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Nvidia RTX 40’s series power consumption rumors

Discussion in 'Technology' started by zEddie27, Jul 8, 2022.

  1. So Nvidia has hinted 40’s series, and they’re estimated to be released later this year or in early 2023.

    Lot’s of people seem to have theories about the rtx 4090, power consumption. It’s rumored that the rtx 4090 has a max of 600 watts. This is obviously very high and you’re not going to be using 600 watts while web browsing or using discord or playing Minecraft. Mid ranged computers don’t even need a 600 watt power supply.

    But there’s a few things I want to cover. And I also want to explain why I don’t believe this is true.

    1. Performance increase, so the rtx 4090 is rumored to be 60% faster than the 3090, which would also mean 53% faster than the 3090 ti. Is this true? We’ll just have to wait and find out. The rtx 3090 ti uses a whopping 450 watts under full load, which is 100 watts more than the 3090.

    2. overclocking. Overclocking tells your pc to run faster than it normally would be able to, so the higher you overclock, the more watts it’s going to use.

    why I don’t believe the 4090 will use 600 watts:

    1. Modern technology, faster and power saving. As we have advanced in technology over the years, tv’s, phones, graphics cards. They get faster and use less/the same power at the same
    time, so theoretically this should be the same with the 4090

    2. PCIe 6.0, PCIe 6.0 is rumored to be released later this year, and like I said, as it gets more modern, it’s faster and uses less/the same power.

    3. GDDR7. GDDR7 is again, also rumored to be later this year. and like I said, it will be faster and should be able to use less/the same power.

    now if the rtx 4090 actually does use 600 watts under full load, then we’re going to have some problems. Crypto is currently going down right now so the prices are going back to normal and the stock demands are being met.

    But that is just right now, the rtx 4090 is still a few months away, and crypto could easily go back up, and if it is, miners will definitely take advantage of the 4090.

    But, since nvidia has restocked the 30 series, and crypto is falling down, no one is buying gpu’s right now, it’s funny because gamers complained about gpu’s always being out of stock, and then right when nvidia restocked them, no one buys them.

    Also ethereum, which is a crypto currency is switching to another system, and miners are no longer needed. Ethereum is the #2 crypto btw,

    Also bitcoin still needs GPU’s, but it’s way less profitable than ethereum.

    anyways I kinda got off topic there but it’s still worth mentioning.

    I doubt many people will buy the 4090, just because it will be so expensive, and people will probably aim for lower end 40 series like the 4050.

    But yea with a 1000 watt psu being recommended for a rtx 3090 system, it’s getting kinda reaching the limit with the 4090

    AMD on the other hand does use significantly less power, and according to YouTube videos the RX 6950 XT only gets 7 less fps than the RTX 3090 ti.

    Either way, you don’t need a RX 6950 xt or a 3090 ti to play the latest and greatest games, most games will run fine on a GTX 750 ti or above, but as the GTX 750 ti is an 8 year old card, that will probably change soon.
    Posted Jul 8, 2022
  2. Mhm, and I think nowadays most GPU's can be undervolted without a noticeable difference in performance.
    Posted Jul 11, 2022
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  3. While I do believe it is true that most people are waiting on the 4000 series GPUs to come out, I also believe that the reason why people aren't buying the 3000 series GPUs mainly due to how their prices are still ridiculous for the cost. Sure it's not as bad as it once was a couple of months ago, but the prices are still too high and people would rather wait for the newer GPUs rather than purchasing the old ones. I am fortunately happy with my RTX 2070 super I bought before everything became so expensive.
    Posted Jul 11, 2022
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  4. That is true, nvidia also delayed the rtx 40 series since there are so many 30 series in stock right now, so I'm sure that the 30 series will be much cheaper on the second hand market once 40 series arrives later this year. even though $1,500 is the msrp for the 3090, that's still ridiculously high, let alone $2,000 for a rtx 3090 ti.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 11, 2022
  5. Very nice information I’ll return once the prices drop and I can actually buy stuff
    Posted Jul 11, 2022
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  6. Some of the prices for computer parts have recently dropped! I suggest anyone who is attempting to build a computer or wants to upgrade their computer to check out amazon and best buy! Stuff like SSDs, ram and even some graphics cards are on sale! Check them out now!
    Posted Jul 12, 2022
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  7. Actually am planing on getting some more ran for my pc :) 16gb ——> 32gb
    Posted Jul 13, 2022
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  8. niceeee, what version are you using

    I can imagine some manufacturers like ASUS or MSI do that
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 13, 2022,
    Last edited by a Moderator Jul 14, 2022

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