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Rundown Beachtown - DOMINATE

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by cllns, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Posted Jul 2, 2020
  2. I love seeing Dominate maps! This is extremely well done and is completely different in comparison to all the current maps which is amazing. I don’t know if you’re looking for any specific feedback, but I just wanted to acknowledge that this is really unique and seems like you put a lot of effort into it — Dominate could definitely use some more fun and detailed maps like this.
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
  3. Dang.. I like this.

    I’m a mage main, and mages usually use terrain to their advantage:

    and BOI I can see a hell of a lot of plays to be made ;D

    Posted Jul 2, 2020
  4. I really like this! It’s very nice to the eyes. It would be fun to play on this map.

    Posted Jul 2, 2020
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  5. I must congratulate you because I would never be able to build such a big map like this; I am terrible with blocks in general, so this is amazing to me! I like how you used a lot of grass/green blocks, it makes the map look way more natural, plus the contrast with the water is lovely to see. The colors are all pretty and their contrast is great too, they compliment each other. I would love to play on this map, hope you submit this and hope to see it live on the server!
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
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  6. Thanks!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 2, 2020
  7. Hey! I love the look of this map, the way you have done the terrain looks great to me! The builds on the inside too look amazing and well put together. The only issues that I could see gameplay wise is assasin having a huge advantage as there are a lot of places that lack ways to get up, thus assasin can escape easily, this shouldn't be too big of a concern as it could be easily fixed. Champions is one of my favourite games on Mineplex and it's good to see the community creating maps for it, I wish you luck if you choose to submit it!
    Posted Jul 2, 2020
  8. Looks very good; however, I fear Mineplex could reject it for "lack of archer spots". Another issue I see is more of a quality of life thing but the name. See the name of maps is what identifies it. There's a reason why people don't confuse Hidden Valley with Gulley: it's because the name describes it perfectly. You called it a "beach town" yet the town is a crater.

    Don't get me wrong, the borders you made for the map are absolutely beautiful-looking; however, I would recommend a name change or that you alter the border to possibly open up around the corners to a water front.
    Posted Jul 21, 2020
  9. This is the older version of it! I'll read the guidelines and ask Emma or Intox if DOM maps are required to have a terrain border! If they aren't I would completely change this map, I know Ni'Hau island has a water border but that was made 2 or 3 years ago. I would get confirmation I don't need something like that and then I would make a new map and possibly name is Manhatten or something more unique then the Nihau island. Ill start brainstorming!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 21, 2020
  10. There are so many maps that can be made it's crazy. Too bad revamps are limited to the Mp build team only.
    Posted Jul 21, 2020

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