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Survival Requesting a Reboot Please?

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Games' started by missmasch, Feb 1, 2023.

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  1. Hi, last time I requested a restart or reboot or whatever its called of the survivals as many were down....well... I got yelled at and told to make a bug report. So on Friday I did that. Its now Wednesday and there are still the same amount of them down. I post a request here because hey it gets read, unlike my bug report apparently.


    Btw I have no problem deleting this later... so... dont lock it? Idk.
    Posted Feb 1, 2023,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 2, 2023
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  2. its gonna get locked lol, we have an inactive dev, continuously posting the same thread will do nothing unfortunately.
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
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  3. Very known issue, a prevalent issue too. It does get passed along (and already has been, probably multiple times at that) to the only person/whoever can restart the servers. Just like the previous staff who told you: you'll have to wait. We don't have an estimated time for when that will happen either. Making more threads will, unfortunately, not make anything move faster nor make the issue(s) "more known" than they already are. We understand the frustration- it frustrates us too trust me, but there just ain't nothing we can do.

    And again, just like the previous staff have said: please make a bug report in the future (as I see you've done already anyways, but just another reminder) or say what servers are down in the Mineplex Discord bedrock channel. From there, it will indeed be forwarded, but sometimes you just might not get a reply that it has been forwarded- if that is what you were looking for and didn't get that yet from anywhere.

    With that, I will have to request that you stop making these threads and further doing so will start to result in forum warnings sadly. This will be locked as it has been addressed.
    Posted Feb 2, 2023
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