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Implemented Snowball particles

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by MagicalStrike360, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. Well this is pretty obvious in the thread's name. I think snowballs should have particles
    Posted Jan 18, 2019
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  2. Heyo!!

    I really like the way you're going with your idea. But there's such limited description and I understand the title is self-explanatory. You also have to realize the particle needs to be in a set (Leaping, Death, and Arrow effects). The idea sounds really cool and I would want to see it but you just need to go a little bit more in depth on the idea. Overall, I will stay pretty neutral on the topic.
    Posted Jan 18, 2019
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  3. Hiya,

    Unfortunately, there are no current particles with snowballs, but there are some that mimic the snow/winter season. These particles include Wind of the Frost Lord, Blizzard Aura, Ice Cold Dome, etc. As stated above, if you are suggesting a new particle effect, then I would love to hear your thoughts on how it should look. It doesn't necessarily need to have a full kit, although it would create a more dramatic effect and most likely persuade more people to use it.
    I would like to put my personal input with particles such as these. I don't mind snowballs, slimes, etc. although the noise and other effects can be quite frustrating. Theoretically, if this particle did exist, I would most likely use Wind of the Frost Lord over a snowball particle. I do not speak for everyone, I am just giving my personal input.
    If you do decide to add more detail, I would love to hear them!

    Have a great day! :)
    Posted Jan 18, 2019
  4. The title is really self-explanatory but try to add some more details like;
    -What are the names of the particles?
    -What are the arrows effects, death effects, leap effects, etc. going to be?
    -How will the particles look in the game?
    I would love to see snowball particles added in game, so great idea! +1

    Posted Jan 18, 2019
  5. Hey,
    Like others have obviously said, for this idea to be further considered, you need to provide more detail to the thread in order for it to be viewed clearly in order to make a decision. Therefore, I have a few questions about this exact idea that I hope you can answer/clarify in your original post.

    What would the name of the particle be? You need to think about the formatting as well. This is so we can implement something appealing to the community. Additionally, when you say particles, do you want to make a whole set (Particle Effects, Arrow Effects, Double Jump Effects, etc.), or just one specific item. Also how exactly would this particle effect look like? "Snowball" isn't enough information. I hope you can provide more of these logistics, and until you provide more information, it's a -1 from me.
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
  6. I think this would be a great idea if the particles weren't too distracting. I currently use the "Shadow Walk" particles because they don't take up a lot of space and don't distract me while playing as most particles do.
    Posted Jan 19, 2019
  7. Heya!

    After thinking for a bit, this would need some more development and just overall doesn't seem like a good idea in my opinion. Like people already started from above, just saying that we need snowball particles isn't enough, maybe describing how they'll work?

    They obviously can't be somewhere in front of you, since snowballs would always go in your face, so they have to be somewhere behind. But what will they do, just randomly be thrown? That also can't be the case because it could annoy most of the players, and someone might misunderstand in for example CW, that it was a particles and not a Frosting kit. Maybe just to fall from players shoulders all the way down? Well, if you were in game and have to quickly turn around and run, snowballs would definitely slow you down. I believe developers can't make snowballs that can't slow you down. There are already few particles that are behind you, but they don't effect you while you're playing. Plus keep in mind that developers need to make them so players don't take any damage, which would be another step before adding these particles.
    Because of the things that I've listed from above, I'll have to give a -1.

    Teodora / Tea
    Posted Jan 21, 2019
  8. I do like snow, so I am interested in this idea, although you didn't provide much information other than the fact that it would use snowballs.

    My ideas are:

    - For a particle effect, I think it would be neat if something similar to the rain cloud particle effect could be created, so that it's a cloud over top of you that's snowing instead. For this one I would suggest using what the normal falling snow in Minecraft looks like, instead of snowballs, because snowballs falling in front of you constantly would affect your vision, and would be a distraction during gameplay. If not falling snow particles, then use the snow breaking particles instead, like how the rain cloud particles use falling water droplet particles.

    - For a leap effect, I think it should just be a ring of snowballs that fly forward in a circle from where you jump. Name: "Snowy Hop"

    - For a death effect, I think it should work so that right after you die, a cluster of snowballs appear and fall straight downward for 1 second, then disappear. Name: "Melted to death"

    - For an arrow trail effect, it should just be as simple as a singular snowball following the arrow until it hits something or someone. Name: "Snow and arrow."

    - The general name would be "Simply Snowballs" (the name in bold), and the set name would be "Snowstorm Set." Description: "Winter never ends!"

    - And for the set bonus, the snow cloud particle effect would also include a small ring of ice and snow on the ground that surrounds you, and follows where you go. And, on the outer section of the ring, 3 snowballs would follow a white particle trail and continuously circle you, making you look like a snow god!

    Correct me if any of these suggestions are already in another particle set; I don't have all the snow themed sets so I'm not sure.

    If you do add more description to your idea though, I'll give it a +1.
    Posted Jan 27, 2019,
    Last edited Jan 27, 2019
  9. Hello,
    I would not be opposed to adding snowball particles, but first I would like to know more information about it, like others have said before me. I'm sure you have many great ideas about the specifics of a possible snowball particle set, and I would love to hear them! One issue might be that there are already many winter cosmetics, and this would have to stand out from the current ones. Thanks.
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Jan 27, 2019
  10. I have a feeling the OP meant particles around your snowballs when you throw them. I do think that's a cool little feature as long as the particles aren't too distracting, but you should put a little more detail in the thread. I don't really know though, it seems the previous people who replied to your thread think you mean some sort of snowball particles around you and I think particles around snowballs (like arrow effects but for snowballs), if you could clear that up that would be appreciated.
    Posted Jan 27, 2019
  11. Sorry for the late reply everyone. Well yes, what I meant was particles around snowballs when you throw them.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 27, 2019
  12. We have quite a few snow-related cosmetics already, a lot of them feature snow particles so I'm gonna mark this as implemented since it already exists.
    Posted Nov 19, 2019
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