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Some Ideas for Different Games

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by PoozPlayz, Aug 14, 2020.


What's your favorite game? (if someone can lmk how to add more polls or whatever that'd be great)

  1. Bawk Bawk's Wrath

    3 vote(s)
  2. Slime Cycles

    1 vote(s)
  3. Nano Wizards

    1 vote(s)
  4. Quick

    11 vote(s)
  5. Nano Battle

    0 vote(s)
  6. King Slime

    0 vote(s)
  7. Gladiators

    5 vote(s)
  8. Copy Cat

    1 vote(s)
  9. Dropper

    2 vote(s)
  10. MineKart

    0 vote(s)
  1. Hello there! I have a few ideas for Nano Games. I think that there should be some more classic PVP games on Nano Games. For example, an idea that I really like is Color Swap but you can punch people. In my opinion, the game is a bit slow and kind of boring so I feel like that would add a bit of thrill. I also think some games should be removed and I'm gonna put a poll to see what games people like most overall based on how fun they are. In my opinion, I think that Nano Wizards, Copy Cat, and King Slime are pretty boring but that's just me so I wanna see what people think.

    - pooz
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
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  2. Hi there Pooz!

    To be honest, I like every game in Nano. I feel like Nano is a more eventful and enjoyable in comparison to classic mixed arcade. In my opinion, I don’t think every game in Nano should have a pvp approach because arcade games are supposed to be more relaxed. When I play Nano, I generally do it to take a break from playing PVP related game modes. I know there are some pvp games in Nano, but I generally play for the non pvp-related games. I like your idea, but that’s my opinion on Nano.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  3. I fundamentally agree with your criticisms. Color Swap for the first minute is way too slow and easy, however the pvp idea just turns it into macro bawk bawk. King Slime needs changes as well, I'm not sure what they could be but some engaging mechanic needs to be implemented as it's a generally disliked game. Copy Cat and Nano Wizards however are good in my opinion with the exception of some Nano Wizards maps where the abilities don't function well.

    If you could elaborate on a potential PvP game I'd be keen to listen, diverse experiences should be prioritised when considering potential Nano games. We need to think of ideas that aren't similar to other games, genres that haven't been explored. For example a Murder Mystery style mini-game with PvP focus could fit NANO and has a different direction than Grapple Knife and Gladiators.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
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  4. I'm not too sure how I feel about this idea. Nano has always been a game mode that I play when I want to relax and play something more casual and I feel the current games in the rotation do a good job at that. There are a few PvP games currently in the rotation and I think that's enough, I think adding too many could ruin the feel of the game-mode for those that play it casually. I wouldn't be opposed to adding more Nano games, however I'm just not sure if they should be PvP based.

    I do agree with you when it comes to removing certain games though. I find games such as Hot Potato to be too long and luck based so I wouldn't mind seeing it removed.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  5. Hey!

    I do not really agree with this. From what everyone else said above me, Nano games are the games that people go to when they want to relax. I feel that if you added more PvP related games people would not like it as much, since people tend to go here for a break from PvP. There are a few PvP related games in the rotation but I feel that it is just enough. I personally like how Nano games is right now. Anyways thank you for suggesting.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  6. Hey!
    I personally am a huge nano game lover and I pretty much love every game however, Slime Cycles would definitely have to be my favorite. I always love seeing new ideas and adjustments to this game mode to increase the amount of fun. However, for your idea I don't really agree with adding in pvp features into Color Swap for a few reasons.
    1. It would make this game too much like Bawk Bawk Battles in my opinion, because it'd be the same kinda concept, just multiple platforms.
    2. Being able to hit people off their platforms doesn't seem necessary in this game either just because there's a time limit which makes this game enjoyable. Obviously, once the timer goes faster, it get's harder step by step so I think adding this pvp feature would also take away from that.

    Overall, I really cannot see this idea getting implemented unfortunately for the reasons I have listed above.
    -1 idea

    Also, you mentioned you would like to see some game modes removed, which game modes did you have in mind specifically, and why?
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  7. Heyyo~

    I would love more variation in Nano, but unfortunately, I don't agree with allowing punching in Color Swap. It already is pretty fast-paced when looking at other games such as Quick and would be very similar to BBW. As for King Slime, I completely agree, I think the game itself is sort of lackluster so maybe something to spice up gameplay would be beneficial. However, if you do have more suggestions for Nano, I believe everyone would love to hear them.

    I personally would love to see more diverse skills in Wizards and maybe different designs in Copy Cat (much like speed builders). But, I can see how this could be quite difficult since they are meant to be more fast-paced.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  8. I love nano games, I bought eternal so I could get into the beta version. My favorite game is quick, because it is fast paced and always give me a different challenge. My second favorite game, though most people I have found do not like it, is Minekart. I love how different this game is. I also looove drifting :p

    Now about your main topic. I actually quite enjoy copy cat and king slime, but nano wizards is a little bit less fun for me. I feel like a lot of people, myself included, would be sad if these games were taken out. I think that ideas should always be made, but I will have to disagree with this one.
    Posted Aug 14, 2020
  9. Hey!

    I play Nano Games a lot, and I'm personally trying to hit 1k wins soon in the games as well. My favourite game is definitely Hardcore Parkour. I love this game because I'm good at parkour and it's a lot of fun to me, plus I really like the map options. However, I agree that some games are rather slow, and I definitely have 2 major non-favourites, which would be Reverse Tag and Hot Potato.

    However, with that, I disagree with the idea to add PvP to this game mode. Sure, I entirely agree that this game is slow for the first minute, for the first few rounds I can get drink of water and then walk over to the block. However, the game really picks up with time, and a few rounds later it gets to be really difficult. Because of that, my idea wouldn't be to change the game entirely and add PvP, but to make the timer go faster initially, and not take 5-6 rounds to get to the difficult level.

    As well as that, this adds a whole new difficulty to the game, one that I don't believe needs to be added. As other players mentioned, this would make the game entirely like a colourful Bawk Bawk Battles. I don't believe this game needs to be changed, and how Nano Games go, I wouldn't put this as a priority either. I believe the game works very well, and it's a game I actually quite enjoy.
    Posted Aug 16, 2020
  10. I see what you are all saying. I came up with the idea because personally BBW is my favorite and I honestly thought it would be fun but I guess its not everyone's cup of tea lmao
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 17, 2020
  11. I love Nano and would definitely like to see some more variation, however I disagree with making games like Color Swap more PvP based. I (and many others) play Nano for a more casual, non-PvP based experience, and making some current games incorporate PvP would definitely not sit well with many. Making Color Swap in the way you suggested would make it a lot like Bawk Bawk’s Wrath. I can see where you’re coming from butI unfortunately disagree.

    There are some games I’m in favor of removing however. Reverse Tag and Hot Potato are pretty unpopular with the Nano community; they’re long and can get boring. MineKart (despite how much I like it) is pretty buggy for many and I would see why people want it gone. I don’t like King Slime that much, but I do love Copy Cat and would be pretty upset if that were removed.
    Posted Aug 17, 2020
  12. I'd rather just remove entirely : tnt tag game idk the name,reverse tag,slime king,color swap, grapple knif , nano wizards and musical minecart
    Posted Aug 17, 2020
  13. Yo!

    It would be nice if we had more PvP related games in Nano, or just more unique games in general. Probably making major changes to some of the more casual type of games isn't the best solution to this issue though. Adding PvP to Color Swap would basically ruin the game. It'd be difficult for players to play casually as they will be getting hit off every time a new color pops up, so then they have to worry about that. The game is meant to be slower than other games, but I don't see a problem with it, if you dislike it a lot then leave that game lobby and find a different Nano lobby.

    About removing games, currently GI (Game Insights) has plans to remove Reverse Tag and Zombie Survival (according to the Nano Games Update Proposals). You can see why in the document for Nano. For the games you suggested to remove, King Slime is a bit boring but unfortunately there aren't any plans of removing that game, Copy Cat & Nano Wizards will most likely stay since a lot of people are interested in these two games, including me haha

    Overall, hopefully some changes come to Nano soon but not any that will majorly change how a game is played. Thanks for the suggestions though :)
    Posted Aug 17, 2020
  14. Hi!

    I personally prefer PvE-based Nano Games, but I think adding PvP to Color Swap wouldn't be ideal. It would be really chaotic with 24 players trying to find a spot that isn't occupied to not get thrown into their deaths, and most people play Nano games casually, so I don't like this specific idea. More PvP-based minigames would be great for Nano, but I think this just isn't the way to go.
    Posted Aug 17, 2020
  15. Hello,

    After discussing this idea with the Game Insights team, we have decided to deny this idea. Adding PVP to Color Swap would take away from the main aspect of the game and would make it too similar to Bawk Bawk's Wrath. Additionally, players would find it too difficult/tedious to have to find colors while fending off other players as well. Color Swap has always been known to be a peaceful game, and there are no plans to change that.

    Removing games is being looked at, but I can't confirm anything right now.

    Thank you for your ideas!
    Posted Aug 24, 2020

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