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Question and Answer!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Rerak, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. Ima butt in
    Queen no contest
    Whos your favorite band/singer right now?
    Posted Apr 6, 2021
  2. Michael Buble, there's just something about the way that he sounds...
    What is your favorite meal?
    Posted Apr 6, 2021
  3. Ramen :D
    Who do you admire a lot?
    Posted Apr 8, 2021
  4. My Mother
    What is your favorite flower?
    Posted Apr 8, 2021
  5. Hmmm, I really like tulips but like I don't know my flowers lol
    Chinese or Mexican food?
    Posted Apr 8, 2021
  6. Chinese
    Italian or German food?
    Posted Apr 8, 2021
  7. Italian, never had German food.
    Do you like Mediterranean food?
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  8. I never had it
    What do you usually have for breakfast?
    Posted Apr 9, 2021
  9. Cereal
    What about you?
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  10. I usually have fruit with cereal!
    What's your favorite drink to go with your breakfast?
    Posted Apr 10, 2021
  11. Orange pekoe tea :)
    What is your favourite show?
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  12. Stargate SG1
    What do you do on a typical Sunday?
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  13. Wake up, eat, nap, chill, dinner, watch something, and sleep :D
    What's your favorite part of the day?
    Posted Apr 11, 2021
  14. Evening, I love to watch movies before bed
    What is your favorite food?
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  15. Ramen
    What's your favorite meal?
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  16. Dinner!
    What do you like to do when your bored?
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
  17. Play games with my friends or read some books.
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
  18. Nice answer but you need a question :)
    New shoes or new clothes.
    Posted Apr 14, 2021
  19. Clothes because I need some new shirts and shorts

    Favorite clothes brand?
    Posted Apr 14, 2021
  20. Roots, it's a Canadian thing :3

    Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?
    Posted Apr 14, 2021

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