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Official Mineplex Clans Discord

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Adrianna, Nov 15, 2019.

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    This is a long awaited announcement for the community about the state of Clans and our own official discord server. Recently, Clans Management has been working on a separate project within the team. This project is coming to its completion, and is officially live. What exactly is this project? The Clans Management Team has decided it’s time for an Official Clans Discord, alongside the Official Mineplex Discord. This will be a “Mineplex Endorsed” discord, allowing it to be advertised and connected seamlessly with the rest of Mineplex, it’s sr-mod teams, sub-teams, and staff. We want this discord to go perfectly, and so we’re keeping you guys in mind.

    The Clans Official Discord will integrate “Clans Insights” with the official “Game Insights” team, and “Clans Insights, formerly community insights” will work directly with the Clans Management team to process ideas like never before. The (unofficial) Clans Insights team will also have more influence, such as being able to be judges for the Clans Build-Off arena event! Next, Content Creators! Clans supports a wide variety of creators, from your YT ranks to your growing smaller channels. The MCD, while official, wants to support our unofficial creators who might not have YT rank in-game.

    The requirements for this unofficial role: Clean punishment history in the reasonably recent past, 500 subscribers, and videos/streaming Clans content.

    If you are a current Content Creator, but don’t meet the requirements, message adri#3315 as exceptions can be made.

    Moving on, policies will be slightly different, but still “lax” compared to other Mineplex discords. For example, we will allow NWB players to join, only if they don’t cause issues/commotion. We will have an economy, games with little easter eggs, and more. @Adrianna will be posting updates to current events (such as the ROSTER for the Clans tournament) on this discord, as well as future events in general. If you want updates on everything Clans, including these events, the MCD will be the place to go.

    Members will be able to suggest ideas for Clans to be reviewed, and selected. Selected ideas will move on to the #clans-poll phase. They’ll be streamlined, and posted, and you guys will get to give your feedback on them and talk directly with Clans Insights, Clans Management, and Clans Game Insights. There’s so much more, but we want to save it for when you guys join! If you have any suggestions for the new discord, please DM @GrandpaNguyen on the forums. This goes for any potential concerns you might have as well. Thank you for your time.

    Here is a invite to our server, we hope to see you there soon! https://discord.gg/7aGScYJ
    Posted Nov 15, 2019
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