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Sad BMW story

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zEddie27, Aug 6, 2022.

  1. This is a real story.

    In 2019 my dad purchased a used 2016 BMW 328i from a toyota dealership. The car was working perfect. the amazing engine sound, the angry look on the front bumper, the car is and looks amazing.

    A few months after the purchase the car started shutting down randomly, during driving, this is obviously very dangerous as you lose access to the steering wheel and especially if you're on a road in heavy traffic or making a sharp turn near a lake.

    Luckily the car never shut down in these scary situations.

    My dad decided to take the car to a mechanic and the mechanic ran several tests and they found a dozen problems. We paid $1,000 out of pocket and our insurance covered the rest. The car still had problems and so we took it back to the mechanic, and the same thing happened, they found multiple issues and charged us $300, and our insurance paid the rest. The car was still shutting down randomly. The mechanic did the exact same test and found issues yet again and charged us $200 and our insurance covered the rest.

    Since my dad purchased the BMW at a Toyota dealership Toyota couldn't help us, they told us to go to a BMW dealership or euro.

    We took it to a BMW dealership and had the car inspected. It turns out something under the headlight was loose, causing the car to shut down randomly. They fixed it and charged us $100. After it got fixed, the car stopped shutting down randomly!

    So that mechanic pretty much scammed us, $1,500 and who knows how much it would've costed if it weren't for Geico.

    I can imagine they were replacing parts that weren't broken. But we still have the BMW! This wasn't that long ago, the car still works amazing, and I love the car.
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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  2. Totally different ballgame, but this is about the level of service you come to expect as a Comcast customer.
    Posted Aug 6, 2022
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