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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by xNooted, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. Hey there!

    If I'm correct, I made an introduction post on the old Enjin website years back, but since that's gone and I'm back in the community, why not do it again!

    So my name is Ty, I'm 16 years of age and I was previously a Mineplex Moderator. My goals are to get back onto the staff team and get involved with the community as much as possible, so you're probably going to see me a lot in-game and in the forums! Outside of Mineplex I enjoy going out with friends, or playing other games such as Overwatch or Fortnite.

    If you want to follow me on here or add me in-game go ahead! I'll be more than happy to follow you back or send you a friend request in-game. If you want to play games such as Cake Wars, Skywars, Bridges or Champions - I'm down for that!

    See you guys around :)
    Posted Oct 21, 2018
  2. Hey Ty!
    You have really great goals and seem very motivated to achieve them - I see you in game quite a bit which is awesome. The drive you have to help the community is a really nice thing to see. I'm glad to hear you'll be active on the forums as they are a great way to interact with the community, I've really enjoyed being on them for the past few weeks so I hope you're enjoying it too.

    Hope to see you around!
    Posted Oct 21, 2018
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  3. I see your glasses are still on your nose. Either way, Welcome!
    Posted Oct 21, 2018
    xNooted likes this.

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