    Posted Apr 24, 2022
  10. I agree bomb lobbers gives too much xp. Compared to other games, such as microbattles, it should be toned down a notch.

    Microbattles is a game where it requires skill to play, rather than just
    The dev team (gyro) should make changes to the xp amounts given for both games to make microbattles a viable XP grinding option
    Posted Apr 24, 2022
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