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OP Classes..

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by averwhy, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. I know I'll get criticized for this but I'd like to discuss some OP classes:
    - Chicken
    - Wolf

    Chicken is so unbelievably annoying to fight against, mainly because they're small and can almost never be knocked off. This combined with their repetitive baby chicken cannon and can move really quickly.

    Wolf is so terribly unbalanced. They too can move quickly and their baby wolf cannon is really OP. When you get hit by it you get drastically slowed for about 3 seconds where they can spam hit you and do tons of health damage. They're sort of small as well which makes them even more fighting against.

    Creeper isn't terrible but their charged creeper state makes them impossible to fight smoothly.

    All this combined with Mineplex's horrendous lag is just hair pulling.
    or maybe im just total ****
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
  2. Yeah Chicken isn’t OP. Quite the opposite actually. It’s just annoying. Wolf is ridiculously broken and Creeper only needs slight nerfs on its Sulfur Bomb.
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
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  3. I don't have any issues with Chicken, but I do see what you mean on the Creeper. I agree that the wolf needs nerfs, especially on the wolf cannon.
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
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  4. Chicken is good, not OP. Good mobility, but really easy to kill using melees
    Creeper is currently OP.
    I haven't fought any wolves.
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
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  5. The chicken needs a buff because of it actually doing hardly any damage, but the wolf needs a nerf. The wolf just slows people for too long in a period that allows the wolf to do a ton of damage. If you get stuck in the slowness, you are 100% not getting out of it. Please nerf the wolf
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
  6. As a person who plays wolf a bunch I do think it is a bit OP and needs a nerf. I also come across a lot of creepers and chickens, I think creepers are a bit OP sulfer bomb does a good amount of damage and has a small cooldown plus that lightning shield makes it hard to smoothly fight as said above. As for chicken I personally think they are a bit OP, their hitboxes are a bit smaller then others making it hard to hit, and the chicken missile comes back instantly if you hit it. But it's all just my opinion.
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
  7. My opinion is that Chicken needs a slight buff. Maybe just in the armor. I believe that Creeper needs to be debuffed on the amount of knockback that the Sulfur Bomb deals. I believe Wolf is perfectly fine however.
    Posted Aug 18, 2019
  8. It's already so hard to hit though?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 19, 2019
  9. I do not have any problems hitting it, I believe it’s quite easy to kill using melee. I believe kits with a long distant attack which is multiple have too easy of a time taking out chicken.
    Posted Aug 19, 2019
  10. Pretty much like @leo_thya said, the Chicken kit isn't very overpowered, it's just really annoying. There's some really good guides on the forums to counter the chicken kit if you want to look into that. Also, the chicken doesn't really have as much armor as the other kits, so you should try and focus on killing them without tossing them into the void.

    However for the creeper, I have to agree with @CowHatake here. The creeper kit needs to be nerfed since the sulfer bomb does a lot of knockback, and could be really annoying and unfair to everyone.

    And the wolf kit is fine in my opinion. It could be a little bit annoying like the chicken kit, but there's some good guides on the forums that can counter the wolf kit like I've already stated above.

    ~Hope this helped! :D
    Posted Aug 19, 2019
  11. Holaaa!

    Regarding some kits being overpowered I’d have to disagree. The only kit I can say it a little bit too Op is wolf. Wolf gives slowness making it hard to jump and overall fight your enemy. Wolf also does extreme damage making it hard to counter. As for chicken I think if played right it can be a good kit, but overall I think it isn’t overpowered and could use a slight buff. The creeper kit is a little Op due to the fact it deals a lot of knockback. Going against a creeper I’d say you just have to play smart and know how much KB you take from it’s skills. A counter kit I love to use for these kits you’ve listed is snowman. The snowman’s sword kit ability which shoots snowballs is a great counter to all these kits because it pushes them back while dealing damage. Each time they are hit with the snowball it gives them KB, makes them take damage, and messes up their ability.

    Anywhoosie I hope you enjoyed my input and my tip! I hope it can help you go against these kits in the future!

    Posted Aug 19, 2019
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  12. You should watch out in SSM Teams. There's been two players using Wolf in there that tears every player (myself included, even when using Creeper to counter). They way they move and attack are so crazy and bizarre that it's like fighting against two, very aggressive, Deidara.

    You'll find that they're more OP than Creeper as you so claim.
    Posted Aug 19, 2019
  13. leo here, is totally right, chicken is more of an annoying kit then "OP"
    and creeper too, isn't OP but I find their lightning shield bit annoying due to the fact I don't really use melee a lot.
    --- Post updated ---
    and only thing that makes chicken annoying is their flap
    Posted Aug 19, 2019
  14. I’ve played a lot of SSM and it’s safe to say wolf is broken. I feel like it needs an armor decrease to make it more of a hit and run kit, so you can’t trade hits with higher-armor kits and still win the fight.

    Creeper also needs a nerf, it’s too easy to run and sulfur spam, making it almost impossible for opponents to get you in melee. Sulfur kb and/or cool down needs adjusting.

    Chicken, though, is balanced in my opinion. Egg blaster does decent damage and can be used to edge guard. Missile is OP if you aim it well as you can keep shooting it over and over again. The low armor balances the kit with its high potential damage
    Posted Aug 19, 2019
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  15. You're right about chicken being a pain to fight because it's so easy for them to get away, but they're not OP. Their attacks are reasonable, so is their armor and regen. I only really get killed (more than once) by experienced chickens. And at least for me, it isn't too hard to melee them. It really only is if they're flying to where I can't reach them.

    Wolves on the other hand are absolute hecc to fight. Even players without a lot of experience can pick up wolf quickly and easily. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH BUT WOLF IS THE MOST INSUFFERABLE AND IRRITATING KIT IN THE ENTIRE GAME. Every time I see a wolf user I just want to give up completely and then go die in a corner. The worst thing is that these said wolves act like they're better at SSM than everyone else. I can guarantee that they are not. If only they'd use a different kit.

    Creeper's sulfur bomb is broken as well but that's really the only thing. Lightning shield seems annoying, but without it the creeper would get crushed very easily in combat. If you don't want to get hit by LS, then I would suggest not meleeing the creeper when it has LS, or just not even activate LS at all. Just use regular attack, if you can.
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  16. It's the same way with being a flower pot in block hunt. Small hit boxes, hard to see - the only difference is chickens taste great with the right seasoning.
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
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  17. I think the elite classes like Cabob, Jam, Deidara, Cubic, Whoneedspace, AnIdiotInATree, SirInHueman, Allykaty, TheNeonLazer, Q______Q, Kuhn, leo_thya, xCYBER_, and xHero etc. are OP
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
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  18. -chicken's fine imo but i'm biased bc of zombie
    -i don't find it too difficult to melee wolves but the combo w/wolf cub and wolf strike definitely deals too much damage for how easy it is to carry out (and how often)
    -i agree with you on lightning shield. i find myself spamming creepers exclusively with arrows and no melee (which i reallyyyy try hard not to do generally) which is honestly not fun for the creeper or myself. and particularly when you're in a game with several people still alive, it's usually not even worth it to try and melee creepers as Somebody is gonna hit them w/a projectile at some point. not sure how lightning shield could be fixed though -- maybe less kb or dmg but idk lol
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  19. Chicken and wolf have very low health, the egg attack is almost impossible to get out from that’s the only thing I would nerf.
    Posted Aug 20, 2019
  20. If you remove the egg attack chicken has literally nothing besides mobility. The egg machine gun is very hard to use. The egg missile is pretty much chickens only great attack.

    Even with the egg missile other kits can easily dodge it and attack the chicken during the cooldown.
    Posted Aug 21, 2019

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