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Rating Windows OSes

Discussion in 'Technology' started by zEddie27, Jun 27, 2022.

  1. In this thread I will be rating windows oses, I'm only 22 so I will only be rating the oses since windows xp.

    Windows XP - 10/10. Windows XP is a fan favorite for the Microsoft windows users. Personally, windows xp is my 2nd favorite. Windows XP changed windows a lot, and it was for the better. Right clicking on the taskbar brought up your useful jump lists such as opening task manager and showing the desktop. The start menu of xp is also a huge improvement that was added. When the start menu was opened, you saw your pinned programs and useful shortcuts to documents, music etc etc. Windows XP also allowed you to move the taskbar from the bottom to the sides and the top. Who could forget the default wallpaper as well, and the nostalgic sounds. Windows XP also was the first Microsoft operating system targeted at both home and business users. For example, windows 2000 is targeted at business, whereas windows me is targeted at home users. Windows XP on the other hand is targeted at both. Windows XP had 2 editions, home and pro. Professional supported up to 2 microprocessors whereas the home edition only supported 1. Windows XP was also the first Microsoft operating system to introduce support for 64 bit. 64 bit windows is much more advanced in technology. It allows more ram, it's more secure, faster and will last much longer than 32 bit. Despite all of these amazing features, windows xp was actually heavily criticized at first. The 1st reason was the system requirements, many pc's running windows 2000, 98 se and other windows oses simply couldn't run windows xp or run it smoothly. Windows XP also introduced the activation system. In earlier versions of windows all you had to do was enter a product key, and many people distributed their product key's online, allowing thousands of people to pirate windows. Windows XP only allowed 1 product key per computer, so pirating it was much harder. With windows xp, you'd get 60 days to activate windows, and over the days, the consequences would get more severe, until after 60 days windows itself would no longer work, and you'd be required to purchase a product key, that's what you get for pirating windows xp though.

    Windows Vista - 7/10. Windows Vista is one of the most negatively criticized windows operating systems of all time. Windows Vista got released back in 2007. And it had many issues. The first one being compatibility. Windows Vista required very high-end hardware to run at the time, and even new computers couldn't run windows vista. Mainly because it needed a very good graphics card. Even if you had good hardware or bad hardware, windows vista was a mess. Many users reported crashing and bsods. Nvidia is also held accountable for 30% of windows vista crashes in 2007 because of the bad drivers. Windows Vista also used more ram, and people thought windows vista was using ram for no reason, but that isn't the case, and I will explain it in a second. Windows vista also had 6 editions. Microsoft would have OEMs like Dell and hp put stickers on their pre-built pc's saying, "designed for windows xp, windows vista capable". But a huge problem was that some of these pc's could only run the home basic edition, the 2nd out of the 6 confusing editions. Windows vista also added UAC, every time you opened or installed a software that required administrator privileges, you'd be greeted with a yes or no question. This was extremely annoying especially for people who just wanted to get their work done. Despite all of this criticism, windows vista introduced some good things, like using unallocated ram to improve performance, windows vista didn't use more ram for no reason, it used unallocated ram to improve performance, this would help get more fps while gaming, less stutters when watching YouTube videos and overall what was supposed to be better performance. The User account control may have been annoying but it's extremely important for security now days. Windows Vista also introduced bit locker, allowing you to encrypt your entire hard drive. Microsoft also released a service pack 1 for windows vista in 2008, improving performance and compatibility. In 2008, Microsoft also did this experiment, they claimed to be working on a new operating system, and had users test it, the same users who hated vista loved the new operating system, but what they didn't know was that they were using windows vista, just shows they were bashing windows and trying to fit in. In 2009 Microsoft released the 2nd and final service pack for windows vista, but with all the damage already done no one wanted to use windows vista

    Windows 7 - 10/10. Windows 7 is also a fan favorite of many windows users, windows 7 personally being my favorite operating system. The funny thing is, windows 7 and windows vista are so similar, it truly amazes me how similar these 2 operating systems are, there are many noticeable differences, but they behave so similarly. The sounds, looks, and feels of windows vista are nearly identical to windows 7. Windows 7 added many useful features though, the first one being pinning programs to the taskbar, so applications would always be on the taskbar even if they weren't open. Windows 7 also added thumbnail previews, if you have an application open, you could hover the mouse over it in the taskbar to see a preview of it. Windows 7 also added jump lists, by right clicking on a program pinned to the taskbar, you could see common tasks. Windows 7 also added aero snap, if you dragged a window to the left side of the screen, it'd take up the left half of your screen, drag a window to the right and it will take up the right half side of the screen, drag it to the top and it will maximize on your screen. Windows 7 also added a show desktop icon in the bottom right of the taskbar, allowing you to see a transparent view of your desktop. Windows 7 was also much more stable and smoother than the original version of windows vista, this is because NVidia, intel, amd and software developers gained experience from working with vista, making it easier to optimize drivers, hardware and software on windows 7, as a result, you would get much less bsods on windows 7. Windows 7 received its 1st and final service pack in February 2011.

    Windows 8/8.1 - 8/10 Windows 8.1 is the most underrated operating system in my opinion. Many people hated it for the start menu, however restoring the start menu is extremely easy, all you had to do was install classic shell, by the time classic shell was released windows 8's reputation was done for. With Windows 8 Microsoft wanted to combine the mobile and desktop interface into 1 operating system, the mobile interface would be in the start menu and the desktop would still be in your classic desktop. WIndows 8 added a new task manager, allowing you to see GPU usage, it also windows processes from other processes.

    Windows 10. In 2015-2017, I'd give it 5/10. Now I give windows 10 an 8/10. Windows 10 was a huge mess, it fixed what wasn't broke, Microsoft wanted unauthorized access to their user's data, many people weren't comfortable with Microsoft collecting their data and saving it onto their servers. As time has went on windows 10 has improved a lot, it still collects a lot of your data, so let's just hope it doesn't get leaked.

    Windows 11 - 5/10 CONTROVERSY
    Posted Jun 27, 2022
  2. Wow you actually did so much research for each version. Microsoft collecting user data isn't anything unusual for Silicon Valley, although scummy. For me, Win7 was practically flawless so I never had any reason to upgrade to Win8. I only had to upgrade to Win10 bc of security concerns, but also bc it was free ;p.
    Posted Jun 28, 2022
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  3. What about Longhorn?
    Posted Jun 29, 2022
  4. In my opinion is windows a good running program for your computer, although there are many glitches and problems which can be annoying sometimes.
    Posted Jun 29, 2022
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  5. Never used it, but I might sometime later this year
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 30, 2022
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  6. Windows 8 was definitely my favourite OS. It interests me to hear that people didn't like the start menu because for me that was one of my favourite features and like you said it was very easy to get the start menu. At the time, it had a really modern feeling, and sometimes I regretted upgrading to Windows 10 and even looked to downgrade back to Windows 8.

    I did like Windows 7's simplicity and it was faster than Windows Vista which makes sense with the added features you mentioned above. Having said that, I don't remember too much about Windows Vista because I haven't used it in about 10 years.

    I did get to experience Windows XP and I certainly agree that the background, the sounds and even the skin are kind of nostalgic. I could never get the internet working on it though so I just messed around with programmes. I was about 5 then so I was easily amused.

    This thread has definitely taken me on a nostalgia trip though and it's incredible to see how in such a short space of time, Windows has evolved massively. It wouldn't surprise me if Windows 11 is unrecognisable in 20 years time to whatever the newest operating system would be then.

    -MC Minium
    Posted Jul 2, 2022
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  7. Hey,

    I really like the amount of effort that you put into this thread.

    I will say that, like others, Windows 7 has been my favourite OS and will always be, I wish I could put Windows 7 on my computer as is but nah.

    Windows XP is my favourite, I loved doing experiments on it and to see how far Windows XP to Windows 11 has changed is amazing.

    And Windows 8 is the worst OS, to me, it wasn't very user friendly, it was a giant pain in the butt to really navigate.
    Posted Jul 6, 2022
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