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Some Tips for Brute Airhits

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Mew, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. These vary in difficulty, I'll try rating them on a scale from 1-10, but its relative.

    1. Different Brute Kits (Not rating applicable)
    1. 1v1 kit: Flesh hook 3, seismic slam 3, overwhelm 3, break fall 3 (I'll explain why you need such a high break fall)
    2. Pub stomper kit: Flesh hook 2, takedown 2, bloodlust 3, overwhelm 3, resistance 2 (and I'll explain why you need high res.)
    3. Anti-sin kit: Takedown 4, bloodlust 3, crippling blow, resistance 3
    4. Another anti-sin kit: Takedown 5, intimidation 1, overwhelm 3, resistance 3
    5. Glitchers kit: Block toss 5, takedown 1/seismic slam 1, bloodlust 3, overwhelm 3 (hate fighting against ppl who BT throw 12+ dmg each hit)
    6. My main (for pub): Flesh 2, seismic slam 2, bloodlust 3, overwhelm 3, break fall 2 (The only kit I normally use other than the 1v1 kit)
    The reason you need high break fall is because during brute 1v1s, you often times go very high up (from point blank flesh or seismic after being fleshed, etc.)
    The reason why you need res with takedown is because it lowers the recoil effects by a lot (making it broken and annoying)


    Couple different ways to do this
    1. Standard flesh airhits (most common): Basically tap right click (little to not charge), which makes them pop up, and you can get a couple free hits while they are in the air. (Max is usually around 4-5 airhits each flesh). This one is pretty hard to rate, but for 1-2 airhits, I'll give it a 4/10, and for 3 airhits, a 6/10, and for 4 airhits, a 7/10, and for 5 airhits, a 10/10. This only applies to airhits while on the ground or jumping, no boosting involved. Simply fleshing the person and getting airhits. I recommend jumping while doing airhits, since it reduces kb given, and keeps the person closer so you can get more potential hits. The only problem is if you jump at the wrong time, they can still hit you while in the air. When I first started, I never jumped, and I could only get 3 airhits max. This is due to the amount of KB given when you don't jump. I soon transitioned to getting 4 airhits after jumping on the last airhit. But jumping overall is a good strat for lowering your opponents kb (especially when they are holding w and clicking high cps).
    2. Standard seismic: When someone tries to seismic mid fight, you can hit them while they are in the air. Pretty simple, just make sure you are within proximity and aim at their feet. I recommend jumping to get the first hit since the hit reg will probably be terrible, and jump hitting can help, as well as increasing your range. To get 1 or 2 is around a 4/10 difficulty. 3+ airhits on a simple seismic is a 7/10, seismic is weird, so its sometimes hard to get anymore than that. The only problem that most people face is the hit reg getting destroyed when the person is falling at high speeds. But there is another way to deal with that, I'll talk about it below.
    3. Seismic airhits when opponent is in the air: This is honestly the most consistent way to get a stream of hits in my opinion, other than standard flesh airhits. Many ppl who play brute a lot try to counter getting airhit by seismicing (made that word up) midair to stop the opponents momentum. This works most of the time, but you can counter this by properly timing your seismic. While they are falling, you can seismic yourself and boost yourself up towards them while they are in the air. This will literally fix hit reg for some reason. Trying to hit someone in the air when they are falling at high speeds is a terrible idea. (Essentially what this means is the person falling from seismic can hit you, but you can't hit them). The good thing about this strat is that you can counter ppl who try to escape airhits by dealing more potential damage. 1 airhit is around a 3/10 difficulty, 2 airhits is around a 6/10 difficulty, and 3+ is around an 9/10 difficulty.
    4. Seismic comboes: So this one is a little tricky, but has insane potential. Basically, if someone is flesh airhitting you, and the person you are fighting against has pretty good aim and is managing to keep you near, you can seismic. This will sometimes work against you, but if it works, its devastating (credits to tyler). Essentially, you seismic while being comboed mid air, and when you land, the seismic registers. Make sure you don't seismic too close to your opponent, or it will send them flying. Seismic around 4-5 blocks away (depending on the seismic lvl), which will knock them back a tiny bit. If you are too far away, they will regain their momentum and will probably win the fight. But by successfully doing the seismic, it will act as a "360 rod" (credits to tyler), which will push the player away and give yourself an easy straight-line to turn the tides of the fight. Oh, I forgot to mention, but right after you hit the ground, jump so you can increase your own momentum while destroying your opponents momentum (difficulty 9/10). If you fail doing this, oh boy, you are getting clipped, gg! (I'm not taking responsibility :P)
    5. Flesh + seismic combo: This one is relatively uncommon but I sometimes use it. Basically this does a crazy amount of damage in a short amount of time (and it looks sick in replaymod). After you flesh someone, and they are popped up, get a couple hits in (1 or 2), then seismic towards the person while aiming and clicking at them. For some reason, hitting them while you are going up from seismic will make them take like no kb. So you can get up to 3+ airhits using this strat, while sending your opponent to the moon (sometimes seismic activates while mid-air) (1-2 airhits - 4/10 difficulty, 3+ airhits, 8/10 difficulty).
    P.S. It helps to have good hotkeys. Being able to seismic at any time you want almost instantly will give you an insane advantage. None of this requires insane cps btw. I manage this with only 9-11 cps. But I'm sure you can do it with less. I was typing this out fairly quickly so don't mind the abbreviations! Anyways, GL with your future brute fights!

    OH, don't get discouraged trying to do all of this on your first try. A lot of this takes months and months of practice! But lots of people get the hang of standard flesh airhits pretty quickly. I recommend grinding MPS against someone better than you. BTW, the airhit tips were only tested on my normal 1v1 kit or the ccl legal kit. I haven't tried takedown to increase airhit momentum, but I'm sure there is a way.
    Posted Jul 16, 2020
  2. Thanks this Will for sure help me white my brute skills!
    Posted Jul 16, 2020
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  3. I don't play brute much since I generally more geared towards sin and knight, but I've wanted to try some brute builds for a while now. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a try :)
    Posted Jul 16, 2020
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  4. Thank you for helping people out. These methods work. I got a 5 airhit combo with method 5.
    Posted Jul 16, 2020
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  5. (unrelated but I deemed I should share this)[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Posted Jul 17, 2020
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  6. Annnd this is why I go blizzard mage

    I ain’t a brute, but mines a generic fh stamp brute with takedown 1,

    Tbh I usually use td for mobility and repositioning to get a combo rather for than hurling myself at ppl lol
    Posted Jul 17, 2020
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  7. Never use overhelm 3, its a waste since since you barealy can hit 3 times in a row without taking damage. I recommend changing overhelm 3 to 2 and then increasing resistance level or axe abilities

    My own build I use the most is
    Flesh Hook 2
    Takedown 2
    Bloodlust 3
    Overhelm 2
    Resistance 3
    Posted Aug 12, 2020
  8. Overwhelm 3 is advantageous in team fights since you can easily clean through high dmg from bloodlust Regen. Maybe in 1v1s it's less advantageous.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 13, 2020
  9. Late to the party but those are awesome tips! I've found that Seismic Slam works really well for AVOIDING being air hit too. If someone knocks you up into the air in an attempt to air hit you, you can time a seismic slam to avoid a potentially huge stream hits. Make sure you time it well though as you might accidentally put yourself in a situation to become even more vulnerable to air hits. If you successfully dodge the attack then you have a huge advantage against your opponent as you just wasted their skill, have potentially seismic slammed them (to activate overwhelm), and have your sword skill at the ready still.

    I usually use a build along these lines
    Flesh Hook 2
    Seismic Slam 3
    Bloodlust 3
    Overwhelm 3
    Break fall 1

    Bloodlust is nice for clutching team fights. If you can solo out an opponent and use some of these air hit strategies to kill them you can enter Bloodlust with some decent health remaining. This makes wrapping up the fight easy work.
    Posted Aug 18, 2020
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