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In Discussion Skyblock/factions/prison

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Fozy, Jul 6, 2019.


Would you like to see one of the classic games on Mineplex that would also up the player count

  1. Yes I want more players

    17 vote(s)
  2. No I hate mineplex

    5 vote(s)
  1. Hello again.

    I've already given my opinion on this thread but it would seem that there are a few things I still need to clear up. I just want to address your original response to me because I failed to do so previously, and then there's a couple of comments I'd like to make on your most recent response.

    Not entirely sure what you mean by this. I wouldn't agree that Clans has taken away Mineplex's sense of creativity. While Factions and Clans are pretty similar in nature, they're very different gameplay-wise in that Clans incorporates unique kits and abilities whereas a regular Factions server typically would not. You're suggesting adding a more unique version of factions, but I fail to see how that would be beneficial to the server if it already has Clans (which in itself is a more unique version of factions already). If you could please explain how Mineplex could make a more unique version of factions, that'd be great.

    I agree with some of your points here. I definitely agree that adding any of these classic games would improve Mineplex's player count. I agree that this influx of players could lead to mini-games becoming more populated. However, assuming that this influx of players is coming from Mineplex's advertisement about a "new prison", chances are they'd be coming to the server to play on this gamemode in particular and wouldn't care much about the mini-games. Of course there would be people that enjoy both, myself included, but again, I still feel that Prison would indeed cast a shadow over the mini-games and make them feel less important.

    Also, the reason why Skyblock works over at the server that you've mentioned is because they already had a very large playerbase that was dedicated to mini-games. Mineplex is not in the same position, and there's already a few mini-games that a struggling in terms of player count so adding in another game like this could lead to the rest of the games becoming just as unpopulated.

    There are many other reasons that have lead to Mineplex's decline aside from classic mini-games being added. I'm not sure that at this point in time that Mineplex even has the resources to support such a large playerbase. Of course I'd love to see Mineplex grow again, but even with Prison or Factions being added I highly doubt that it'd return to it's previous size just because of those games. Unique mini-games might lead people to choose Mineplex over other servers (assuming Mineplex keeps pumping out games) because it'll stand out. I don't even think that adding in these gamemodes would draw in a ton of people, as most people that enjoy these gamemodes already play and are dedicated to them on other servers. What would make Mineplex stand out from them and draw more players in if every other server already has the same thing?

    I disagree that the Recruitment team should be "less picky" when picking out new staff members. The reason that these requirements are in place is to ensure that each batch of Trainees contains individuals that genuinely care for the server and who are mature enough for the position. Loosening these requirements might lead to power-hungry people becoming accepted which could lead to an influx in toxic staff members and a ton of demotions.

    If there were a large influx in players as you've suggested, there'd be no need for the requirements to be lowered as when Mineplex had 40k players the requirements were just fine.

    Yeah, demotions are possible, but again, the requirements and standards are put in place to ensure that Mineplex doesn't have to demote a ton of people.

    A chat filter hasn't prevented toxicity in my experiences. Mineplex already has a filter now, and there's still an incredible about of toxicity in the server as-is. I was staff on a server that did have prison, and again, even with a chat filter, toxicity was still a large problem. A chat filter really only prevents inappropriate language, but people can still be rude with words that aren't inappropriate.

    As for an option to disable the filter, I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's in place to make sure that Mineplex is as family friendly as possible, and if it were to be disabled, it'd make the server a much less family friendly place. It'd also allow people to have very inappropriate discussions and all that, so I really wouldn't support this idea either.

    You're right that it would help with funding, but that funding relies on whether or not a ton of people play prison. I've already discussed why adding prison in might not bring in as many players as you think, so I'm not gonna repeat it here.

    As for the votes, there are indeed more people in favor of implementing one/all of these gamemodes, however, my stance remains the same and I don't feel that they should be added onto the network.
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  2. Clans and factions are alike but clans is unique yes, I'm saying why can't we make a unique prison. Previously I stated that prison would be the best fit

    Sure mineplex won't grow back to averaging 20000+ people a day, but it's a big step in the right direction, also to the point that it would cast a shadow over the minigames, that's true for a few days minigames would be less populated while everyone tries out the new prison, however after awhile people will go back to playing the minigames if they don't particularly enjoy playing prison, also we already have very underpopulated minigames at the current moment, with the influx of new players I could argue that whenever they get bored of grinding prison they can just play minigames for awhile

    To the point where mineplex doesn't have enough resources, well I have no idea and you don't either, but they did it once before just 2 years ago why can't they do it again now.

    Mineplex has been pumping out unique minigames for years and over the past 2-3 it has dropped off a cliff in terms of players, so I wouldn't say to keep doing that is the best option unless we want to go in a gradual descent.

    As for people being rude without inappropriate words, that's not terrible and it's exactly what /ignore is for... Also it's up to the staff if they want to keep it family friendly or not with disabling the filter it's their choice.

    As for how it would stand out, uniqueness and ideas from the community along with the staff, if you look at the "mineplex prison" thread by a mod in new game discussion he has tons of good ideas for a unique prison
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 16, 2019

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