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Discussion in 'SkyBlock Beta' started by CatFan105, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. I don’t really know what skyblock is, or how to play it, but I do know that(at least on bedrock edition) it does not work, and it is taking up space in the lobby. Could someone please figure out how to make it work, or otherwise remove it? It kind of annoys me that there’s just a useless tp npc in the lobby taking up space, so I hope it gets fixed soon!
    Posted Oct 21, 2020
  2. Hey! It seems like you are referring to the player count on SkyBlock recently which has been “0.” I’m pretty sure this is known to the Devs/QA Team, however it simply just isn’t up at the moment. How does SkyBlock work? It’s quite simple in concept. You start on a small island with usually a tree and a chest with items in it. The items you would get are things you can use to obtain other items. For example, using lava and water for a cobblestone generator. You want to try to grow your island and add on to your island a much as possible.
    That is pretty much the basic idea of SkyBlock. If you have anymore questions or anything feel free to message me! :D

    Also, next time you post something similar, please post it here!
    Posted Oct 22, 2020

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