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Remove the slime football game thing from NANO

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by chungalunga, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Just remove it, or at least shorten the time, that game is basically 3 (was 5 but then someone corrected me) minutes of misery.
    Posted Jul 18, 2021,
    Last edited Jul 18, 2021
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  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this is 3 minutes long. The bigger problem is that some of the maps are broken due to a chunk not loading in my opinion.
    Posted Jul 18, 2021
  3. even 1 second of that game is too long, its so boring to play and its very broken
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 18, 2021
  4. I personally really enjoy slime football/soccer! It brings me back to when slime football was in the lobby. It is very fun to me and needs a lot of different skills. I know a lot of other people that also enjoy the game.
    Thank you for posting your opinion, but I think that is should stay in nano games.
    Posted Jul 18, 2021
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  5. While I like playing it, I certainly agree that it should be shortened because it can get annoying at times especially when the teams are really balanced. Perhaps instead of 5 goals it's 3 to win, and sudden death should just be completely eliminated instead relying on some other system to determine who wins if the score is tied at the end. Regarding it being a painful game to play, I think that the third ball should spawn earlier than whenever it currently spawns at (because it takes a WHILE), and it should be left click to move the ball to provide more control that simply walking into it.

    That's a general problem in NANO, not only slimeball, but yeah if chunk glitches can't be fixed, then there should be something to detect that the ball is stuck in the middle and not being moved and just simply move on to the next game in rotation.
    Posted Jul 18, 2021
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  6. It's just the chunk glitch and it being 3 minutes long that makes the game boring in my opinion. Other than that it is a fun game to play with friends.
    Posted Jul 20, 2021
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  7. hi!!

    As someone who used to religiously play Nano games, I can say that I do indeed dislike slime football. I don't really understand the knockback of the ball which makes the game mildly unenjoyable, which soon enough turned into a dislike. There's not many pros and cons when it comes to this since it's mostly just people's enjoyment we must take into account.
    However, after the removal of King Slime and Reverse Tag, I feel like people have to take a step back and examine the games again to determine which one they dislike the most. In most cases, it's Slime Football. Others have a deeper connection with the game since it gives them nostalgia for a similar game that was in the Lobby some time ago.
    Even tho I don't like the game, I believe that we should wait longer in order to determine how many people (dis)like the game.
    Posted Jul 23, 2021
  8. Hey,
    To me, the game would be enjoyable if the ball was knocked back the same way it was in the 2017 lobby. IE the ball hits your hit box and is sent in the direction you are looking towards.
    Posted Jul 27, 2021
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  9. I'm 50/50 on Slime Ball. I enjoy the game, but when playing it it definitely feels too long, and there's a few ways to approach that. Either lower the total game time around 2 minutes, or lower the goals to first to 3. There's positives to both and either way they both lower the game time which I believe is the biggest problem. To me 2 minutes is too short, so I'd like first to 3 goals to be the first change to this game.

    I'm not super aware of many of the annoying glitches around slimeball since it seems like people have an issue with the slime knockback which I really don't. Of course some of the hits are unpredictable and straight up weird, but overall as a mechanic it's supposed to be difficult to score and I haven't noticed many issues with it after I got used to it.

    In the end I don't want the game removed I just want it shorter. It gets boring when you have to score 5 good and it's super difficult to get 2 or 3 and you're waiting the whole time, so shortening the score to first to 3 would be a nice fix to me.
    Posted Jul 28, 2021
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  10. We should at least make it so that first goal automatically wins since it takes extremely long to get a single one.
    Posted Aug 10, 2021
  11. Its a fun game... if the time/goal requirement was shortened. almost half the people i see playing it sit afk in the corner. Instead of being outright removed I think they just need to make it shorter
    Posted Aug 11, 2021

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