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Skywars Mid-Rushing Tricks

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by rqil, Jan 26, 2020.

  1. As some of y'all may know, I've been playing Skywars for around 4 years now (top 5 for solo wins), and I recently returned to the game to casually get wins after taking a break for around a year. Since I've come back, the playerbase has completely changed, and a lot of the old strategies that were generally pretty popular among the old playerbase have more or less gone extinct now that a large portion of them have left. I've been asked how I get to mid as fast as I do, and a majority of that is just knowing how to ninja bridge (shift/unshift).

    Layouts on most maps are pretty generic, so getting to mid the fastest is generally just whoever can bridge the fastest, but there are a few maps that allow for some extra bits of strategy to be incorporated to give you that extra edge against other players. The fastest way to travel in Skywars without kit abilities or pearls is by avoiding shifting to bridge as much as possible, so that's what I focus on in my games. I made a compilation of some of my rushes so more players can use them to help stand a chance against the regulars of the game. These take practice and some give only a minimal advantage, so it may not even be worth it to try to start using them prior to practicing, but you'll 100% notice the difference between using them and not. Excuse the audio in the video too; I know the sound quality is pretty awful, but I hope these help nonetheless!

    Posted Jan 26, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 26, 2020
  2. Oh boy you're speedy! I unfortunately think I would have too low of a success rate for these to be worth it, but it was pretty fun to watch. I'd be interested to learn more about your strategies - how many chests you open before you attack people, what you do if someone else is at mid quickly also etc. Nice quality video!
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  3. Heyo!

    My oh my your fast at bridging! I could never do this but it really inspires me to get better and to reach your level of skill, though unfortunately, that'll probably never happen for me. Though amazing guide! It was super helpful and I'm definitely going to use some of these routes for my Skywars games, especially the Gandum Fort one. This inspires me to go play Skywars right now, though I'll probably fail so bad. Cool video though! Nice quality as well!

    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  4. Thank you! The amount of chests I open completely depends on the map and whether or not I spawn in the middle spawn island or either of the outer ones, but that definitely is something interesting that I'm 100% down to make since it'd be awesome to see more people becoming big threats in games to help scare some of the regulars away.
    There are many other really fast strategies, particularly with Ice bridge, in the team modes because you can get double the distance. They are generally extremely unknown since the SKY2 community has really dwindled down recently, but it's definitely a cool feeling to know that there is a lot more of a skill cap to Skywars than what meets the eye. The only other map that's ever allowed for a player to get straight from the spawn island to the middle island was called Embellishment, but it was removed a few years ago. Bug Zak for me to get him to be cool with repushing it live ;) (he made it).
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  5. Nice job! You might remember ObsidianNinja__ and I, we're in the same game as you like every day. Nice job getting 7k wins btw.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  6. Great tips! I probably wont be able to be as fast as you at it, but practicing wont hurt.
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  7. nice :D
    Posted Jan 26, 2020
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  8. Yo!

    Super cool video you've made, we can clearly see you're extremely good at Skywars. I love Skywars, and personally I always rush mid but I have never really considered using any of the strategies used in this video, like where you jump and place blocks as you're jumping. It's something I would need to practise so I'll definitely work on it over the next few weeks. Thanks for the tips, and I enjoyed the video, good quality content!
    Posted Jan 27, 2020
  9. You’re quite fast, eh? This is a really well-edited and created video and was fun to a watch. Believe it or not, I actually learned a good bit from it and I’m sure I’ll reference back to it a few times in the near future. You’ve seen me play, you know how had I am! :)

    Anyways, good job with this and can’t wait to see more from you!
    Posted Jan 27, 2020
  10. Ohhh awesome video.
    This was definitely well made, I enjoyed watching it. All of these tricks will help people get to the middle pretty quickly. I’d honestly probably fall into the void if I attempted some of these haha. But I’ll definitely make sure to reference this thread when I play skywars in the future.
    Great guide!
    Posted Jan 27, 2020
  11. Hey!
    This is a nice video you got here, and I definitely enjoyed your tips to get to the middle fast and easily. Good guide!
    Posted Jan 27, 2020
  12. epic guide but isn’t ice bridge faster than ninja bridge? i’m assuming ice bridge has more blocks per second, plus the ice gives more momentum
    Posted Feb 2, 2020

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