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Not Planned Player of the Month [POTM]

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by joerock777, Dec 9, 2018.


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  3. I like the POTY idea

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  4. I don’t like the POTY award

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  1. Hey guys you have probably seen me everywhere,

    My idea comes from the sub team or tag MOTM which is short for Mod of the Month

    Since staff members get that for whoever does the best job at what they are doing etc why shouldn’t there be for players?

    For example all of the staff members (or the community) will vote every month on which player (community player) deserves POTM it can be by helping out new people, not being rude and being kind etc.

    Why should this be happening?

    There may be issues with the community being mean or salty especially if they lose a mini game (or loses a legendary in clans)
    This is a way to help improve the community and I had an idea in mind for there being a POTM for a player based on the most amount of wins on mini games but that would encourage cheaters or bug exploiters to try and get the tag even though they don’t deserve it but no one could cheat or find a loophole in the situation on who helps the most players and trying to help out in game and in the

    I have read people’s replies and this will be my temporary response
    People may not help players again once they receive it

    Well that is a good one but what about you can get it 2 months in a row and if you do you get more prizes (it can be up to you guys)
    They may possibly have a chance to win POTY (player of the year)
    Rank could possibly be revoked or you will receive a message from someone that you need to up your game (if you understand if I mean)
    At least they helped the community in the first place instead of not doing anything at all

    There are so many players to choose from
    Yes I agree with this but with SOTM isn’t there so many staff members to choose as well even though we have a lot more community players and it can tend to be quite a pickle to choose from BUT we can choose more than 1

    Why should players get rewards for POTM/POTY instead of MOTM?
    Well because staff are already helping and some of their goals they want to achieve are becoming promoted or getting into a sub team and are already helping people but I suppose there should be a small prize for staff as well.

    Having it every month would make it boring eventually
    I agree with this but it doesn’t need to be every month perhaps every few months like 2 or 3

    Voting would be bias and difficult

    Staff should not be bias even if they are their friend or not and people should vote for whoever deserves the rank and if they don’t they would simply have their own rank revoked.

    Not everyone would be friends with the same person so even if they are bias towards that one person they might not even get it!


    Potential Prizes

    2 mythical chests
    10k gems and shards
    A POTM tag on their profile in the forums (like the sub teams tag)
    Another chest of their choice
    And more


    Second idea


    POTY (Player of the Year)

    This reward has the same concept where you need to help out people but this is a vote within the community and within the staff members on which community member deserves the player of the year award


    Maybe an ultra rank
    Power Play club subscription for a month or 2
    And more


    Thank you everyone for reading this far and please tell me if you like or dislike my idea about this and tell me if you have any ideas with this!

    Posted Dec 9, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2018
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  2. Hello Joe!

    I for one, really enjoy this idea. It gives players a reason to grind out games, and try their very best, thus making the level of competition even higher than it already is! I overall really enjoy the idea, but one thing I would change is the reward system, an Ultra Rank isn't really needed, as most "grinding" players usually have a rank already. Perhaps this could be replaced with a higher rank, or a couple chests?

    Just an idea!

    Overall I do like the idea, though.

    Posted Dec 9, 2018
  3. Hey Joerock777!
    This is a really thoughtful idea, it would be nice to have certain community members highlighted and recognized. There are quite a few members who are actively doing good things around all platforms, which is always great to see.

    The down side to this idea is that players might do good things just for the prizes and stop immediately after. When a Staff Member gets MOTM or SOTM there isn't any chests or shard prizes etc. There are also so many community members to pick from each month. With that being said friends would vote for each other and the voting system could easily be abused. That's why for MOTM/SOTM most staff don't have a say in it and it's decided by Toki who is the Staff Team Management Admin. That way there isn't any bias towards the decision. I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks about it though, thanks for the suggestion!
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  4. Or perhaps the leadership/admin team could have a small vote amongst them? @Zipppo
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 9, 2018
  5. That could be a way around it however most of the Leadership/Admin team aren't so active in game and would probably just base it on their activity on the forums which it certainly isn't just about. They're also mainly focused on the members of staff in their Sr.Mod teams so I'm not quite sure how that would work. It would also take time for them to search through all of the potential candidates for that month. They really wouldn't have time for it because of their workload. Of course that would get rid of any bias however it's not the solution.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2018
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  6. First off, I love the thought and intentions behind this idea, however I'm going to have to disagree with ya bud for the following reasons:

    1. Maintaining this as a monthly event would be quite the challenge. If this were ever to be implemented, it would have to be consistent since it's a server-wide occasion that players will be expecting. Which team would even handle this in the first place? The most reasonable choice would be CoM, but that team is already so incredibly busy even without this on top of their workload.

    That isn't a viable option as well since Admin+ individuals are focused on building their own teams and the server as a whole. If Sr. Mod teams are demanding, then I can't imagine how much more if you were in that kind of position. I doubt they would have time to scout for individual players monthly for this to be consistent.

    2. The intentions behind helping others and contributing should be pure. Personally, I believe players shouldn't have to be enticed with a tag or a rank or any sort of prize in general to continuously help out in the community. And while I'm not saying that doing good acts is necessarily a bad thing, it's arguably faulty when you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Again, I love the cause behind the suggestion, but I'm gonna have to give it a -1. Thank you for pitching it in nonetheless!
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
  7. Hey there, joerock777. I really enjoy your idea! A positive side of this idea is that the POTM/POTY reward would drive the community to interact with each other and make Mineplex a better place to be on. People would be recognized for what they do, which is always a plus. The downside of this idea, like @flawsome said, is that this is an event that is supposedly going to be going on every month. It would be hard to come up with a consistent system that a team like Community Management could run. Teams like CoM are already busy with various workloads, so I am not exactly sure how this would work. Also, as @Zipppo and flawsome stated as well, the purpose of getting MOTM and SOTM is for working hard with no extra intentions other than assisting the network. I believe the purpose of POTM could taint the pure intentions into getting a chest(s). I'd like to see your thread updated with information that explains all these details. Good luck!
    Posted Dec 9, 2018,
    Last edited Dec 19, 2018
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  8. I see a few too many issues and conflicts deriving from this idea. There are so many players to choose from - what actions would determine such a prize? Who would vote? Community / staff votes would be bias. People truly deserving of the award would go amiss. Just ultimately too many cons for this to be viable, in my honest opinion.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  9. Hello there!

    I like the concept of having the POTM/POTY, but I will sadly have to disagree with your idea. Because of the new POTM system, it is hard to find most of the players who have extreme dedications and what is the reason why they deserve it. The POTM tag on the forums is interesting that the player wants to have it in their profile. The POTY reward can defeat the purpose, and it is impossible to implement the new system. If one player got an Ultra rank and a PPC subscription for 1-2 months, it would be unfair to everyone who does not have a rank.

    Again, I like the idea that you have, but I am going to have to give a -1 as this will not fit in the server and the forums.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  10. Hey!

    I like the idea of promoting hard working community members from Mineplex. Something like this would have people strive to be the greatest for that month. The issue with this is managing the community members and designing a smooth system for this to work in. With the number of players, this could be very confusing and overall a hard thing to manage. People might get discouraged after a while for not winning and won't contribute.

    I like the idea a lot though and maybe instead of in-game POTM, there could be something relating solely to the forums. Just a thought since it might be easier to manage than in-game voting.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
  11. I don't see a point in doing this and I see more cons than pros here.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  12. I really like the idea, and I see a lot of benefits from it, however I don't think that something like this would really work. While I agree it's a nice thing to reward players for helping out the community, there could be many players who will abuse this just to get prizes, as stated above. Once they receive prizes, they might not continue to help out the community.

    For a solution, maybe add a system where if someone is caught abusing this, prizes such as the forum tag could be revoked? I'm not sure how well this would work because if the prizes consisted of things like chests, it wouldn't be able to be taken away if they already opened them. I also don't really see the need to throw in Ultra as a prize, since like said above the majority of people who help out the community (from what I've seen) have ranks already. Maybe a rank upgrade? Then again, that might be a bit much.

    Overall, I do like the idea, but I'm not entirely sure how it would work.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  13. Well I mean especially in forums if you answer peoples concerns before staff do


    I know some of you might not like this because it may be bias etc but my idea is that the same person/people who chooses a SOTM or MOTM the same person could possibly choose MOTM

    Who agrees?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 9, 2018
  14. This was an idea brought up on Enjin and was denied for there being too many players to choose from, people will just fake it, it can turn out to be just like the "quality poster" tag we used to have, and players (most) don't work as hard as a staff member does so there's really no meaning behind the tag.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  15. Everyone this has been updated and hopefully I have answered most of your feedback

    I want more feedback coming!!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  16. Way too much work for something that isn't important and is just way too complicated. We appreciate y'alls feedback and all that, but this isn't the way to show our appreciation.
    For an ENTIRE community, we would need an entire new sub-team to keep up with all this, it's not worth it.

    Keep in mind SOTM is for srmods only and MOTM is for mods only (srmods cannot get it). I counted 46 srmods and 63 mods, now compare that to our current online player count of 7k. H e c k N o. Again, you'd need an entire sub-team for this at this point. Your method of staff voting even further promotes the idea of this needing a team.

    Rewards - We don't get rewards, why should you? I know you said staff could get rewards too, but that's completely taking out the meaning of earning the tag really. You aren't supposed to do it for the prize, you did it because you had the time and put in the effort for it.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
  17. Hey there!

    Overall, I would say that the idea is absolutely astonishing! It would be very nice to see players, like staff members, helping out the community and attributing to the Mineplex server. I think that having a POTM would be very good, it would hype up the community and the players would increase their effort to help the server out.
    It's very important that you stated that it would not depend on wins, because of the hackers, but it would be voted on. It would be very hard to vote people, would have to keep an eye on specific people (I see a problem in keeping an eye on them - would have to follow them on the forums and in-game). Having more than 1 POTM seems okay with me, but not too many.
    The thing with POTY I can see a problem with it, players would lose motivation, because it consists of daily interactions and helping out people in every aspect of the server, so if everyone would lose motivation of the potential candidates then there would be no POTY?

    Although this would be hard to include to the server (in my opinion), I do not see any harm by adding this to the community. It can mean just a + to the world of Mineplex! It is a very thoughtful and nice idea :)

    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  18. Yo,

    Toki is the person who chooses them in the end but for SOTM the Admin of their Sr.Mod team will provide feedback on why they did well. Mentors also provide feedback for MOTM. I don't think it would work because players would only be monitored if they were on a community subteam such as Ideas, Feedback, Quality Assurance Testing, or Game Insights. It also adds a lot of unnecessary work for Toki and she's already extremely busy with managing the majority of the Staff Team (both Mods and Trainees as she's the StM Admin). There could be players being extremely helpful in actual games and not Lobbies and it would be near to impossible to monitor them. So overall, there's a ton of people that would have to be monitored and it would end up in a lot of people being fake. Also, I don't think there should be any reward of money value per se since MOTM and SOTM only get the title, which is good enough as it is.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  19. Sounds a lot like quality poster (which was almost like a player of the week on the Forums), and like @Dutty said, there's too many issues that would come out of this. Bias, popularity, etc. Basically one big Staff Oscars all over again.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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  20. While I would love to further encourage players to help the server and its players, I don't think a POTM system is the way to go.

    Firstly, I'll talk about how our current MOTM and SOTM are selected within the staff team. Both awards are decided on by a person's superior, either their mentor, monitor, or Admin. These people work closely with the individuals selected day in and day out and see all of the work that they put into their positions. Choosing players from the community wouldn't be as easy if specific people were assigned to choose because they aren't working closely with community members. They may only see them a couple of times in-game or around the forums but that really isn't always the best judgement of character.

    It's also important to consider that there are different time zones and a specified team to handle POTM would have to have members to cover all hours of the day, something that would be difficult to do. If players were online helping others and weren't noticed, then it would be unfair that they weren't given the opportunity at the award just because no one was there to see it. The opposite could also happen where players know there are no staff online, so they don't try to help people. However, as soon as a staff member is in their lobby, they start to help in order to try to achieve the reward.

    I also want to bring up that those that have received MOTM and SOTM are closely monitored to ensure they are still positively representing the server. Even once a staff member has resigned from the staff team, they can still risk having their tag taken away if they start to cause issues within the community. This would further complicate the system because more people would need to be looked after, another time consuming aspect of the system.

    As for a voting system, I'm strongly against the idea. As others have pointed out, voting would definitely be bias and it would end up just being a popularity game in the end. I believe people would even go as far as to bribe people for votes and that's not something that I want to see happen. Voting shouldn't be biased in a situation like this, but would it is the more important question. I believe that there would be a lot of bias, unfortunately.

    It is true that there are many community members to choose from which make the decision even harder. For MOTM, Staff Management only has to select from moderators. For SOTM, the Admin team only has to select from Sr. Mods. It's much easier than trying to narrow it down to one out of thousands.

    As staff members, that is our role in the community, to help people. No one helps someone with the intent of getting MOTM or SOTM. They help people because they want to and they do the work within their position(s) because they enjoy it and want to make the server a better place. Truthfully, the only reward you get is a tag on the forums in recognition of your hard work. It's something to be proud of but not something that really affects your day to day position.

    With that being said, if you want to be a positive light within the community, you shouldn't need rewards for it. You should do it because you genuinely want to help the server. Otherwise, there are other ways for the community receive recognition, such as being accepted as a Trainee or being accepted onto our community sub-teams and being able to contribute further to the server. I'd rather those that want to make an impact join teams to allow them to do more than for them just to get a silly tag on the forums.
    Posted Dec 9, 2018
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