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Snake Parkour in 2019 Lobby

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by oASD, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. Remember when Neropatti got a 35.104 on snake parkour which didn't count ("You seemed to have cheated, no reward for you") because he did a massive cut on the 2nd red snake and missed a checkpoint in his video?

    Well, I got a 34.815 because I didn't do that cut, but I did a Glitch Jump Boost at the very start.


    If you use the Mineplex Jump Boost (by pressing the jump button twice) you get this weird air effect for a certain amount of time before you land back on a surface

    I used that Glitch before I clicked the villager to start the snake parkour and flew onto the purple snake. The video above is someone else using that Jump Boost on Lava Parkour this time last year

    Note: if you use the Jump Boost straight up and land onto purple snake (skipping the blue snake) and finish the parkour it will count as you cheating because of the fact that there's a checkpoint on the red snake below left of the purple snake.

    The only way you can trick the parkour villagers of completing it is by facing the purple snake, you Jump Boost whilst hold the Walk Forward and Strafe Left keys before you click villager, fly over the red snake to hit a key checkpoint (this is hard cause you need to land back onto the purple snake) and when you're in the air cause of the Jump Boost you need switch from Strafe left to Strafe Right right and land onto the purple snake.

    If you miss the landing on the purple snake you'll void, get teleported back and have to start the parkour all over again

    If you don't know how to do the Jump Boost don't worry, you can always go around the normal route or you do the yellow and red snakes as normal and do the jump skip on the green snake that's in Neropatti's YT video (skipping both blue and purple snakes)

    I don't know if anyone else has under 35 seconds on Snake Parkour but at least it didn't consider me as cheating :D

    Also it was harder for me to do the Snake Parkour cause the hand I used the most (my left hand because I'm left handed) is covered in plaster dressing because I smashed a glass pane (single glaze) in 1 of the utility windows with my fist at 1am Yesterday because I had an argument with my dad 2 hours before that (Thursday late evening) and I got really upset.
    Posted Jan 25, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 25, 2020
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