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One Player Games Concept

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Icarys, May 21, 2022.


Should One Player Minigames be a concept?

  1. Yes

    7 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  3. I'm undecided, the idea needs more developing

    2 vote(s)
  1. As the title suggests, I'm floating about the general concept of one player minigames.

    I've seen discussions about games not being able to start due to the minimum player requirement not being met, and spending more leisure time around the server, it seems that players often concentrate around a select few games which do get enough people. Lobbies also have players vibing, which is normal; but perhaps some people are there because their games don't have enough traction these days.

    Call it outside the box thinking or whatever, but I think some remedy for this while also pushing out new content is to develop some one player minigames. The only player needed is you.

    There's a great scope of ideas to channel; for example, classical games like Mario/Angry Birds/Tetris etc.

    Existing mineplex games could also be repurposed or used as inspiration. Eg;
    One idea I have is to combine some elements of castle siege and turf wars into a game where you've to defend a target against waves of NPC enemies. The weapon would be a bow. Some enemies could be stronger than others. The aim is to last as long as possible.

    There are some drawbacks however; playing games by oneself can be lonely perhaps. Some people may also want to play with friends.

    The other twists with these types of games I have in mind may help with this;

    Playing with friends could be purely competitive. Say you're in a party with 2 friends and want to play eachother. The game should be able to load a server for each of you to play on, and at the end, it'll display the scores each person got for their game. So some party mode could be developed for these games, perhaps after the initial concept is released.

    I would also like to propose the notion of a global leaderboard for each game. We see these around existing games already, e.g. Draw My Thing. The leaderboards for one player games should have twists, however;

    Rather than aggregating performances, they should display the best performances individually. What constitutes the best performance depends on the game, but if you take my idea from above, the better performances would be indicated by how long the game lasted. This is a simple metric, no rocket science calculations needed. Constraining the development of one player games to those which only return such simple metrics to compare performances would be an idea.

    These leaderboards should reset regularly, e.g. weekly. Top X performances get something special. Such rewards could change from time to time, be enticing shard rewards or a cosmetic. They can be chosen from a reward pool, and somewhere in the code, X can easily be fine tuned.

    The above leaderboard thing is essentially the ace up my sleeve which will hopefully sell this concept of game. The best performances are rewarded, but erased publicly..so people have to play again and perform again.

    Privately, in /stats, players could view their top performances. These private statistics shouldn't be erased.

    In general terms, I think this covers everything. It's important to note that this is a concept, so I don't think I can go into anything concrete.

    However, to summarise the advantages;

    - Games should start easily
    - Global Leaderboard ensures competition and rewards
    - Non permanent public statistics means players will return to play again and put themselves out there
    - "Sweats" won't have a lasting impact
    - Players' hard work will still be there to display in their private statistics.
    - One player games are easy to develop.
    - Maintenance is easy once initial development is done.
    - One player games are also logically simpler.
    - Maps should be easy to build

    I've typed this during a one hour bus journey, so perhaps there's other advantages and disadvantages I've overlooked. Feedback, discussion and criticism is welcomed. I'm also including a poll to get a summary of interest, although if people aren't entirely for this concept, I'd appreciate some pointers as to where I can improve.

    The idea is to try and get the most reward for simple and easy effort.
    Posted May 21, 2022
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  2. I see merit in your idea, however the potential work required to make this feasible already tells me Mineplex will likely not even bother considering it.

    To be honest I think they should develop small minigames for waiting lobbies: People who hosted a MPS may have observed the ladder that just sits there to be climbed. It could be introduced to lobbies and anyone who gets close to it gets a rod and must climb it before other players do. I think these small minigames are the key to make waiting lobbies more interesting and preventing players from leaving. I know the counterargument that waiting lobbies are not meant to be used for long as games start within 20 seconds after each other, however this is evidently no longer the case: Mineplex has to adapt to longer waiting times and give people means to kill time as they wait for the game to start.

    Just by introducing a small thing like the ladder climbing race minigame I think Mineplex would already improve the waiting conditions for waiting lobbies. Even slightly extending the size with more parkours, easter eggs or even NPCs could be even more helpful, even though that would require much more work.
    Posted May 21, 2022
  3. you lost me at the part where you said mineplex needs to adapt. They would never do that!!
    Posted May 22, 2022
  4. I like the idea @Thomas A. Anderson mentioned about small games within waiting lobbies (although I'm not entirely sure how we would implement stationary ones as the waiting lobbies are pretty small). To be fair though they kind of already exist as well considering some of our playable cosmetics like Connect 4, which you can play in the lobby, but they're not popular to use.

    You have a pretty unique take on one person minigames, when I read the title of this thread I figured you were going to talk about grindy solo games, like Skyblock, which I personally think is a really good idea to bring out as grindy games are pretty trendy at the moment (although I imagine maintaining and keeping it fresh would be awful since we have one active developer, which doesn't make it that good of an idea when it comes to reviving the server a bit).

    Anyways, I'm not entirely sure how we would go about making solo games like an Angry Birds or Tetris spinoff, and I question whether these things are simply more suited as additional playable cosmetics, since they're really small and straightforward. I also don't know whether our current system is even able to accommodate these solo bite-sized games which is a big issue but, if it can, I don't know whether it would be worth the work treating it at the same standard like any other game on our network - building new maps, creating kits, creating achievements and missions etc...

    I also question whether it would be worth it considering the playerbase might not like it that much. While it is something different that I haven't seen on any other servers, a lot of people on Mineplex enjoy the competitive aspect of the server and otherwise, the multiplayer aspect of the games, so in the current state I don't see it would get more than a few players on at once which I don't think is a good number for the work and therefore not worth the risk, given what else we could do with the server instead with the same time. Also, given since your idea is similar to playable cosmetics, and seeing how they're not that popular to use as I mentioned before, that gives sort of an idea that a full set of games of these might also not be that popular.

    In conclusion I feel like while this idea is really unique that also makes it quite the experiment given how much work it could take if treated the same as the other full games on the server, and therefore it would be a big risk to attempt to create something like this now, or even in the near future, and otherwise would be a lot of work and time that could be put into other areas of the server which are in greater need and would have a confirmed better reaction from players. As these mini games can simply be additional playable cosmetics or waiting lobby games I don't think your idea is bad at all, but probably not practical beyond that.
    Posted May 22, 2022,
    Last edited May 22, 2022
  5. Grappling Hook Parkour

    Amazing Idea you have. For this, I suggest the one-player game Grappling Hook Parkour. A game where you use the (already existing) grappling hook mechanic from the NANO game, but you have hard parkour maps that can only be traversed with well-positioned swings.

    As this uses an already existing game mechanic, the vast majority of implementation effort falls on the Builder team, not the devs. This is important as the builders aren't paid so we have no shortage of them :)
    Posted May 22, 2022

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