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Revamp of UHC

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Pexxious, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Hello, It is about time I make this post considering how fast UHC has died on mineplex. The reason it died is plain and simple... It wasn't made properly. I have owned a successful reddit UHC server for 3 years now. I will suggest a few things that will hopefully make mineplex UHC more fun to play.

    1. UHC game every 15 hours instead of every hour.
    This will bring the community together for one big game and also reduce cheating.

    2. 2 Scenarios per game (random)
    Having 2 active scenarios per game will increase the amount of players also making the game more fun.

    3. Increased ore rates/ animal spawn rates.

    4. /backpack
    Allows players to access a shared inventory (for teams)

    5. have games rotate between teams of 1 - 2 -3

    Scenarios listed:
    • Fireless = Players will not take any damage from fire
    • Cut Clean = No furnaces required, items that require cooking drop cooked
    • Bowless = Bows are disabled, unable to craft and use
    • Notchless = Players are unable to craft notch apples
    • Hastey Boys = All crafted tools will have efficiency 3
    • No Fall = Players will not take any damage from falling
    • Final Heal = All players receive a final heal when grace period ends and deathmatch begins
    • Double Health = All players spawn with twice as much health
    • Potions Enabled = Players are able to brew potions
    • Diamondless = The only way to obtain diamonds is by killing other players
    • Rodless = Fishing rods are disabled, unable to craft and use
    • Enchantless = Player are unable to enchant anything
    • Head Frenzy = Players will drop golden heads instantly upon dying
    • Blood Diamonds = Receive half heart of damage upon mining diamonds!

    Posted Oct 27, 2020
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  2. Hey there! I have mixed opinions on this idea. For starters, this would mainly just be turning Mineplex UHC into a Reddit UHC server and I don't really think that is a great idea. It just doesn't fit the feel that Mineplex brings. However, there are a few ideas you listed which I am a fan of. For starters, the "UHC game every 15 hours", this seems a little extreme, but I would like to see two matches a day (one in the morning and one in the night) instead of one every hour to help increase the population. The scenarios idea is something I am fan of. UHC can get repetitive over time and I feel that if every match was different a lot more players would be interested in it. Animal and ore rates are okay at this current stage, and I don't find backpacks to necessarily fit Mineplex UHC. The different teams every game is a unique idea, but I think it is more fun when it is teams every time rather then sometimes it being solo would be frustrating if you want to play with friends.

    Overall some interesting ideas, and hopefully some are taken into suggestion!

    - Lucas
    Posted Oct 27, 2020
  3. As a non java player, I'm probs not the best feedback for this, but I'm not stupid I know what uhc is yes it's on bedrock too.

    1. I definitely agree on this idea. I was surprised that no one joined anymore, so this should definitely get implemented. I do suggest tho maybe somethin like 8 games a day, (4 in the day, 4 in the night).

    2. These scenarios seem pretty fair and makes the game more fun, so i'm all in for that. Also 2 doesn't seem to extreme or difficult to remember.

    3. As I've hardly played (I played like 2 games lol), I'm not too sure about this idea (No feedback rip)

    4. Now this idea I don't really care for, kinda like it's a bit op. Idk.

    5. This I'm also not really a fan of, as players couldn't play with friends when they wanted and would have to wait until a certain time.

    ~ Orangey
    Posted Oct 27, 2020,
    Last edited by a Moderator Oct 30, 2020

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