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Skyfall Tnt Exploit??

Discussion in 'Skyfall' started by SirSyrup7, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. So in skyfall you can find tnt in chests, these tnt can be used to blow up blocks in the map,I noticed that you can blow up iron blocks and I was wondering if it was allowed to blow up iron blocks to make iron armor?
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  2. Hey there, I don't play bedrock thus I can't help you but let me tag an amazing bedrock trainee for you @LT Tombstone 77
    Hopefully he can help you :)
    Have a great day
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  3. Hey! I don't really think this falls into the category of Map Exploiting or Bug Exploiting, as the TNT is a part of the game. Its main purpose is to kill players, I assume, but it does destroy blocks as well. If you happen to be able to craft armor due to this, I don't really see it as an unfair advantage. Since I'm assuming everyone else would be able to do it, it's not really giving an unfair advantage, thus not making it punishable. It's not a Map Glitch either, so it definitely isn't Map Exploiting. As for Bug Exploiting, the TNT is just doing its job, and it's not a bug at all. I'd say you are allowed to do this. If you want to clarify it, I suggest contacting an RC Member about it. You can find them under the RC Subteam here. Although, I don't really think it's worth contacting them, as it seems to me this wouldn't be punishable. Hopefully I helped! And thank you, @Jo9711 for the kind words, that means a lot! Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at anytime!
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  4. Actually from my understanding, in Skywars, the iron blocks are not supposed to be blown up, and given that you can’t really obtain iron armour in Skyfall, it can technically be used as an advantage, so I’d say this is more of a bug. In addition, you can’t obtain blocks in Skyfall.
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  5. Ah, I did not know that! Then perhaps it may be punishable as Bug Exploiting. Thanks for clarifying, Strafer. If you aren't supposed to obtain those blocks, then it's most definitely punishable.​
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  6. The tnt isn’t suppose to blow ground up, but we do know it does and that would not be punished in game for a game bug
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
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  7. You should probably create a bug report.
    Posted Apr 4, 2020

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