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Questions for the staff team!

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Stormiiee, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm interested in knowing what inspired you to join the team you are now on! Either it is staff management or community management.

    What inspired you to join that team?

    What is keeping you with that team?

    What do you like the most about that team?

    Each and every team has a big role to play within the community.

    I'm looking forward to reading what you've got to say. :)

    Have a good evening!!!
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  2. Yo!
    Me personally, the community was what inspired me to apply for the staff team nearly 2 years ago and I still stand by that feeling to this day. As for the root of your question about teams, I've joined 3 senior mod teams during my time here on Mineplex which I'll list below and why I joined them.
    • Forum Ninja: I accepted my invite to Forum Ninja because in the past, I've loved doing appeals and since I enjoyed the forums team as a regular forum moderator, It was amazing to be offered the position.
    • Quality Assurance: I was invited to QA and accepted it because while I enjoyed Forum Ninja, I got dried up very quickly and QA was something that sounded really cool and neat, so I accepted it and had a blast with working with the anti-cheat, new updates, and getting to read gwen appeals was really neat!
    • Social Media: After I resigned from the staff team last year (meaning I was no longer QA), I decided to re-join the staff team and since I work on the Marketplace team, I knew that Social Media was something I really wanted to join since I would have the direct connect from both my job and my passion being media. Shortly after I rejoined the team, Social Media applications opened and I applied.. which as we can see, I was gladly accepted and have truly enjoyed the work and everything else we do. (cough, check out our Twitter for cool updates, fun giveaways, and other neat things -> http://twitter.com/mineplex)
    I'll be answering your questions above regarding my role as Social Media:

    Q: What inspired you to join that team?
    A: As I stated above, I work on the Marketplace team and the Social Media team works closely with our products, It sounded like the perfect role for me since I also have past experience in the media field.

    Q: What is keeping you with that team?
    A: Honestly, the work is really fun and being able to brainstorm creative tweets while working with other members of the team is something I really enjoy.

    Q: What do you like the most about that team?
    A: Mhm. This is a hard one since there are a lot of aspects to the team, but I'd have to say putting my creativity to the test by coming up with fun and unique post that our community will enjoy while also staying within' the Twitter character limits is probably my favorite part.

    Anyways, neat post and I can't wait to see other responses!
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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  3. Heellooo,

    When I applied for Trainee, all of my goals were community-based. I wanted to help the server by promoting discussion throughout the community; I wanted to help the server by dealing with hackers to support games of community members; and I wanted to help the server by answering questions to just make it an overall better place. I still hold these values with me today, but the ways that I try and accomplish these goals have changed since my time as a member on the team. When I was a Trainee, I tried to help out as much as I could and ban as many hackers as I could. It worked for me and helped accomplish my goals. When I got Mod, the ways that I did this slightly changed. Instead of banning every hacker on the server, I tried to process as many /reports that I could and post on the forums as much as possible. I enjoyed partaking in discussion and still moderating the server at the same time. However, when I got to become a Senior Mod, the ways that I tried to reach these goals changed entirely:

    I still remember the moment that I saw the message from Jarvis asking if I wanted to become a Forum Ninja. I was in a call with @nolawn and @Goudge ✦ (two of the most amazing people who have supported me throughout my entire journey) and freaking out since I was not expecting it. From that moment on, the duties that I was responsible for have changed completely. While I still was active on the forums, I dealt with appeals basically all day when I was on. I wanted to work directly with these players to work to get them unpunished, and that helped me better the community around me. It was a huge change from Forum Moderator, since FM is basically all moderation while FN is almost all appeals. However, motivation to continue this was hard to maintain. During my time on the team, it was during the Holiday season. I wanted to play more with friends and spend time creating meaningful relationships instead just doing appeals 24/7. I didn't know how long I could keep up with it. Thankfully, Jarvis gave us a few weeks off for quota, but I did not know how I was going to go back and maintain motivation to want to keep going. Once our break was over, Jarvis had resigned, and things were about to get interesting.

    A few days after the new year, Dean messaged me asking if I want to become a member of Quality Assurance. I was entirely shocked, as I was on QAT for only a few months, but my hard work had payed off, and I was super happy about it. My motivation to want to better everything around me came back, and I was excited to see what was going to come. Strangely, my duties have somewhat combined from FN and as a normal Mod as a member of QA. Instead of doing normal appeals, I deal with escalated GWEN appeals, but I still try and do a lot of moderation that is difficult for normal moderation staff since I have access to logs. What's keeping me with QA is honestly the team itself. I've got an amazing, understanding manager @rosmeme and an awesome admin Dean. The people on the team want everyone to succeed, and I've made friends by being on this team that I would have not met otherwise. From doing work together to spilling tea at 3 in the morning, every moment on this team is not something that I would trade for. The work on the team is also something that I genuinely enjoy: Attending testings with friends is such a fun thing to do, and I'm super grateful that this is what I can do to help the server.

    Sorry that I did not directly answer these questions one-for-one, but I promise you that the answers are still there. In the end, there are also other teams that could be super cool that have interested me in the past (and even today) like Community Management and Recruitment, but for the time-being and foreseeable future, I just don't see myself anywhere else.
    Posted Apr 7, 2020
  4. Yo!

    I am currently on Community Management.

    Question: What inspired you to join that team?

    When I was first applying for trainee back in January of 2019, I didn't really know what any of the subteams were, so when I was asked the question of what team I'd be going for, I simply looked at the list and chose Community Management simply because I liked the sound of the name. However, after becoming a trainee and learning more about the teams and what they do, believe it or not I actually ended up liking Community Management the most anyways, so that ended up still being my goal. A year later (January of 2020), I made it onto the team and it has been a great experience ever since.

    Question: What is keeping you with that team?

    I'd say what is keeping me on the team is firstly, the members of the team itself. They all have great personalities and it is honestly such a peaceful atmosphere, so I have enjoyed that a lot. Another thing that keeps me on the team is how the team is always working on improving itself and improving Ideas Team, which we manage. We are always working hard to make it a more enjoyable time for everyone involved, and that strive for greatness has kept me interested and intrigued with the team as a whole.

    Question: What do you like the most about that team?

    What I like the most about the team is probably the type of work we do. Managing/critiquing the ideas section of the forums and receiving feedback about implemented changes to the server is work that I definitely enjoy doing. Being one of the people that has a major impact on what is considered as a possible addition to the network is an important role, and I am very happy to fill it as I've always been interested in that side of the server.


    Hope those responses were enlightening. Stay safe and have a good one!​
    Posted Apr 7, 2020
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  5. Interesting questions! I originally joined Trainee Management in October 2017 but in May 2018, Trainee Management and Mod Coord merged and became Staff Management.

    What inspired you to join that team?

    I was inspired to join Trainee Management initially because I loved working with people and having gone through my trainee trial, I was inspired to do exactly what my mentor and TMA did for me in my time as a trainee! I was a very nervous trainee and I was absolutely far from perfect but my mentor and TMA helped me so much and allowed me to get to where I am today. Helping staff members finding their niche and getting comfortable on the team was something I really wanted to do. With the 2018 merge, I was given the new opportunity to work with mods and now that I've been working with them for nearly 2 years, I can honestly confirm that I would have gone for Mod Coord too.

    What is keeping you with that team?

    There is honestly so much that keeps me going but I’ll start with the biggest one which is the people.

    Staff Management Team - They're honestly like family at this point, we've been working together for so long and we've all become so close and really good friends, 5 of us have also met at least 1 Staff Management member irl which is pretty cool too! I get to work alongside some of the brightest, nicest, supportive, most hard working people every day and it’s honestly so rewarding. Staff Management is not an easy team to get on and in fact, I think it might be one of, if not the toughest teams to get on as it requires so much dedication and hard work but once mentors make it onto the team, they don’t stop there. Nobody on the team acts like they’ve made it to the top and that they no longer need to try, everyone is constantly working towards self-improvement and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the things we do and and try new things out so we’re doing our absolute best for our mentees. We often have a lot of productive discussions where all ideas are welcomed and everyone’s honest, insightful opinions make those ideas even better which is really cool to see.

    MAs - I also can’t not talk about the MAs because they’re a huge extension of our team and pretty much everything we do is impossible without them. I know MAs are assigned to certain mentors but a lot of things are a collective effort. Everyone is willing to help out anyone, whether it be MAs helping other mentors, mentors helping MAs, mentors helping mentors, everyone works great together and nobody has to struggle with anything because everyone is there and willing to lend a helping hand. To see our MAs caring as much as the mentors and being equally invested in the mentees’ success is amazing and very encouraging for the future of the team.

    Mentees - I just absolutely love interacting with them and seeing where their staff journeys takes them. I like to consider them more as friends than anything and I love seeing them grow and achieve their goals. Trainees and Mods possess unique challenges. Trainees have lots to get used to as they’re learning the entire position and they all come onto the team with different strengths and weaknesses and it’s rewarding to be able to help them overcome their obstacles and succeed. For moderators, it’s fun to work with them and make sure that they’re happy and motivated in the position. In conclusion, it’s fun to just meet new people who have one common goal of making Mineplex the best it can be and the feeling of watching a mentee start off as a new trainee to achieving all their goals is something that never gets old for me.

    The last of many things I wanted to bring up is the task variety. Mentoring in the that 2 years has evolved so much and quite frankly I wouldn’t want it any other way. I went from mentoring Java trainees only to mentoring mods and then mentoring for both Java and Bedrock. Each position and platform has different challenges and ways to handle them which makes the work very unique and challenging, which I like. There are also various different positions and tasks within the team like trials and documents related work which definitely adds to the variety of work you can do to keep things interesting, while still having an important impact to make on the staff team.

    What do you like the most about that team?

    Honestly, I just love it all. Every piece of the puzzle from working with the amazing mentors and MAs, to getting to make friends and watching mentees grow and achieve their goals, to having new challenges and new tasks all the time which requires me to be flexible in my approach to anything and teaches me a lot about myself and other people, it’s just amazing. There were times in the 11 months I was an assistant where I questioned whether I was doing the right thing and if the hard work and persistence would be worth it in the end and I can absolutely confirm that it was. I have an amazing admin, amazing mentors and so many other people that I get to work that make me excited to get up and do my work.

    I initially saw mentoring as each mentor doing their own thing and that’s it but having been an assistant and a mentor for a total of nearly 3 and a half years, I can truly say that it takes a village to do what we do and it’s amazing what happens when you collaborate versus trying to do things on your own. I look forward to what the future on Staff Management holds!
    Posted Apr 10, 2020

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