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In Discussion Skywars Floaters

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by I am a knife, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. So some other players as well as myself have experienced some issues with floating players in skywars, basically the problem is when the world begins to crumble some players who are afk and lagging or whatever is happening on their end, are floating, even after the all the blocks underneath them are gone they will just be sitting there floating. This is very frustrating because sometimes they are out of render distance and you cannot even see them so you aren’t able to shoot them with a bow or hit them with eggs. My suggestion is that a world border is added that closes in and deals damage over time to people outside over time depending on how far out they are, and this could be paired with the world crumbling as well. Basically some way to kill players that are floating or somehow farther out then they should be. Please leave a +1 or -1, if it is a -1 rating could you please tell me why and if possible what you would do instead?
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  2. I thought there was a new AFK timer? Maybe not, since SW is so fast paced. But if there is, just wait a few minutes and they should get kicked, but I’m not too sure. If there is and it doesn’t work, they should speed it up for SW.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  3. As WowTamman said, I believe the AFK timer should deal with them, but I still see how this can be frustrating. Currently, on Java, if players are standing on the 'corrupted world', they take damage to slowly kill them. I am not sure what the limitations are on Bedrock in regards to world corrupting, but if that is a possibility I think that would be great.

    Another thing which could be implemented is a knockback system associated with the border, so that 1 block behind the corruption, there is an automatic knockback that hits players a couple of blocks. This may also help get rid of the AFK players and shorten the game for everyone else. All-in-all, I think this is a really great idea and would love to see it implemented! (+1)
    Posted Jul 7, 2020
  4. Hola,

    There is actually an anti-AFK timer, however if only kicks users after a certain amount of time as passed. Unfortunately, this means you will probably have issues with floaters in Sky Wars. I definitely think the anti-AFK timer should be shortened to fit each gamemode or at least make it so that the floaters die when the world decays. Until then, I recommend getting a bow at the beginning of the game, as it’s always handy to have, especially for floaters.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020

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