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PVP help for bedrock

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by JetStarglaze, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Look up: AkeyPlaysGames on YT lmaooo
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  2. Heya! So I recently have been wanting to get better at duels on java so I have been doing some research recently. I got these tip from swampy and intel edits so I recommend you check them out! :)

    1. I would recommend learn how to strafe. What strafing is just going around the player while hitting him. If you get really good at it you can move from side to side to dodge hits. This can really help u get a combo and for mineplex, I find so useful!

    2. I just talked about dodges but I want to go more in detail. I recently just learned this and its helped me so much with combos. What I would challenge you do to dodge is try hit your opponent up while strafing then back up a tiny bit so he can't hit you but come back before he hits the ground. This will go with your strafing super well and get really interesting combos.

    3. Cps in my opinion doesn't matter that much cuz people like RealPinkAkey do just fine normal clicking. If you really to improve cps tho I would recommend butterfly clicking as it is easy to get a hang of and gets u extra cps. Butterfly clicking is just using your index finger and your middle finger to click one after the other. If you are really wanting to get serious tho I recommend trying to jitter. Jittering is were u tense ur four-arm and make it shake. You don't want to use your fingers to click, it's all in the arm. (I am really sorry if this doesn't make sense. I really do recommend intel edits were he talks about all of this kind of stuff)

    4. Aim is super important in pvp. If your aim is bad and all over the place that either means 2 things. 1. You need to lower your sensitivity. 2. You need practice. If this is the case try going into a Minecraft world and place a villager. Then circle around him and try to keep your crosshair on the villager. That should help you aim.

    5. W/S tapping. So some people don't think this method works on mineplex but I think it helps a bit. What you do is when u hit someone you let go of your W key and push it again. This will reset your opponent's kb. You can also do this with s tapping were you just tap your S key while holding the W key.

    6. Hotkeys can help you pull your sword out faster than the scroll wheel or pull out an gapple to heal quick. It's honestly your opinion tho what hotkey u use. You can change them by going to settings and to controls.

    7. Practicing makes perfect! If you want good servers to practice on I recommend Mineplex skywars, Versai, and Legends practice server but others work too. It's honestly which servers you enjoy more.

    If you really do want to get better look up Intel Edits on YouTube! He has really good tips videos!
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  3. Aight orange i see u doing me like that. I gotta put in my opinion now

    1. imo, no other servers have a similar style kb to mineplex. Mineplex is completely unique (and not entirely in a good way) so practicing other servers won't help you other than aim practice and learning the basic pvp skills

    2. If you want to focus on mineplex only, literally play more mineplex. It will help you get a rythm for how you should pvp. I would use a combo of w tap and strafing. also, seeing you are a windows 10 player, try and find something out in terms of autosprint. trust me, it will help out a TON. I personally use autohotkey and i use the command " ~w::ctrl " which gives me free autosprint and makes my w taps way stronger

    3. hunt for events. No, I don't mean the mineplex hosted events. I mean events hosted by other people in the community. I personally host events over mineplex every weekend or so and I try to bring in a lot of competitive players that wanna have fun. These events for cakewars/skywars will help out a ton as they allow players to play against more competitive players that generally have a good overview for pvp across many servers. a good player that i can suggest in terms of pvp events is SmokeyCobYT. He streams on fridays and often throughout the week so theres a good chance you can join him. He is a very good pvper on bedrock for a controller player.

    4. Play faster. according to research, playing "in the zone" allows your brain to process more information and make better plays. In order to get "in the zone", you can play at a faster pace which pushes your adrenaline and makes you play better. Also, take more risks. More adrenaline will make you emphasize your skills. Speaking of which, take more risks for the sake of taking risks. cakewars maps are way smaller than other attack/defend gamemode maps so you need to be on alert
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  4. hello!

    what is auto sprint?

    i dont understand that part about the auto sprint and the command for it :P
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  5. I am not sure if this is what he means, but I have my left hand continually holding down Ctrl (my sprint key). That makes sure that I am always sprinting and it makes my w taps a lot better. It is different to toggle sprint because on Bedrock you have to do a lot of things to get a toggle sprint key so I learned and got used to holding down ctrl.
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  6. oh thats auto sprint?
    i hold down ctrl with my left pinky all the time so im always sprinting
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  7. Uh
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
  8. I recommend Java don’t take advice from her she can’t PvP

    Jk she’s better then me
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  9. I’m not sure if they mean toggle sprint or just holding down your sprint key xd
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
  10. No u
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
  11. autosprint is just a thing where you will automatically sprint by pressing or tapping w. I recommend it because it will allow my ring and pointer finger to hotkey to 1, 2, and 3 easier
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
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  12. If possible, lure them towards your other teammates. *Teamwork makes the Dream Work*
    Posted Oct 21, 2020
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  13. I always die when two or more players fight me. Extra challenge/risk: When you think you are good enough, lure them to your base and kill them when they break the blocks in front of your cake. Extra strategy: pretend you are AFK when they try and hit you hit them it always works
    Posted Oct 22, 2020
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  14. I do always do that, but if they are good, they will get the first hit and combo you.

    Thanks for the tips!!

    And thank you all for half a thousand views!!

    Also, I have improved in PvP, by butterfly clicking.

    Though whenever I take a CPS test, it always stays around that 6-7 CPS mark, even when I butterfly. Why?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 23, 2020
  15. I don't butterfly myself, but i'm pretty sure most of the cps comes from double clicking, not the actual moving of fingers up and down fast.
    Here's a good example:
    Posted Oct 23, 2020
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