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Request for xGetRekt pt2

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by TheArrow'sShadow, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Greetings! It is I- the... Arrow.. guy..?

    Moving on-
    Hello! I do art requests (They are currently closed) :D
    Today's piece was requested by @xGetRekted, who wanted a new profile picture. While it is very similar to the old one, the style was kind of updated and his face was changed because he wanted something more grim and brooding. The background is also more fancy now :D

    Without further ado, Enjoy!

    Posted Apr 14, 2021
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  2. Oh wow-

    the detail in the hair is incredible! I love all the many strokes that blend in perfectly, especially the random white ones. I also really like the wavy feel of the hair in general, especially the buns in the back.

    I'm sure I won't be the last to say, INCREDIBLE!
    Posted Apr 14, 2021
  3. Thanks! I had to get a little creative with the hair the last time that I drew him because I'm not quite sure if the hair tufts on the skin are buns or pony tails or just parts that stick up so I had to wing it haha

    Glad you like it!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 15, 2021
  4. once again i love the hair also nice drawing
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
  5. Hey Arrow!

    As per usual, this is an outstanding artwork! I love the amount of detail you put into the drawing, everything from the shading, to the hair and to the facial expression. You really nailed that look in my opinion, he looks very contemplative and reflective staring away into the distance. That'd most likely be my favourite part if I was to pick something out of the entire thing. The backgrounds works very nicely too, good work on that.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what your next drawing is going to be! It's at the point now where I know how high quality your artwork is, so I know I can expect something great when I click on one of these threads (no pressure of course!). I usually overdo it on the praise because someone with the ability to even draw an okay-looking recognisable person is astonishing to me. So I'm sure you can only imagine how I react when anyone goes above and beyond that haha.

    Once again, really well done on this. Can't wait to see more!
    Posted Apr 15, 2021
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  6. As always, nice job! Looks absolutely splendid! And yeah it does look more brooding compared to what I can remember from the last one.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  7. Heyo!
    This art is absolutely stunning! It's always enjoyable to see the art you draw for the Minepelx community. I really like the detail of the face and the background aesthetic! Looks like this must have taken quite a long time to make. Keep up the great work!
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  8. Talented, keep up the great work
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  9. Heyya!

    Once again I love it!!! You always post some of the most amazing art and it's literally flawless. Love it!!! Can't wait to see what art is next to be posted!!!! I'll be watching! <3
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  10. Thanks :D

    Heyo! Thank you so much! No pressure at all :D *sweats profusely* I'm glad you like them all!

    Thanks! :D

    I'm just glad I can make peopel smile with my art haha
    Glad you liked it!

    Gracias Señor

    That's not ominous at all o-o
    Glad you really liked it haha
    There will be more :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 17, 2021
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  11. Looking good, Arrow! I still enjoy looking at the new artwork you did. I also love the background image you put it as well. Keep it up what you have! :)
    Posted Apr 19, 2021

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