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Regarding all past and future map updates.

Discussion in 'Build Team Updates' started by t3hero, Mar 9, 2017.

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  1. I appreciate the feedback on the map update threads, but I do feel I hate to remind everyone something. I will not force my builders to make maps they do not want to make, and refuse maps they do want to make. I encourage a very creative environment on my team, and forcing everyone to make maps they are not passionate about is not something I want to do, that's how you get bad maps. I am giving out rewards and shards for maps like Champions and and Castle Siege, but I refuse to force anyone to make these maps if no one is getting a creative vibe from making them. I have a volunteer staff, and limiting them is just going to make them all leave. Then we would have no maps.

    If anyone has any creative ideas, we do take suggestions as in posts on the forums, or just straight up messaging builders your ideas.

    If you have a creative map in development and just want feedback on it, don't be shy about submitting it as a map on the server.

    All gamemodes currently have maps in development. The delay comes from testing and fixing the maps based on GI and QA feedback. It's not the most delightful thing to be told half of your map needs to be changed, and all of the hours you spend on the map was for nothing. I plan on fixing this and improve the speed of this, as well as a clearly stated guidelines for every gamemode that will also be public for all of you, but it just needs time atm. Planning around this is becoming difficult and I'm just waiting on a few major changes internally to accomplish this.

    Apologizes if your favorite game did not get a new map this update, next months update, or last months update. But I can promise you I am working on it.

    Although I may not respond to all of my PM's, I do look at everyone one of them, and I treat it as a open door policy for those who are asking questions.

    Thanks for supporting the server, and a creative environment for my builders to work in.

    - t3hero, Mineplex Content Lead.
    Posted Mar 9, 2017,
    Last edited Sep 12, 2018
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