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Rank Giveaway Bonanza

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by zlxr (Suspici0us), May 6, 2020.

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  1. Hi! First of all, thanks for doing this giveaway! It's so generous of you and it's such a great way to give back to the community. Since I have Eternal, I won't be entering for myself, but for someone else who I'd like to help get a rank for. Here's my entry:

    IGN: FightOrPeace
    Rank: Unranked -> Hero

    With that being said, there's my entry. Good luck to everyone else entering the giveaway and have a wonderful day!
    Posted May 8, 2020
  2. IGN: jq6
    titan --> eternal

    thanks! :D
    Posted May 8, 2020,
    Last edited May 9, 2020
  3. IGN: Korum

    Thanks for doing this! Really appreciate it. As of right now, I don't have a rank.
    Posted May 9, 2020
  4. IGN BedfordSteve
    Unranked > ultra
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    Posted May 9, 2020
  5. IGN: bluebadger11
    Eternal > Immortal

    Thank you! I’m glad that there are still kind people like you!
    Posted May 9, 2020
  6. Ign: Supaliam42069
    Titan -> Eternal

    (Thanks for doing this, good luck everyone! ^^)
    Posted May 9, 2020
  7. ign: blufluffydragons
    hero ---> legend
    Posted May 9, 2020
  8. Dude I will love to have Ultra :D

    lmmortalize my ign
    Posted May 9, 2020
  9. Could I get 1 month of Immortal?
    Or A Ultra Rank for my friend?

    My User:Aleksa445

    Ty for hosting the giveaway
    Posted May 9, 2020
  10. Although I know I could in theory enter, I won't. I know a much more generous Eternal who deserves it way more.

    IGN: zlxr

    It's okay to be selfish once in a while c:
    Posted May 9, 2020
    zlxr (Suspici0us) likes this.
  11. IGN: MineplxGoodSmile
    Good luck to everyone
    Posted May 9, 2020
  12. IGN: xMomoh
    Rank: Unranked -> Hero
    Good luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway!
    Hope y'all have a good day!
    Posted May 9, 2020
  13. IGN 92l
    unranked TO hero
    Posted May 9, 2020,
    Last edited May 10, 2020
  14. Thanks for the opportunity. I have just returned to this game and found this community of a server I played since 2015. You all are the best!

    IGN: ylxm

    Stay safe and have a great weekend!
    Posted May 9, 2020
  15. Hiya! I wanted to say thank you so much for giving to the community. I love seeing this kind of stuff happening. Keep up the good work! :) IGN: SuperRed {Legend-->Titan}
    Posted May 10, 2020
  16. For the small chance that luck may favor me.

    IGN: Mewii
    Posted May 10, 2020
  17. We need more kind people like you in this world <3
    IGN: SikiMist
    (No rank) Any rank would be good :)))
    Posted May 10, 2020,
    Last edited May 10, 2020
  18. Yo buddy,

    My IGN: Voniha
    Rank: Eternal
    Upgrade: Immortal (1 month if you want get me more)
    Explaination: My name is Jan. I would like to get Immortal upgrade because I really want to try my best and try many new features. Give me a chance to try new things and new features.

    Thank you!
    - Voniha
    Posted May 10, 2020
  19. Time is ticking, last chance to enter! I will be picking winners in the next 3-4 hours.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 10, 2020
  20. Thank you for giving back to the community!
    IGN: WaterMelonPlays
    (No rank)
    Anything would be fine!
    Posted May 10, 2020
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