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Not Planned Should Safe Teleport in cake wars be a new feature of the game???

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by _Golden_Freddy_, Dec 26, 2019.

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  1. When playing Cake Wars Sugar Rush, I found the safe teleport to be very useful and it would not be a bad idea to add this feature to the regular cake wars. I think players would appreciate it. What are your thoughts?
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
  2. I agree with the fact that it's going to be useful and I think it would be a nice additional item to have but I think it should be more expensive than just 10 emeralds; compared to ender pearls that cost 7 emeralds, it functions way better than an ender pearl if you get knocked into the void. I think the price range should be around 15-20 therefore it's not seen as much in the game but is still there. It would take a while for the players to get used to it. However, I think it'll be a great addition to the game-mode. It's a +1 from me!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  3. Hey, well has it could be a good idea, this is the wrong place to post ideas. This is only for if you need help with any Mineplex-related questions. Your thread would most likely be moved to the correct place, but you could click here if you want to post ideas on new items.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  4. Hello!

    Although this idea should not have been put here. I still love this idea, and think it would make a great addition to the regular Cake Wars! I think this idea could have been planned out a little bit better, but I do see your main point here. And your main point here is all that is needed for this idea!

    First of all, I use safe teleports a lot, and think that they would be great in the regular Cake Wars game. However just like stated above me, the price should go up to buy this item. It is actually better than an ender pearl since it guarantees a place for you to be teleported. So, I am agreeing with the price range above me that is around 15-20 emeralds to buy the item. This item would of course have the same purpose as it does in the other game mode of Cake Wars. Saying this, there is not a lot to modify about this idea seeing that the price was the main modification needed. As I am thinking about this idea, I cannot currently think of any thing else that should be modified here.

    Overall, I think this would be a great addition to the regular Cake Wars game mode, and agree that it should be added in the shop for 15-20 emeralds. This is the perfect amount to buy the item since it is more efficient than the ender pearl itself. Anyways, I am sorry this is such a short response coming from me. I try to give as much feedback and modifications as I can, but this idea is very simple and I love the idea. Saying all of this, I will be giving this idea a +1!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  5. Hello there!

    I'm in the middle on this idea.

    On one side, this could be a smart and useful addition to help counter things such as people using bows to knock you off while running across bridges, getting comboed off the edge and being able to have a second chance just like in Skywars, and other reasons.

    But, on the other hand, this is an item in OP Cakewars for a reason. Being able to teleport back up to the top after being killed is very valuable, and the Cake Wars community might not approve of having such an item added into the game because they might feel it would disrupt the strategy of the game too much (players might feel it's too overpowered for the gamemode).

    All in all, I am in the middle on this one like I said, and I wouldn't mind it being added to Standard Cake Wars, but we'll have to see. +0 from me for now.

    Thanks for suggesting and have a good day!
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  6. That's a good idea, man! +1 from me.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  7. I personally think it is just too over powered since it doesn't take any skill to use, but I see what you are saying.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  8. Hiya,

    This is an excellent idea! Thanks for proposing it.

    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  9. I think this idea could work, however, it is extremely powerful so I think that it should cost 30 emeralds because achieving 30 emeralds is difficult but this item is game-changing.
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  10. Howdy!

    I am on and off about this idea. I love to use the item in-game as it is super powerful when you fall into the void by an opponent or by accident. This item is like a second E-Pearl of a sort as it does save your life but it guarantees your second chance at life from the void. While an E-Pearl you need to aim and hope you have the right trajectory.

    I have spooked a lot of my opponents while using this item and I do not think it is that overpowered at all. As it is one of the more expensive items in the Emerald Shop at 10 Emeralds. It is easily predictable, for when you easily knock an enemy into the void and they use a Safe Teleport.

    So overall this item I think is a good addition to Cake Wars: Sugar Rush. And I do definitely think that this should be added into normal game modes because I think it would fit right into the heat of normal Cake Wars. But overall I think +1.

    - Quixyz
    Posted Dec 26, 2019
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  11. 1). I personally think this item is too overpowered, no matter the cost. Killing players is already hard enough with agro pearls, gapples, platforms, and other items. It really takes away the point of carefully crossing a bridge, not to mention players use it to gapple in void, tp back up and reset pearl cooldown which makes the game go on longer and could give an insane advantage when fighting on a bridge.
    2) The item has some problems. It seems to have picked up the same glitch from skywars where it spawns you on-top of the void.

    Maybe if it is limited to 1 buy per respawn, and make the item undroppable/able to put in chests, then it I could see more balanced.
    -1 from me for now
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  12. so
    everyone says this thing is overpowered right?
    but no, it is actually the most useless item ever
    simply because when you use it, it teleports you back to where you literally just were, meaning you'll probably die as the guy you were fighting is probably still there
    so no, it shouldn't be added to the game because it's terrible
    Posted Dec 27, 2019

  13. I definitely think that this should be added, but it should cost more - perhaps 25 emeralds.
    As Tilgorn/LifesaverGummies did mention it's similar to the Air kit in skywars, it can be used strategically - for example, if you jump off into the void to avoid getting hit, but you use your safe teleport, you are able to surprise the enemy and hopefully hit them off.

    Anyway, +1 from me
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  14. Heyo!

    In my opinion, this item is way too overpowered for cake wars.

    Being able to teleport up after being shot or hit off is quite op especially if people have the ability to buy more than one per life, not to mention a whole team of people having one each and rushing a cake, this essentially gives them an extra life.

    I think an item like this should stay in Skywars and only CW Sugar Rush.

    -1 from me.

    ~ Zom
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  15. Hi there!

    I like this idea! I agree that this item should be added to the game because I don't think its to overpowered but in OP mode you get tons more emeralds so I think the price on this should be risen for maybe 15-25 emeralds. I might see some players getting angry over this but they just need time to get use to it. Wonderful idea! +1 Thanks for hearing me out!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  16. Hey!

    I really like this idea and I would want to see it be added. However, as many people above have said, I feel it might be too overpowered, especially during cake rot. If you’ve ever been one of the last teams during cake rot, like your team vs. one other person, this is just way to overpowered with ended pearls, it’d be impossible to kill the player. Overall though, I like the idea and hope to see it be added.

    Happy New Year!
    Posted Dec 27, 2019
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  17. I think 30 emeralds is too much because Ruin of Holding costs 20 and that's pretty op so maybe between 10-20 emeralds maybe.
    --- Post updated ---
    based on how slow you get emeralds i think 15 emeralds would be appropriate because Ruin of holding is op and that is 20 emeralds but that's just me.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 27, 2019
  18. Hi!

    Sorry for the awfully late response.

    Unfortunately, Game Insights has denied this idea, and here is our justification for doing so:
    • Not necessary because respawning is available. Would be a Rune of Holding that is cheaper but more overpowered.
    • Use of item to save yourself after cake gets eaten defeats the purpose of having a cake to protect.
    As such, I will be marking this thread as Not Planned as well as locking it.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Thread Locked >> Idea Not Planned - Denied by GI
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
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