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In Discussion Player Stats

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by KilledByVoid, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I really like the Idea, that this website use a system to track stats now, but there are some things, that rly needs to be improved

    Missing Stats

    Yea its already known, that alot of stats are missing (Most likely Arcade). The Arcade stats will probs come out later, BUT thats not enouth. It also needs to have the removed games in there.
    Why we need them: Easy to explain. Just because, the games was removed, because the games was most dead, don't mean, they had a community and players, that had alot of wins.
    Example: Most CS is 10k+, Most CA is 3k+, Most Wiz is 4k+, Most MOBA is 5k+ and and and.....
    We can't just add the games, that are still on the network (Own lobby or arcade) and ignore the removed games. It will makes the player stats of the players, who actually played this games alot, much lower on there page. So it will be the best, to add all game stats - doesnt mind if removed or not. The stats are achieved and should not be ignored at all!

    Player Stats Page

    Curently, when you see the stats, they are in Alphabetical order. Its easy to look into them, because there are not so many. But if we add all the stats later, it should have a new system.
    Here are some Ideas, how to improve the stats page:

    -Add the Sub-Categories, like on the leaderboards tab (Casual, Intermediate, Hardcore) + Add 2 more (Arcade and Removed (I would call it "Classic" or something like that)
    -Make champion stats overall with wins/loses/gems (like its ingame) on the stats main page. If you click the "Show More" you will see, how many wins the player got seperate on TDM/DOM/CTF
    -All game wins by different modes, should be showed on the main stats page too. Expect of just showing the Solo/Standard/Hider wins, till you click "Show More" for the other stats, it should say "Wins (Solo/Standard/Hider)" and "Wins (Team/Duo/Hunter)" on the main stats page [Standard and Duo for CW; Hider and Hunter for BH]
    -Way to sort the stats of players by following orders: Most Wins, Most Gems, Most Exp, Most Played, Most Kills. Those will be sorted like a Leaderboard with the game name on the left and the stats u wanted on the right (Reason: To see easier, in which game a player got most of those stats, without searching direclty for it by clicking thru every stat detail)
    (Btw "Stats Main Page" means the one, where you just see the Wins/Loses/Gems and does not include the "Show more" option)

    Leaderboard Page

    Should be nearly the same as on the Player stats page, so I keep me short now

    -Add missing Leaderboards
    -Overall Leaderboards for Wins/Games played/Exp/Gems (Both for - different game modes + Global)
    -Add the 2 categories next to Casual, Intermediate, Hardcore (Mentioned on Stats Page)

    Thats for it from me.
    The stats thing is a really good thing to see, who is the best on what game, how am I ranked into it, how are other. If the Stats and Leaderboards get improved with the missing stuff + suggestions, it will become something great.

    Now to the community: What you think about it? Would you agree? Any Ideas, what is missing or should be changed? Feel free to post your thoughts!

    (Also last thing: Pls don't blame me on any gramatic/spelling misstakes.I'm not rly that good with things like that, even with typing long posts like that. Hope you understand!)

    --- Post updated ---
    (I like how the BBCodes didnt worked) AAAAAA
    Posted Sep 14, 2018
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  2. I agree with all the changes you suggested, except for the following one:

    "Make champion stats overall with wins/loses/gems (like its ingame) on the stats main page. If you click the "Show More" you will see, how many wins the player got seperate on TDM/DOM/CTF"

    I feel that this is a little redundant. Can't you just add the wins or other stats you have for the three games on top of each other in a calculator to determine your combined values?

    Either way, I like your proposed changes.
    Posted Sep 14, 2018
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  3. Thank you for your suggestion! This will be super helpful when we look over the player pages again.
    Posted Sep 14, 2018
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  4. most CA is 4k lol
    Posted Sep 14, 2018
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