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In Discussion PvE Tower (1.13)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Fevis7, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. 4 players must survive in this 12 stories tower where, at every floor, they will find enemies with increased difficulty and with a boss in the middle and one at the peak of the tower. Every floor will have it's own structure with covers and traps. Every 2 floors the players will be able to buy items from a shop with the money the earned from killing the mobs or trading the drops for particular items or just sell them. There can be random enemies with special abilities (like the illusioner for example) that will randomly spawn in some floors that can drop special items.

    Players can choose between 4 or more classes:
    -The tank has more hearts than normal and reduces the damage for the allies that stay in a certain radius from the tank
    -The dps class can do more damage with melee weapons and is able do a special attack that will damage all the enemies around him
    -The ranged class uses bow with different types of arrows and can shoot a bunch of arrows at the same time as special ability. Has less hearts
    -The support class can heal allies with potions and buff them with effects, can attack with fire charges by throwing them and uses a hoe as melee. Has less hearts than everyone else.
    Maybe you can add more classes so there will be some variety in the gameplay and it will not feel too repetitive.

    sorry for eventual spelling errors
    Posted Apr 30, 2019
  2. If this is for 1.13+ only I don't think it should be added just for controversial reasons about mechanics preferences. The game idea itself is pretty good and would be really fun to play, but Mineplex tends to add games that maximize the number of players possible so overall I give this a +0.5
    Posted Apr 30, 2019
  3. of course it can be changed i mean the special arrows are not new and the illusioner is just an example of how special mobs can act (without just charging you or shooting arrows)
    --- Post updated ---
    maybe i should change the title
    --- Post updated ---
    off looks like i can't well just forget about the "1.13"
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 30, 2019
  4. Yo,

    Version specific games that everyone can't play aren't something we will be adding in the near future. If you take out the special effects it could work as a 1.8+ game since the game isn't based on version-specific abilities really. In my opinion, I don't think a PvE game would work on Mineplex if it weren't an event mode only - sort of like how Overwatch is.
    Posted May 1, 2019
  5. So I like this! An idea I do have is that Bosses could randomly drop enchanted weapons, or weapons like in Clans. You would be able to keep this weapon for each game you play until it broke (unless it was a Mythic weapon, which is super powerful and unbreakable.
    Posted May 1, 2019
  6. It seems like an interesting idea but any game, no matter how great it is will not succeed if it is 1.9+. Mineplex has already experimented with 1.9+ games, by releasing SkyFall. The success of SkyFall was very short-lived, with it being eventually removed. If you could somehow make it so the game is playable in 1.8 I can see it being added in the future.
    Posted May 1, 2019

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