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Random Cakewars Hackers/Bugs you have experienced.

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by TenCashew804211, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. BHop is and I quote “makes you move very fast and automatically jumps, very far. You will almost get not hit by foes and you can hit them. If you jump around them. They can't hit you because you are too fast for them.” In other words jumping differently than a normal player + speed
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
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  2. Ok, thank you very much for the information.
    Posted Apr 22, 2021
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  3. rely the same guy when about did you see him also i play on switch witch has a capture button witch rely helps me report people but its a pain in the but to transfer videos from my switch to my pc
    Posted Apr 25, 2021
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  4. A cheater In one of my previous games huh. This player must have been very new to using hacks. It's fun to watch mediocre Minecraft players who cheat for an advantage. Cheats only amplify a player to a certain degree and I can say that this person only became more mediocre as the game went on. The cheats that were used were bhopping and kill aura. It was him/her against me and my squad 1v4. He/she was jumping circles around us attacking from all angles, so we devised a plan to block off the center beacon and trap him/her. So then we had this epic battle and clashed it out like it was gladiators "the movie" all over again. Nah, jk. A mod was called and she took care of the player.
    Posted Apr 25, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 25, 2021
  5. Yesterday, there was an infiltrator in turf wars who had an EXTREME speed boost. It was frustrating, but also funny because he was so fast that he couldn't properly control himself. I think his name was Dream 586767 or something like that. We still won, but he didn't get kicked.
    Posted Apr 25, 2021
  6. Why is this thread suddenly getting so popular? I put it up like 15 days ago lol.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 26, 2021
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  7. Hi TenCashew80421 I think it has become popular because most of the players have witnessed the hackers fail and this thread is good to chat about it.
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  8. i was looking at old videos and i found a video of a hacker defending his cake with more cakes and he was bridging with cakes
    each cake you ate it said "Red teams cake has been eaten"
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  9. i cant seem to add a video clip onto a reports so i cant report at all
    plz help
    Posted May 1, 2021
  10. Use a Google drive link or YouTube link. Copy paste share links in the report.
    Posted May 1, 2021
  11. This true i've seen few of them with unlimited reach its just crazy.
    Posted May 5, 2021
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  12. Hackers in cw are a huge problem in java too. Same thing with other pvp games such as skywars and survival games. Finding a lobby without a hacker has become difficult at this point
    Posted May 6, 2021
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  13. Your So Right!
    Posted May 6, 2021
    I cant read his gamertag but here is the screenshot I took.
    Btw I was playing bedrick edition.
    Posted May 15, 2021
  15. Hey, unfortunately your image did not load due to the fact that you included it incorrectly. If you wish to learn how to attach images to your posts the right way I suggest reading a detailed guide that can be found at this link:
    In case you did not understand the guide, I will try to explain how to attach an image as well as I can;
    First of all you need to upload the image to a website (I suggest imgur.com as it's an approved website by Mineplex and very reliable and simple) and then in the top right corner of the image there will be three dots which will open a falling menu once clicked on. If you click the "Get share links" option it will offer you a few links, and you will need the BBCode format.
    Once you have copied the link in the BBCode section, all you need to do is paste it into your post in a new line and it will automatically show the image that you were trying to attach once you post your reply/thread.
    Posted May 15, 2021
  16. once one of my teammates flew out to the. Idle and got the middle point for us before being kicked. We got like 2 minutes of ana dvantage but then every other team had one more player than us.
    Posted May 15, 2021
  17. I recommend postimage .com rather than imgur because you don't have to mess with signing up for their website, and postimage is quick and easy, just upload the image, get the direct link, then add the bbcode
    Posted May 16, 2021
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  18. Most common ones I have encountered are the ones with KA. I believe at one point I even found one using speed to the point where they just sped off the map. Sometimes I’ve encountered fly hackers but most of them got caught by gwen.
    Posted May 17, 2021
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