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Ranged Kit Ideas for Block Hunt [revised]

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by SmolMega, Jul 4, 2022.


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  2. Option B

  1. Bowspam has been an all-too-common and both Hunter and Hider players have complained about it. I came up with these kit ideas as a possible solution, both are designed to discourage bowspamming. I have posted these before, but the original thread no longer exists as I made the kits a bit unbalanced.

    Sniper Hider (In-game unlock cost: 7000 Gems)
    This hider kit exchanges the infinity bow for a sniper rifle like the one found in Super Paintball. While not nearly as powerful, it still packs a considerable punch.
    The sniper rifle item is an iron hoe. It is aimed where the user's crosshair is. Hold Sneak to stop moving and scope in to aim (done via Slowness effect, should work for the average player). Right click while scoped in to fire a shot, which flies in a straight line, has unlimited range, and deals 2 hearts of damage. The damage will be mitigated by the Hunters' armor. The sniper rifle shot will deal slightly more knockback than a fully charged normal bow hit. After the shot reaches 20 blocks in length, the damage is increased to 2.5 hearts. There's a reload delay between shots, about 1.5 seconds. Three successful hits with the sniper rifle will upgrade the axe by one level, so you need to land a total of nine shots to get Hyper Axe. This Hider kit does not come with armor, nor smoke bombs, so this should keep it fair.

    Marksman Hunter (In-game unlock cost: 7000 Gems OR earned via getting all achievements)
    This kit is lacking in melee attack power but makes up for it in projectile damage output.
    Those who choose this kit when hunting will be given the following: chain chestplate, chain leggings, leather cap, leather boots. They will also get a stone axe enchanted with Knockback I for a melee weapon. Last but not least, the bow they receive will be unenchanted, No Infinity enchant. Instead they will passively make and stock arrows every 10 seconds for a max of seven arrows in the inventory at once. This kit comes equipped with the Overcharge ability from the Champions games. Hold a fully charged arrow to overcharge the shot for more damage and range. Brought to full overcharge, each arrow fired by this kit deals a whopping 8 hearts of damage, and flies an extra 10 blocks farther than normal.

    Now, for the existing kits, pick your poison:
    Option A: Both TNT Hunter and Taser Hunter get upgrades. Said upgrades are as follows: TNT Hunter gains the Explosive Arrow ability which works like it does in Bridges and Survival Games. This has the potential to ruin the day for many hiders at once. Taser Hunter now has instant travel time and the range has been increased to 10 blocks. Marksman Hunter doesn't get added in.


    Option B: Marksman Hunter replaces Taser Hunter as the achievement kit. Taser Hunter becomes a purchasable kit with the above upgrade of instant travel time and 10 block range for its ability. Infestor Hiders now explode on death with the same damage and blast radius of a charged creeper.
    Posted Jul 4, 2022
  2. Hey!

    It's great to see new ideas for Block Hunt! Here is some input on your idea:

    This is a good idea in theory, but I see this becoming quite annoying. I can only imagine the amount of camping from flower pots and chickens with this kit. I think once the player reaches 20+ blocks away from the sniper, it should do 3 hearts. 20+ blocks away isn't an easy thing to do, so I think bumping it up to 3 is a good idea. I think that 3 successful hits to upgrade the axe is pretty well balanced as well.

    I do think the reload time should be increased. With such a powerful weapon, 1.5 second reload time is pretty fast in my opinion, and could easily be increased to 2.5-3 seconds.

    I really like this kit... the whole idea of it is really cool. But, I would remove the Knockback I axe, and replace it with an iron axe. Since the bow is very overpowered, I feel like the Knockback axe makes the kit pretty unbalanced.

    Honestly, I'd replace Taster Hunter with Marksman. Taser hunter in my opinion, sucks. I think that replacing that kit with a kit that is actually worth doing all the achievements for, seems like a great choice to me.

    Hopefully, this insight helped a bit, but overall I really like your idea!
    Posted Jul 6, 2022
  3. Thanks for the response! I think more damage for Sniper Hider in exchange for a slower reload time would work too. Maybe add a cooldown to the Marksman Hunter kit's ability too, nerf it a bit.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 7, 2022

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