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Skywars has gone downhill.

Discussion in 'Skywars' started by aeriql, Feb 17, 2021.


v2 or v3

  1. v3

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  2. v2

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  1. Since the spontaneous release of Skywars v3, (which wasn't anything like we were promised or discussed in the gi discord,) Skywars has seen a loss in players. This includes the random queues that enjoyed playing the game, as well as long-time players that stuck with the game. Even the creator of skywars v3, rqil, has said that it was a massive flop. The game is impossible and unfun to grind, and I'll tell you some reasons I think that is the case.

    1: Lack of kits. With no kits, there's no diversity or interesting gameplay happening in the game, or different strategies for different maps. All the gameplay repeats the same way, bridge to semi-mid, get pearls, pearl to mid, get stacked, kill the 1-2 good people, then kill the random queues. With what used to be interesting gameplay and strategies, we now have just normal pvp and repetitive gameplay. Mineplex Skywars is part of Mineplex, and Mineplex tries to be an arcade server with different gameplay and kits that make the game more unique and interesting. So why is the game more centered around repetitive pvp? The kits in v2 were generally unbalanced, yes. But that wasn't always the case. Dirt kit had its uses and was able to kill people if used right, fire kit did extra damage on maps like water where air kit wasn't as needed, metal kit could be used to take people off the map or get clean combos, ice kit was a good mid rushing kit and had recovery uses, and air kit was all around very good. I think maybe to nerf air kit you could take away its safe teleport, but otherwise, the kits didn't really need to be balanced.

    2: The abilities: The in-game abilities are what was supposed to be the interesting gameplay, but ended up still being obsolete. They were nerfed to the ground off of the game's release, and making counts for them in chests pretty much nonexistent. You don't even really see these abilities during endgame because there just aren't enough, and they aren't that useful. The firestick doesn't do a lot of damage at all, the ice bridge isn't even found at spawn and can't be used off of the ground, making suffocating and recovery just not an option for the item anymore. The zombies are just walking xp bottles to kill, The TNT is brokenly overpowered, and the only useful thing is the metal item in my opinion. This is because it can be used to get combos, or also be used to try and get a cheesy kill off the edge, but not terribly overpowered in each respect. The items in this are not balanced at all, and I'm curious how much playtesting went into this game.

    3: The gameplay: The gameplay is so god damn boring and repetitive I don't even know how this game sounded fun to the GI team. Every player that plays the game has no diversity of how they play at all, besides maybe myself at the end game since I abuse the abilities. You loot one chest, get blocks, go to semi mid, hope for pearls, knock off a player coming to semi mid if there is one, go-to mid, loot up and hope for good rng, get pearl spammed by aggressive players, and die to a bhopper. Playing that just isn't fun for anyone. In v2, sure some things were quite overpowered. I remember bows did wildly more damage than they should have, and lava ticks were broken. These should probably be nerfed, but not to a point where they become unviable. The zombie guardians at middle I remember getting quite mad at, but now at middle there is nothing to do except wait for tnt and for the bhopper to get to mid. If you get the point of this post yet, I want v2 skywars back. With the removal of xp bottles from chests and the only way to get xp is from killing players or zombies, the gameplay is very aggressive and you can expect to be pearl spammed from the start.

    4: The cheaters: The amount of closet cheaters in the game is crazy, and I can count 5 off the top of my head Hopefully gwen v2 can fix this, but with such a pvp oriented game instead of ability oriented, These cheaters have a huge advantage as they are much harder to kill in normal pvp. I know this isn't much of a point to the game, but I feel like the game pushed these people to start cheating because of how unfun it was.
    Posted Feb 17, 2021
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  2. I do agree with a lot of your points here and wanted to give some feedback on some of the points you made.
    I couldn't agree more here. Kits were always unique and allowed for unique games whereas you mentioned, rushing to mid and gathering resources was not the ideal strategy. For many of us, especially me, I play Mineplex for its uniqueness and twist on typical games. From Champions to Cake Wars, and the Mixed Arcade, this is one of the main reasons many of us play on Mineplex. It was disappointing to see these kits taken away, and I hoped the current "Kits" would be more of a replacement for that and the current abilities you can find in chests.

    Also agree with everything said here. I initially thought that finding abilities in chests would add uniqueness to the game, however, they ended up becoming useless basically. Sometimes I don't even pick up the Blaze Rods and Ice Bridge as they would just take up inventory space for me. I do sort of disagree with the point you made about TNT, as TNT is one of the few things left in Skywars that make it unique still. I do agree that the TNT is overpowered compared to the other items you find in chests, but I don't think that it's broken.

    I also agree here, the gameplay is overwhelmingly unstrategic as usually the better PvPer always wins, not the person who is good at Skywars. While many could argue against that saying that the better PvPer should win, I completely disagree. Skywars was always a unique game where if you were good at some of the strategies involved in the game, you could actually beat the better PvPer. I do also agree that in the next Skywars update that there is plenty to be fixed, however, I think that taking away the unique kits was counterintuitive and hurt more than it fixed.

    If you come across a closet cheater, feel free to report them using the methods below. I apologize that you have to put up with closet cheaters, however, feel free to report them.

    • Join StaffRequest to request staff members when you see them hacking. You can do this by typing "/com request StaffRequest" and wait until a co-lead gets around to going through the requests. (Java Only)
    • Using /report in-game, and when it comes to the different offenses, make sure you report them under the correct place such as Hacking for hackers, Chat abuse for chat rule breakers, and Gameplay for offenses such as Teaming, Gameplay Trolling, etc. (Java Only)
    • Using the Mineplex Discord in #report-players to report teamers. You can do this by following the instructions in #report-players
    • Submitting a Forum Report which you can do @ www.mineplex.com/report. If you report people here I recommend reading over the reporting guide. This, in my opinion, is the best way to go about reporting players.
    Posted Feb 17, 2021
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  3. If you don't think its broken, feel free to watch my video on youtube called the skywars terrorist. You can really just make a castle aroudn the tnt gen and wait for 20 tnt and spam it all to do insane damage without the other person even coming near you.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 17, 2021
  4. v3 sucks and the ppl who made it r just crying bc they couldn't counter agro leapers
    Posted Feb 17, 2021
  5. Hihi over the course of roughly 8 months, I have played and experienced Skywars V3 tremendously. I too, have very mixed emotions about it however there are pros and cons to the version that I will go in-depth on after reviewing your feedback! (:

    I do agree that kits are needed for Skywars, they make gameplay different and interesting every time you play. However, the kits in version 2 were very unbalanced and even in my opinion needed a rework. Air kit was tremendously overpowered. There is no way you could nerf the kit by taking something away as it really would not feel like a kit. If you were to take away the Safe Teleport it's practically just a double jump and no fall damage perk/ability. It would make the kit feel very bland and in my opinion boring. Ice and Air kit's were the most used due to how powerful and unbalanced they were. Metal kit in itself is a unique idea but it just feels like a way to get cheap kills only. I would absolutely love to see kits reimplemented. But I as a Skywars player want to see something new, something unique that will make each game different. I don't want to use a kit just because of how overpowered it is and instead, I want to have fun with it.

    Since the abilities did come out in version 3 I personally do not like them. Some like you said aren't even spawned in or used at times which defeats the whole purpose of that ability. The only real abilities I use in worse-case scenarios are Safe Teleport and the Metal ability because as you said work with combos / contribute to gameplay when you need them the most. The only reason I would use the Ice ability is if I have no blocks to get to an island. I've never really used Fire because it doesn't provide a lot in fights, and the rest continues. Instead, I believe that we should honestly just remove these abilities and like mentioned create unique, different, balanced, and fun kits to play with.

    Comparing v2 to v3 the gameplay experiences were quite the same actually beside the kits. Everyone would rush semi-mid, then mid, gather full iron/diamond, and fight players. The gameplay was the same besides a few people using Safe Teleport, or ice bridge, etc. I do believe gameplay does get repetitive but I personally do not mind that. For me nowadays it depends on the lobbies. If there isn't anyone I can 1v1 and potentially lose gameplay can get boring as winning and winning and winning gets very boring over time. Also side note, with the decrease in XP it almost feels unmotivating to play the game too. That is a different story for a different day but XP made me very motivated to play skywars and so did other players in regards to solo queueing.

    Brayden pretty much summed the last point up pretty well. When it does get a little later and I do play on Mineplex at around 2-4 AM the amount of hackers does increase more significantly I feel like and it can be a problem for players who play at those times. But there isn't much we can do about an uprise in hackers for Skywars. The best we can do as a community for hackers, in general, is to report on the forums as you will be guaranteed a response within a short amount of time or as Brayden said report in StaffRequest, /report, or in the Mineplex discord.

    Overall, Skywars V3 is average from my standpoint. I love that the Zombies are gone from middle because they can be pretty annoying to handle, and I love the diamond armor loot pool! Decreasing the chance of dying to lava compared to V2. But like every gamemode, I do believe improvements can be made to make it even better and overall create a positive impact. Re-introducing unique, different, and balanced kits is very important to making gameplay more fun for others. The biggest games out there such as Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Overwatch are FPS games but still implement kits and or abilities that make the characters you play have a different gameplay style and experience for you and others around you. Yes some of these abilities become broken in later patches (Looking at you Brig), these issues can be fixed and with the help of the communities feedback can make an even bigger impact on pushing these changes out. Hope this helps!
    Posted Feb 17, 2021
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  6. As the most dominant player right now in skywars and probably in 2020-2021 I agree with you 100%. Everything stated is true and I look at it in this perspective. Personally I would prefer v2 armor side where getting full iron is the max and definitely have pearls decrease. I believe removing diamond armor would enable not only quicker games but it would also contribute to new meta and a change for the game of skywars. The pearl rates on v3 are a joke and the fact that some games once i get to mid and i can get 6-7 pearls from 3 chests is totally unfair and super overpowered. Not only that but the closet/bhopping cases have risen a tremendous amount from v2. Now that all the old leaderboards players and many sw community players quit a lot more new players have come. This creating a new wave of closet cheaters to take advantage of the easier games and to toggle reach/modified knockback to win. For me I used abilities/lava/bow anything to outplay them. I would even use the 5 pearls i would get from being first to mid all the time to target the closets. But let's talk generally. Many players aren't sweating for leaderboards or winning 50-100 daily. And having these unfair and stale kits and meta's are only going to end up destroying the game. If I were a dev or someone in power to create some sort of method, I would bring back v2 with a change.

    Honeslty, I never really enjoyed the kits and even with air kit it wasn't even fun to just leap spam and I highly doubt mineplex will bring back the old kits. For now this is the update I would make.

    The in game kits stay the same and everyone spawns in with a stone sword and a stone/gold pickaxe depending on if they had all the achievements in the game.

    Iron armor will be the best armor possible in skywars.
    Gold armor and chain are brought back but without any enchants and stone swords don't have sharpness.
    Mid is the same distance as it is right now on all the maps.
    Tnt can still be "lobbed or thrown like it has been updated in v3" but can't do direct hits anymore.
    Tnt has a 2 second cooldown for being thrown and a max for 4 tnt can be picked up
    Pearl rates decrease 50% (Higher chances to get pearls in the middle island than in second islands)
    12 player lobbies.
    Corruption starts at 3 minutes and does more damage/moves quicker.
    Anvils and books are removed. And experience bottles are brought back. Enchantment table stays.
    There should be a total of 2 enchantment tables both at the middle.
    Ice Bridge ability stays the same.
    Fire staff cooldown is now nerfed to 25 seconds.
    Metal Horse Armor now has a 25 second cool down.
    Safe teleport star stays the same.
    Throwable Dirt has a 10 second cooldown.
    All abilities have been decreased in chest rate by 25%.
    Skywars knockback stays the same as v3.
    World border is now 25 blocks above the middle in all maps to prevent campers/lava tower spammers.
    Fire aspect and flame enchants are now enabled in enchantment tables for a max of 3 levels in skywars.

    In my opinion, I believe this would be a amazing change and would be known as v4. Personally this new update I believe would bring back many players and create a new meta which would be really fun for a long time. New strageties and methods would be developed and people will actually start grinding and enjoying the game. At this point it's time for a new update. I do appreciate mineplex though for in the first place making an update. Even if it didn't receive the enjoyment and fun from the community, it means a lot to me that they decided to make an update and listen to the community since everyone was complaining that v2 was on skywars for so long.
    Posted Feb 18, 2021
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  7. Finally getting the chance to comment on this thread

    For context, I was a pretty big Skywars fan during v2. It was almost exclusively what I played - my stats aren't too great as it's one of the first games I ever played on Mineplex, aka multiplayer Minecraft for me (400 wins 2.5k losses) but towards the end of v2 I got significantly better and was able to win more. I took a break from Mineplex/Minecraft and when I came back to see my favourite game mode get destroyed it was super upsetting. It was quite difficult getting back into the swing of things as I absolutely loved Skywars, and I have not played it consistently since - only about 3 games in the past 3 months.
    100%. The Skywars kits Mineplex had were so unique to other servers and it was the main reason I grinded Mineplex Skywars rather than doing so on Hypixel/Cubecraft. Every other server was the same and it feels like with the release of v3 Mineplex decided that instead of fixing what was broken and bringing out some balance they would strip away every hint of originality present in the game and remake it just like everybody else already has it. My serotonin levels when using throwable dirt were off the scales mind I say and now all I have is a slightly enchanted pickaxe.

    The fact that Mineplex tries to be an arcade server and yet completely let the arcade player base down with this update is so valid. The elemental kits were one of the greatest kits to learn and I had a blast doing so. It taught me to be creative in my games and led me to wins despite my lack of pvp skills. Leaving the abilities in the chests does absolutely nothing - players often skip by them at the start of the game and there is not enough at the end of the game so it becomes one big lobby gladiators fight which just is not enjoyable at all.
    I completely agree with you on the fact that the gameplay is nothing but constant repetition and is so unfun to grind if you are new to the game or don't have the pvp skills necessary. Nowadays cps matters too much than it should which is unfortunate because I always felt like Mineplex, in comparison to other servers, was very inclusive to the players that didn't have expert swordsman skills but, once again, it just feels like they fell down the rabbit hole of reforming their games to only suit those that do.
    Unfortunate situation and I see it too. The only thing you can really do is gather as much evidence as you can and report the player on the forums. You may also use StaffRequest however it is not too reliable unless it's afternoon/evening US time as many of the staff members on the server currently are EU.

    The good news - from what I have heard, GI are planning to balance Skywars again as they hear the complaints and might change it up a bit (although I doubt they would revert it ;_;). The popularity of the game did go down drastically as you mentioned so hopefully we will see some sort of rework too. I want the elemental kits to be back so badly and they can be made a bit more balanced if that's what was the root of the problem. I just don't want them to disappear or be reduced to a feeble piece of loot everyone ignores in chests.
    Posted Feb 18, 2021

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