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In Discussion Reduce Height limit for Skywars

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by xstr4fiingx || strafed303, Mar 26, 2020.


Should there be a reduced height limit in Skywars?

  1. Yes!

    12 vote(s)
  2. No(explain why)

    1 vote(s)
  1. Coming from someone who plays skywars a lot, at times it can be frustrating to deal with campers who like to base way up in the sky. Not only because players will just throw snowballs or shoot arrows, but because it stalls the game. Now it may also be a valid strategy, players can still be able to do that even with a shortened height, and by shortening the height, this reduces the amount of blocks players require to use in the event if this ever did happen.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
  2. just fly hack!
    In all seriousness, I agree with this because bowspammers who camp up high at mid (which is the last place to rot/only place that doesn’t rot) does get annoying. If throwing tnt actually worked, I would just use that but it just bounces off and destroys practically nothing.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020

  3. Even though I do not play bedrock skywars often, in the times that I have I have found that skybasing on any game (cake wars, skywars, etc) can be quite frustrating.
    As quite a lot of players play on mobile devices, it's harder for them to build. Especially if they have to build straight up.

    As for reducing the height of the border, I agree however instead of killing the player, why not just add bats similar to how cake wars (java) has bats if you camp in specific place for some amount of time.

    +1 from me​
    Posted Mar 27, 2020,
    Last edited Mar 27, 2020
  4. Yo!
    I personally wouldn't mind if the sky heights were changed on all bedrock maps to prevent camping or make it a little more manageable to deal with. However, I feel this is more of a map issue since on Java it's based off datapoints so maybe @joshuart can provide a better insight to this "issue".
    Posted Mar 27, 2020
  5. I don’t have much experience with Bedrock Skywars. I’m not confident in saying that the border data points work the same on both Java and Bedrock, but they should. There have been some weird things happening across the network that are map related, such as the Gladiators gates not working properly, as well as diamonds spawning a lot on certain SW maps. Might just be a glitch but if you can send me over the details in a PM, id be more than happy to assist!

    Posted Mar 28, 2020

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