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Niqhtys' Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Nightys, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. If y'all haven't already met me or have talked to me already, I'm Niqhtys, or Connor, whichever you prefer. I've been a community member for about 8 years now, joining all the way back in 2014.

    My Staff/Sub-team History -
    I joined Event Assistance as my first sub-team in June of 2021. Fun fact, I was actually accepted mid-event and was thrown into being an EA right away. I stayed on this team for a little bit before resigning for a while before rejoining in March of 2022.

    Before I was reinstated onto Event Assistance, In February of 2022 I was invited to join the Discord Management team. This was right after my Trainee application was denied so I felt a bit better about myself. I was on Community Discord Management for just about 5 months before I was promoted to Discord Management following my promotion to Moderator in July of 2022, but I'll talk more about that later.

    When the Newsletter team applications opened up, I just decided to apply to figure I had nothing to lose if I was denied. I enjoy writing so I figured the team would be a nice fit for me and I felt like I would have a lot of fun being a part of NL, but unfortunately, I was denied. A few days ish later, I received a message from the NL lead (Arjun) asking if I would like to join the NL team as one of their writers resigned, and the rest is history.

    I joined the Content Creator Council in August of 2022. Just like NL, I felt like the team offered a job that I would enjoy and be successful on. I applied and was accepted along with 2 other staff members (@Knazamn and @Splendida) and I've had a blast on the team ever since joining.

    Now, for the final part...

    I was first accepted as a Java Trainee on June 4th, 2022. I was at work that morning, and I was constantly checking the discord on my phone, as well as constantly checking the forums. I was actually helping a customer when I was accepted, so I didn't know until after I was done helping them that I was accepted.

    I was a Trainee for just over a month when I was promoted early to Moderator. I was just about to head to work when I got a message from my mentor, asking if I could hop in-game to handle a hacker, but when I joined my Trainee rank was gone and I had Immortal as I did prior to Trainee. I then thought I had been demoted, so I messaged Toki saying I didn't have my rank, then boom, just like that I had a nice shiny Mod tag. Now that I've been on the staff team for a while, I can say with confidence that I'm very happy I kept applying, as this is the most fun I've had in a long time, and I wouldn't trade any of the bonds I've made for anything.

    I encourage all of you to keep applying, as I was denied 13 times before I was accepted as a Trainee. You can't let being denied get you down, as that'll only make it more difficult for you to get accepted in the future.

    About me -

    I'm 18 years old at the time of writing this. I don't go to school, but I do work full-time for a housing company. I play hockey at least 4-5 times a week, if not more. I've been playing hockey for almost 14 years now, and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! I love to fish and play golf, as well as go camping. I've been going out camping for a long time now, ever since I was a kid my parents have always taken me camping in the summer.

    Alright well, that's really all I have to say.

    - Niqhtys
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  2. This is very inspiring Niqhtys, You've done a whole bunch of good for Mineplex. Thank you for your service friend! I am going to be working on my 5th application soon :)
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  3. This is an amazing read I learned a lot from it I would recommend anyone that sees this go read it it’s cuz interesting.
    Posted Sep 28, 2022
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  4. Hey Connor! I really enjoyed reading a formal introduction from you, I definitely learned a little more about you than what I knew previously to reading this. Though this was to be expected because you have been a good friend of mine before you even joined the Staff Team. It has just been such a pleasure watching how much you’ve grown here and I’m proud of you, truly. I remember when you were invited to Discord Management and I knew that you were going to achieve anything you set your mind to as soon as I saw how hard you worked as a cDM! I hope that you’re doing well and again, it was nice seeing an official introduction from you. Keep up all the amazing and hard work you put forth for the server noob! <3
    Posted Sep 29, 2022
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  5. Surprised this is the first I'm reading an introduction from you.

    Not too sure if we know eachother or not but this was cool to read through, seems as though we have a common interest with hockey.
    Posted Sep 29, 2022
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  6. feel like i've seen you before
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 29, 2022
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  7. Niqhtyssssssss
    Awesome introduction senor! I've definitly learned a few things about you, starting with your literal name because I had no idea your name was Connor. That's much easier for me to spell than niqhtys..

    But anyway it's really cool to learn about your history with the server! You've definitly been involved with different teams for a long time, so I'm glad you finally earned your Mod tag! Proud of everything that you've done here, and I can't wait to see where you go next o/
    Posted Oct 1, 2022
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