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Solution to Lagplex

Discussion in 'Technology' started by beanowonotanuwu, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. Introduction
    When I say Lagplex, I really mean Mineplex's tendency to lag. From what I have gathered, Mineplex currently runs on Spigot (A type of server). A few years ago, people realized that Spigot had become slow, inefficient, and that it could be HEAVILY optimized. The open-source Spigot repository was forked and Paper was born. Over recent years and months, a few more types of servers were created:
    • Purpur (a fork of Paper; designed to add a few more handy features to its API)
    • Tuinity (a fork of Paper; designed to increase preformance for large servers)
    • Yatopia (a fork of Tuinity; designed to be a hyper efficient form of Tuinity)
    Why Mineplex Should Switch
    As you may know, Mineplex used to be the largest server on the block reaching a peak player count in the mid to upper 30k's. Since then, Mineplex's player count has decreased quite a lot; however, Mineplex still regularly gets 2,000-4,000+ players a day making Mineplex a large server requiring a more efficient, fast, and HEAVILY optimized server jar to run on.

    What Mineplex Should Switch To
    Your first instinct might be for Mineplex to switch from Spigot to Yatopia; however, Yatopia is very new and buggy. Not to mention that most patches for Yatopia could and will be applied to Tuinity. So, the next best thing is Tuinity. Tuinity would increase preformance for large servers, like Mineplex, and would push Mineplex from the days of 2015 (Spigot's prime time) to 2021.

    Mineplex is running on a very old, inefficient, and slow server jar. Mineplex should consider to upgrade its server jar from Spigot to Tuinity (or, at very least, Paper).
    Posted Jan 11, 2021
  2. I have no knowledge of server stuff. But from what it seems, this is a smart move for Mineplex to do. so i +1 this idea. lol

    I'd suggest getting this moved to server discussion instead of technology so more people can see this :shrug:
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  3. From what I understand, Mineplex is currently using a "fork" of Spigot, and I'm sure they've added tons of Methods and Systems into the Jar that allows for future Development of plugins to be much easier for the Development Team. Personally I've used a fork of Spigot before, and although it's true that Paper is better than Spigot in various ways, Spigot forks are also beneficial for Development Teams to have in order to create custom API's and such for the future; I'm sure the Development Team is completely comfortable when using their custom API to create/edit Mineplex's plugins, so it would be somewhat of a "setback" in my opinion to start from scratch in creating a modified version of the Paper Jar. Paper is also known for being more "secure" then Spigot for various reasons, and I'm sure the Mineplex Development Team is already fully aware of this, so with that said I wouldn't doubt it if they added a few "security measures" into their Spigot fork in order to make it the way they need it to be.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
  4. The thing is, we don't know if Mineplex has made the effort to update their jar. Up until mid 2016, Mineplex was only pumping out games. Then their shift focused towards pvp games and they put their best devs (this is subjective; I'm talking about AlexTheCoder and MoppleTop) on games like Clans, Cake Wars, HOG, etc. Even if Mineplex put in effort to customize their jar, it was like 1 developer who was working on it on the side. Mineplex's dev count has shifted from a large team to a small one focused in many areas. Mineplex's dev team has to worry about Bedrock, Java, Gwen, Server Side, Website, and a few more things.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 15, 2021

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