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[Clans] Sisters Clan [Now Recruiting]

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Wolfayy, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hello, fellow gamers! Welcome to the Sisters Clan map 6.5 recruitment! We’re a friendly clan operating on C-7. We are quite well-endowed with gear and have a fully operational base, but are actively searching for members that are willing to help with further builds, mining, and events.

    Clan Owner: Wolfayy
    Clan Admin: xOeuf
    Clan Admin: Oscaros_
    Clan Recruiter: neotheater
    Clan Member: DeMotD
    Clan Member: uhohsteenky
    Clan Member: _Gqbriel

    General Information


    Champions Stats:

    Clans Time:

    Main Kit & Builds:


    Application Requirements:

    Do you own a microphone?

    What is your age?



    Sisters Questions:

    Why do you want to be apart of this clan?

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?

    Do you have experience in building?

    What is your favourite legendary?


    We've been going as a Clan for about 2-3 weeks now - since the reset over on Clans-7. Overtime our base evolved from a dugout pit to a glass pit to a water dome to a clan full of life! Here are some photos of the clan base right now and some projects in progress!

    The base as it is now - the main hall where it all started. Chest room/common room!


    A brand new project, a massive underground area of vaults, storage and epic building! (not completed but getting close!)


    The cave that leads into the main building - gates leading into the clan.


    The base doesn't just look good :)


    Please realize that as a member of the Sister's clan you will also be representative of some of us as staff members. You will be on a team with about 4 members of the staff team, and scamming, glitching, rudeness will be seriously held against you. We only accept mature players with a relatively clean punishment history (nothing from 4+ months) and no recent blacklists.

    If you are considered you will move to the interview stage, where we will interview you about your knowledge of clans as well as general information about yourself. We’re being extra careful because we need to establish a basis of trust with prospective members of the clan; your actions will naturally affect our reputation as members of the staff team.
    Posted Nov 17, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 11, 2019
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  2. As a member of this clan from the beginning, I can safely say that this is a truly family-feeling type clan. We focus on teamwork and trust as a basis of working together and do our best to keep a positive attitude within our clan server. Feel free to PM @Wolfayy and I for any information! We're open to special requests as well if needed - my discord is xCuta // xOeuf#2635 for extra questions. <3
    I feel that this is a very important aspect of these applications, and must be stressed once more. Negative actions that members carry out can be detrimental to our image as staff members. Remember to play fair and keep a positive attitude. As a member of the Sisters, you will not be able to scam, glitch, or break any of the rules.

    That said, we feel that this is a very solid way to base ourselves with the community in order to get to know you all! We're looking forward to seeing you all on the team! :)
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
  3. Best of luck to those that join the Clan and apply here! We have a seriously nice base right now and would love for some people to explore it and be able to suggest new creative things to add to it :D As always, you can also reply here if you've got questions for us before joining the Clan/attempting to apply! Best of luck to those that apply!​
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  4. Personal Info
    IGN: uhohsteenky
    Do you own a microphone? Yes
    What is your age? 17 1/2
    Discord? uhohsteenky#9665
    Timezone? PST (Pacific Standard Timezone)

    Champions Info
    1594 Champion Wins
    3048 Games Played
    6722 Kills
    4435 Deaths
    146824 Gem Earned
    20 Flags Captured
    Main Kit: Ranger
    Team Fight Build Noteworthy Ability Mentions: Disengage 1, Agility 1, Napalm, Sharpshooter
    Sniper in a Tower Noteworthy Ability Mentions : Longshot Max and Napalm Max
    Clans Time: How would I search for this?
    Other: Clans is fun! :3

    Sisters Questions
    Why do you want to be apart of this clan?
    I want to be part of the Sisters clan because I think it would be a great opportunity to meet other mature players in the Mineplex community. Another reason why I want to be apart of this clan is because I enjoy building and I see the experience in building question (two questions after this one haha). This clan will improve my overall building skills as well as helping me become an even better team player and while bettering my work ethic.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?
    Nothing really stands out per se but I think what makes me different is my willingness and dedication towards clans I join. I like putting a lot into bases as well as interacting with clan mates and listening to what others have to say. Finally, I like interacting with not only clan members but with everyone on the clans server in a healthy way to promote the growth of Clans as a whole.

    Do you have experience in building?
    Yes, I have experience building aesthetically pleasing looking things. I helped make a few builds with my friends for their servers on Minecraft PE.

    What is your favorite legendary?
    I have no favorite legendary but if I were to choose one it would be wind blade. There is just so much freedom when using a wind blade on an empty server at night. It allows you to build things high in the sky such as an island or just another base in the sky :)

    Oh for the last thing that I wanted to say is that I got muted three times on Mineplex because of how I acted a few years back. After taking a long break from Mineplex and coming back just recently I have changed a lot only because of small private religiously affiliated high schools I attended in sophomore and junior year.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and go through my application. I really appreciate it.

    Posted Nov 17, 2019
  5. General Information

    IGN: joerock777

    Champions Stats: 470

    Clans Time: 37 days

    Main Kit & Builds: Assassin and knight. Illusion, flash, silence arrow, combo attack and smoke bomb. For knight: Def stance (Incase I get bowed), bulls, deflection, vengeance and resistance.

    Other: I am a really good trapper and I know of ways to get gear if we have none + I am able to solo events and do Charles witherton raids too!

    Application Requirements:

    Do you own a microphone?: Yes

    What is your age?: 14

    Discord?: joerock777#7045

    Timezone?: GMT

    Age?: 14

    Sisters Questions:

    Why do you want to be apart of this clan?: I want to be able to join a more friendly clan who is more well known and liked. To be honest, I’ve missed the times when I played clans with my friends in season 1, where it was less competitive, less people screaming at you when you die and we just generally had a good time. It’s on clans 7 too so I don’t need to worry about that too. I would also like to help others who may have started off clans like I have in season 1.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?: There’s nothing in particular that makes me “stand out”, I’m no famous Youtuber, or something who is amazing at building or fighting. But I am a worthy team player and that’s what makes clans more successful nowadays. I am also quite good at making base traps such as spleef ones, etc. I can also bring powerful allies/truces I may know to help us in fights too. I can’t explain all of my qualities and traits here, but I can in my actions.

    Do you have experience in building?: Well, I’m not the best builder, I know how to make a solid clans base for a duo. If needed I can look up tutorials on YouTube on making bases etc. I can add some extra bits like building trees or beaches or something.

    What is your favourite legendary?: Scepter, because I can clean fights without the fear of being killed (or the maul so you can trap people in your moat
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  6. General Information

    IGN: Jarif

    Champions Stats: about 1100 wins

    Clans Time: 57 days

    Main Kit & Builds: Assassin / Intimidation Brute

    Other: Some previous clans; Revolution, Hurricane/Pillows, Legacies

    Application Requirements:

    Do you own a microphone? Yes

    What is your age? 15

    Discord? Xion#1082

    Timezone? EST

    Age? You asked this twice :)

    Sisters Questions:

    Why do you want to be apart of this clan? I love meeting new people and I'm always interested in joining new clans. Also, It seems to me like you are all new to Clans! So I think it would be really fun to try and teach you about the finer parts of the game. I also think it will be really fun to create new bonds with other people that may apply.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants? Well, I have extensive knowledge about the game and how it works, and I'm good at staying with a group and making callouts. Also, I've lead the clan Legacies - a renowned power clan that had a maximum of 26 players ready to join at one point.

    Do you have experience in building? No, but I know many people that do and would be willing to teach me :)

    What is your favourite legendary? Meridian Scepter because it is fun to spam.
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
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  7. @joerock777 @uhohsteenky and @Xion you've all been moved onto the next phase! Congratulations, you should get a DM from Wolf or Egg or myself saying some things about what will happen next - this isn't meant to be formal and don't worry about it, we just really don't want to get inside and want to make sure everyone enjoys themselves!​
    Posted Nov 17, 2019
  8. IGN is xGreenStar, I'm your ally in Redcoats. My alt I would like to be joining on is KarimiSauce.
    General Information

    IGN: KarimiSauce

    Champions Stats: 0 (But on my main is over 400)

    Clans Time: 50.5 days

    Main Kit & Builds: Ranger and mage


    Application Requirements:

    Do you own a microphone? Yes

    What is your age? 14 1/2

    Discord? Noomer123AKAZxalo#0944

    Timezone? EST

    Sisters Questions:

    Why do you want to be apart of this clan? I would like to be apart of your clan because, with the time i've been your ally in RedCoats. I saw your clan is the nicest and most honest clan I have seen since season 2. You guys are great at building and you love to be a good team mate. Hands down best ally ever <3.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants? What makes me stand out from the other applicants is I love to do late night events. I adore RP mining and i'm a trust worthy Mineplex clans player.

    Do you have experience in building? I do. I'm not the greatest, but I do know some tricks. Always open to learn new things!

    What is your favourite legendary? My favorite legendary is the Great Lance. I like the lance the best because it's easy to escape from hackers at events, and it's the newest legendary.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  9. @Greeny123, congratulations! You'll be moving onto the next stage of the recruitment process :D You've received a DM with more information regarding your interview and things about the clan, well done and we hope to hear from you soon!​
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
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  10. General Information

    IGN: Bootleg_Banshee

    Champions Stats: 88 wins with all the achievements unlocked except for the longest shot and clutch.

    Clans Time: Ok, this is gonna sound a little bit weird, but hold up. So I used to play clans on Mineplex a few years back, but then I quit. I have played factions (same thing, just a different name) on another name for about 3 months now and have gotten to f-top 5 in many of my factions (Idk if there is f-top on here but its basically a faction's calculated amount of spawners based on how many there are and how many high ranked ones a fac has).

    Main Kit & Builds: Mage all the way.

    Other: I have been recruited to many factions on another server. The ones I can remember are called Archangels, Hadescreed, Cryptics, RemoveMech, Noob, Afghan,etc. Most of these have been on f-top at one point.

    Application Requirements:

    Do you own a microphone?: Yes

    What is your age?: 15

    Discord?: Walmart-Banshee#0390

    Timezone?: Central Standard

    Sisters Questions:

    Why do you want to be apart of this clan?: I want to be apart of this clan because of the nostalgia. I remember the fun I had when i was in a clan a few years back and am just looking for one to join again because I love hanging out with people over a game like this. But honestly, I want to be able to take a break from my other server and just focus on raiding and meeting new people.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I think something that makes me stand out is that I have a lucky ability to find raids at quite a quick speed. For example, the other day my faction was talking about wanting to raid this other one called Mythic. So I went out into the wild just looking for smaller bases, and I somehow ended up finding their main base. I also can find smaller bases with pretty decent loot at a fast speed too if given an hour or so.

    Do you have experience in building?: I have some experience in building. I can build basic obsidian, cobble, and sand walls and water them down.

    What is your favorite legendary?: I forgot all the names of the legendaries because I haven't played clans on here in so long. But, I love any legendary that gets the job done.
    Posted Nov 20, 2019
  11. IGN: Im_Ken
    Champions stats: 1.1k wins
    Clans time: 3 days. I know this is a bit crazy, but I used to play Clans a little, mainly back in Alpha and Beta. I really want to get into Clans though, and I think that joining one would be a good first step. I have quite a bit of experience from normal Champions games though (TDM, CTF, DOM)
    Main builds: Assassin and Brute
    Other clans I've been part of: There was one from the beta I think (can't remember the name since it was so long ago) but we dominated our EU clan server (our clan had roughly 10-15 players). We had an epic base and many legendaries. Aside from that, in Alpha and S1/S2 I was in small clans which consisted of just me and a few irl friends.
    Microphone: Yep
    Age: 17
    Disc: Im_Ken#0588
    Timezone: GMT

    Why I want to be a part of the Clan?: I think Clans is a very interesting concept and I would love to get back into it. Literally the only reason I haven't been playing it as much is because I haven't found a clan that interests me yet (until now). It gives me tons of nostalgia, especially when I think of the clan I used to lead in beta. I also want to make new friends, because ever since returning to the community after almost 3 years I've felt a bit disconnected from the server and other players.
    What makes me stand out: I have good communication skills and I'm not afraid to speak up when needed. I would say I'm ok at pvp (not great!), and I can build to some extent. I have good knowledge of the Champions gamemode and would like to apply that to a situation where I'm working with other players.
    Building experience: I'm no Picasso but that doesn't mean my building is bad. I would call myself decent, but nothing more.
    Favourite legendary: Wind blade because it lets you fly, and I think that's very cool. Also, in Beta, we got like 5 legendaries while fighting another clan, and my clan co-leader let me keep the wind blade, and I've become attached to it ever since.
    Posted Nov 21, 2019
  12. @Cryptic_Creature and @Im_Ken, Congratulations on moving to the next stage. You'll shortly be receiving a DM from me via the forums regarding your application and moving onto the next stage.​
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 21, 2019
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  13. IGN: Coolsickdude

    Champions stats: 1 win and 5 losses :(, but I know most fairly well

    Clans time: 12 hours

    Main kits: Assassin, Brute, Knight

    Do I own a mic: Yes but its broken right now

    Discord: NinjaMaster895#3057

    Timezone: EST

    Why do I want to be a part of this clan: I think this clan is interesting, fun and tbh the builds are phenomenal. I also want to find new friends and help this clan to the best of my abilities. I also haven't played clans in a while and I need a clan and this clan is pretty cool.

    What makes me stand out: One thing that makes me stand out is that I don't give up. Ive died a lot in clans and kept going on I'm also good at mining and building. My PvP is fine but it could get better, my building skills are pretty good, and my archery skills are awesome. Also on raids I check every last bit of the base;

    Do I have experience in building: I wouldn't say I'm a master but I can build giant things but its just the details that are hard for me. I also build a lot and I'm getting decently better

    Favorite legendary: I haven't got any yet but from what I've heard about them my favorite has gotta be the wind blade

    Ps. It'll say I'm part of a clan but I just made it to store my stuff until I come. (Ive got a lot of stuff to transport...)
    Posted Dec 6, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 9, 2019
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  14. IGN: Elu__
    Champions stats: 292 wins out of 418 games

    Clans time: 56.5 days. (wow I have no life)

    Main builds: Assassin and Knight
    Other clans I've been part of: I have been a part of Dadocraft for two years now, and was a leader of my own clan from Seasons 1-3.
    Microphone: Yes
    Age: 15
    Disc: Elu#7253
    Timezone: PST

    Why I want to be a part of the Clan?: I want to be a part of the clan because of the status of clans right now. On Clans-2, where I have been playing up until now, many of the active clans and players moved to casual servers such as Clans 7 and 8. I want to play where there is action and where people will be active as well. Additionally, I would like to join Sisters' clan specifically because of the sense of community that has been advertised. I tend to gravitate towards more community oriented groups and teams because I work well in them. Whether we are pvping, building, or just talking for fun, I love being part of a community of like-minded individuals and chatting with them!

    What makes me stand out: I am extremely loyal and will always give my all towards whichever clan I am in. This can be proven by the years I have spent in Dadocraft. (I haven't left Dadocraft, I'm just applying to take an opportunity to make some new friends.) Furthermore, I'm pretty good at tidying up bases and keeping things in check. I'm really organized and like my bases to be the same. I will sort chests regularly and make additions to the base as requested. I also have no issues with mining or doing other work such as farming.

    I have a great deal of experience in terms of witherton raids and events and am able to do three-man or four-man raids if necessary. (My specialties are Magmus, Smash, and Baiting Witherton).

    Building experience: I am currently the BuildLead at Dadocraft and can send you my portfolio of clans bases if you would like to see it! I used to be a builder on Skycade a few years ago, but resigned because of school.

    Favorite legendary: The Magnetic Maul since you are able to pull people in and keep them from running away. As well, they can be used for trapping people or getting them into moats. One of the few legendaries that are not mainly melee as well, so that's a plus. I absolutely love maul traps and have some pretty good designs for them (as well as regular traps) if you would like to see.

    Thank you for reading my application, have a good rest of your day!
    Posted Dec 10, 2019
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  15. @pokyvessel52506 and @Elu congrats, you’ve been accepted into an interview to get into the clan! I will DM you later today regarding how this process will work :)​
    Posted Dec 11, 2019
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