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In Discussion Re-add two teams Cake wars ( 8 vs 8 )

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Survivallover, Dec 23, 2019.


Different team amounts of Cake wars in one mini game?

Poll closed Jan 13, 2020.
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  2. No

  3. No opinion

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  1. Some time ago, there was a version of cake wars where they were two teams, red and blue. This was the version of cake wars I loved the most. Because you could rush the best. But it’s replaced by ( in my opinion ) the much crappier cake wars duos. additionally, it didn’t replace the 4 X 4 version, they were both the same game, sometimes you played 8 X 2 and sometimes the 4 X 4 version. So there community didn’t split. So I hope you add it back, please
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  2. Community really wants this, but mineplex denies the idea of having this because they believe it would split the community.
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
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  3. Yeah some people want it and others don't
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  4. Hello!

    I am very neutral with this idea because like said above. It definitely split the Community with this. However, I think that they should bring this game back. As long as another game mode is not modified to replace this new idea, and this idea would just add another game mode to Cake Wars. Then I have nothing against this idea.

    Once again, I am on board with this idea as long as it does not affect any of the other Cake Wars game modes. However, if this idea were to affect one of the current game modes then I would not agree to this idea. I do remember a lot of players enjoying this game mode though, and think that players would definitely play this game mode no question. I only have one question for you though. Would anything change about this type of game mode, or would it stay the exact same? This is an extremely important question that should be answered fast. Because if you think something that could make this mode better. Than this needs to be determined for others to agree or disagree with other essentials added by yourself. The only key thing I believe should be added this time around is a 30 second spawn time that protects the teams cake. This is so the two teams could get a good start, and could be ready to play the game correctly instead of literally everybody rushing. This timer might not even be noticed by players because it is only 30 seconds, so this timer is only to give each team enough time to prepare themselves for battle. Instead of the whole game being rushed based right off the start.

    Overall, it kind of depends if I agree with this idea because I think it should just be an added game mode instead of replacing a current game mode. This creates both sides of the community being happy since nothing is being taken away. Instead a new game mode would just be added. In the end, I will not be giving a final answer yet since I do not know whether it would replace a game mode or not. I really hope my opinion helped and is taken into consideration.
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
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  5. Hey!
    I personally loved Cake Wars when it had that game mode, however this most likely won't be added/ work for a couple of reasons. One main reason being we do not want t split up the Cake Wars community anymore then it should be. We already have 2 game modes which is the teams of 4 and then the duos. Usually when I see the player count each of the game modes have around the same amount of players which is good. if we add another game mode then we are taking away players from the other ones and therefore hurting those game modes by making them being played less. I understand the community maybe does want this but it's not the best move to make on the game mode cake wars because the player base is around 200 players on average and trying t split that player number between 3 game-modes would make it where there are less games running and it could possibly make game wait times go up some. I also don't think adding in the 8v8 game mode should take away one of the current game modes. Currently the community is pretty happy with the game modes already in Cake Wars and I think taking away one of the could hurt the player base. Overall I do like the game mode 8v8 I just don't think it's the right change to make to cake wars. -1 from me.
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  6. Hello there,

    I can't say I agree with this unfortunately. Here's why:

    I know some people have been saying it's because of the fact that it would split the community, but I personally don't see this as a huge issue, as the Cake Wars community is one of Mineplex's largest and therefore there would still be large amounts of players playing each gamemode. However, something similar to this that makes me disapprove is that Cake Wars already has two gamemodes, so adding a third one seems a tad bit excessive and I personally don't feel it is needed. The four versus four version of Cake Wars is needed because it is the basic squads version of Cake Wars, where you can work with your teammates in order to win the game against other squads. The Duos version is nice because it allows you to play with one friend if you don't want to be in a squad full of players you don't know. If you are alone, you can also queue for duos and not have to deal with as many random teammates. If an eight versus eight gamemode was added, I don't see anything special to this. All I really see coming from this is a game stall because two teams of that size, I don't see the cake ever being ate.

    For those reasons, I will not be supporting this idea, but I wish you good luck with it! Have a good one. :)
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  7. Hey!
    I understand where you’re coming from, but to me, Mineplex removed that mode for a reason. As @Epicbuilder435 stated, this would most likely divide the Cake Wars community up. I am pretty sure people have already posted similar ideas to this and it has been denied many times. If players were to rush at the beginning of the game and eat the other teams cake, then the victim could not do anything as it is not their fault their teammate rushed the other team. It would also be very hard to rush and actually win the game. I have a feeling this version would encourage more players not to camp since they would have a lot of teammates. However, it may encourage players to camp if they are the only player left and the other team still possesses a cake and has many players. If someone on your team is afk or there is not enough players on your team, then the other team could have a huge advantage. Someone could join the game with a party of eight and they could destroy the other team. It would take a long time to win the game as well. Especially if the opposing team has obsidian, vise versa, or both teams possess obsidian. I can see many problems with this version of Cake Wars, and it definitely needs improvement in order to be added. Overall, I would have to say I would not enjoy to play this version and unless some major changes were made, I would not like to see this game implemented.
    Keep Suggesting!
    Posted Dec 23, 2019

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