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Questions for people on a leaderboard/leaderboards and people trying to get on leaderboard.

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by Yopi, May 6, 2022.

  1. For people on a leaderboard: What leaderboard/leaderboards are you on? What is your position on that leaderboard/leaderboards? What was it like when you finally got onto a leaderboard? What did you do after you got onto the leaderboard? If you are on more than 1 what was the first leaderboard you were on?

    For people who are trying to get onto a leaderboard: What leaderboard are you trying to get on? How far are you trying to get on that leaderboard? Are you only going for that leaderboard or are you going for others in the future?

    Questions for both: When did you learn about leaderboards? When did you start going after a leaderboard?
    Posted May 6, 2022
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  2. Heya, I think this is a pretty cool thread!

    Personally I am on 4 different leaderboard on my main account:


    And 3 different leaderboards on my alt account:


    What it was like / why it happened:

    One of my original goals when I started this account back around 2018/2019 was to get on the Turf Wars leaderboard because at the time I was a Turf main. Although shortly after I created this account (This started out as an alt- big surprise) I took a break from Mineplex and then returned in 2020 because of quarantine. I used this account as a solo player account for a long time, but eventually met a group of other Turf players and we just all carried each other to the leaderboard around the same time. Out of that group I beleive I was the second to reach the board and that was really exciting for me at the time.

    What I did/am doing next:

    Once that happened I made it my goal to pass a certain person who will remain unnamed and unreasoned except because I operate purely out of spite. I have also since completed that goal and now I'm kinda just sitting at spot number 3 because I haven't played in a while.
    I do want to get back into the game though, my biggest setback is that the Turf community is so toxic it makes it really demotivating to play, and thats why I started out as a solo player to begin with haha

    After I completed my turf wars goals, I moved on to other games a little bit. Turf wars was my main for a long time and will continue to be my main- how do you surpass your main after you've gotten 10k wins thats ridiculous-
    All the other leaderboards that I'm on/have been on have kind of just been my accident. Its not a secret that I don't have a life and eventually once you play long enough (if you're any good I guess) you're gonna get on the board.

    What I've learned:

    I personally feel like the leaderboard is not an accurate depiction of skill- because It's based solely on wins, team games are easy to get carried to high slots. I've said it a million times and I'll keep saying that I do not deserve to be 3rd on the turf wars leaderboard because I am not the 3rd best turf wars player, I'm just the 3rd best at having no life LOL

    But regardless of skill it takes a high level of dedication to even get on the board and you have to put a lot of time and effort into it so I respect people who are even just on one because that is something you should be proud of :)

    When did I learn about leaderboards:

    I wasn't really part of the community itself until like late 2018/2019 when I made this account. My original account was also a solo player with a group of like 5 friends and I'd heard about the leaderboards but I was never really active on the enjin forums or anything like that until like RIGHT before we all moved to xenforo. And then I quit until quarantine lol

    annnnd I kinda wrote a lot so here's a TLDR sorry xD

    Posted May 6, 2022
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  3. Interesting thread. I am on seven leaderboards, I used to be on nine but unfortunately I got dropped off D:

    Most of the leaderboards I'm on were for limited time games, so they were quite easy to get on and I don't need to worry about losing my place. For permanent games, I got on the Bomb Lobbers leaderboard in June 2021 and Skywars in September 2022. Bomb Lobbers used to be a temporary game or it was in Mixed Arcade, meaning that it would be hard to get to play. Therefore, it wasn't too hard getting on the leaderboard. I then grinded all the way to 10th place but now I'm on 24th I believe. I currently have about 4000 wins. For the Skywars leaderboard, I actually didn't know I was on it until my friend Gillz pointed it out! I just played Skywars as a break from Cake Wars and unawarely got on the leaderboard. I remember, I was about to head to school and I saw that he screenshotted the leaderboard and I was so happy at first. I grinded to about 70th and then kind of took a break. I still play it occasionally though, I'm still in the 70's I believe.

    To answer the other questions, I first heard about the leaderboards when my friend Changing98 told me he was going for the Cake Wars leaderboard, and he is 10th place right now! I never really cared about getting on the leaderboards since back then I only played Cake Wars and it takes many wins to get on there. For the temporary games, I got on them quite easily, I got most of my pre-leaderboard wins for Bomb Lobbers when it was limited time so I'll count that too. However, Skywars is the only leaderboard I achieved that is a permanent leaderboard, and I always had a goal of getting on there (I just never knew how many wins I had until I got on it). I wanted to eventually go for Cake Wars and Micro Battles as well (I believe I'm about halfway for both), but I don't really play too much anymore so I don't know about that.

    Anyway that's my thoughts about leaderboards. I do know many people on many leaderboards and I've been playing for a while and I'm on two permanent and five temporary leaderboards, so always feel free to ask me if you have questions.
    Posted May 6, 2022
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  4. I am on 1 leaderboard for Cake Wars Mega in position 76 with 48 wins. Since this was a limited time gamemode and not very many people got thousands of wins like other higher competitive leaderboards, I'm answering as if I'm not on a leaderboard.

    Currently going for the Micro Battle leaderboard (I'm around 200 wins away!) My goal is at least top 20-15 or 10k wins because there is almost no chance I can catch up with anyone above that without losing my mind. I first heard of leaderboards after I got more involved with the community, specifically my friend Hunterizer101 as he was also trying to get more wins on the Cake Wars Mega leaderboard at the time. Knowing I couldn't see my stats (and being addicted to stats) I wanted a way to know how I compared to other players/know how many wins I had.

    I think I started going for the Micro Battles leaderboard at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. I was looking for a PvP gamemode that wasn't as long as the different versions of bedwars/skywars on different servers. Micro Battles lasts around 5 minutes average, but can also end very swiftly if you hop the wall and go fast enough.

    I'm also slowly trying to grind bomb lobbers (I probably have a few hundred wins), block hunt (around 100 wins), and dragons (around 50-70 wins) leaderboard. For some reason I have an alt to play only turf wars (idk how many wins but definitely less than 100 :/ ) when I eventually get bored of everything else. "Why use an alt to get 1 specific leaderboard I don't have on my main?" you may ask. Because I suck with a bow and can't have friends ftp-ing to me and watching me suck.

    I feel like if anyone goes for any leaderboard, it takes some amount of dedication/no life because you are competing with hundreds of other players for a top 100 spot, even if its just counting wins and not skill. You still need to be somewhat skilled (for most games) in order to actually win and keep that number going upwards.
    Posted May 6, 2022
  5. im on a few and just "PLAY PLAY PLAY" like grind 15 hours a day for a year
    Posted May 6, 2022
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  6. Skywars - took a month - EZ game #70 or somethin

    Trying to get
    Block Hunt
    Posted May 6, 2022
  7. Here are my leaderboards:
    - Bomb lobbers, 22nd, 4535 wins
    - Castle Defense, 27th, 102 wins
    - CakeWars Mega, 23rd, 136 wins
    - Snow Fight, 57th, 258 wins
    - CakeWarsSolo, 54th, 444 wins

    My first leaderboard was Bomb lobbers. I originally got it during 2xp when I would play everyday for hours in a party with friends. It was a great feeling to finally get my 1st leaderboard. 100th spot used to be 600 when I got it, it’s now a bit more than 1000.

    Here are my goals:
    Top 15, CakeWarsSolo
    Top 30, SnowFight (if it comes back)
    Top 15, Bomb lobbers
    SkyWarsTeams leaderboard
    MicroBattles leaderboard (one day :9)
    CakeWarsDuos leaderboard
    OitQ leaderboard
    Dragons leaderboard (maybe)
    Mob Arena/Speed Builders leaderboards

    These are my ultimate goal but I probably won’t achieve all of them xd.
    Posted May 8, 2022
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  8. These are my leaderboards:

    I currently have the 2nd most leaderboards on the whole server for bedrock. My first leaderboard was Micro Battles which I achieved in April of 2020, and throughout the rest of that year I went on to achieve Castle Defence, Merry Mayhem and Snow Fight leaderboards. I got mob arena, cakewars duos and cakewars mega leaderboards this year, which means I got the rest last year in 2021. I plan on going for two more leaderboards (not including LTM games), and these are Skywars Solo and Block Hunt. I learnt about leaderboards when I found out I had over 1000 micro battles wins. I was introduced to the forums in March of 2020 and then saw leaderboard for the game, encouraging me to reach the leaderboard.

    Edit: I forgot to mention about the global stats leaderboards (made by ForevrrFury). For gems earned (legit) I am 6th, for games played I am 10th, and for games won I am 7th. I was also the 28th legit level 100 and 70th level 100 overall
    Posted May 9, 2022,
    Last edited May 9, 2022
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