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Not Planned Sploor Revamped (Own Gamemode)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by ShewRadical, Nov 1, 2018.


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  1. Sploor is a subcategory minigame of Nano Games Gamemode! It is very competitive and takes skill of accuracy along with team work and it is of course easy to just run into enemy territory! But what is a real Mineplex game without challenge and the need for TEAMWORK?

    Reasons Sploor should be a major Mineplex game:

    It can have different map themes

    The coverage area could be much larger

    The game may last longer

    There could be more teams and goals/bonuses for coverage amount

    Additions to making Sploor work as its own major Mineplex game:

    More teams

    Different maps of gameplay

    Different ways to have bonus coverage or steal an entire teams coverage

    Harm people with new weaponry rather than just with the paintball weapon

    Plenty of other mode types than just squid mode to manage coverage

    Add a time limit to specific areas that can be taken for coverage

    Add damage to not claiming enemy land underneath you instead of being able to harm people and keep passing through and claim enemy land.

    Different mode types to claim enemy land (besides squid mode):

    10 Second speed mode(Speed through enemy territory enemy damage still on)
    Invisibility mode(30 seconds, particles can be seen, enemy territory damage lowered 95%, no speed added)
    No enemy damage mode (take no damage for walking on unclaimed enemy land, you can be seen and killed, speed raised 15%-35% given for 15 seconds or more)

    Example of Sploor Revamped:
    Blue Team / Red Team / Green Team / Yellow Team (16 Players Max, can be 4v4v4v4, 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2, or 8v8)

    Each team starts with partial land claim (50-100)

    Base has a heal/paintball station that must be destroyed to make a team lose their respawn ability and their amount of paintballs given (a stack a minute changes into 10-15 a minute)(a stack in 30 seconds of staying at spawn with station intact) (Heal station for team is a colored End Crystal)

    Paintballs are limited and you must stay at spawn to collect paintballs

    Killing people gives you points to purchase weapons at base (less points for paintball caused kills)

    Weaponry can be used to toss extra paintballs to kill players at once (Axe: 3 paintballs, Pickaxe: 5 paintballs, Sword: 10 paintballs)

    Last team to kill everyone, or run out of time with most land coverage wins!

    Thank you all that will have read this I appreciate taking the time to look over the idea! This may not all be possible but my creative thoughts were flowing and Sploor is a very wonderful game as is but it is very enjoyable and has potential to be its own gamemode!
    Posted Nov 1, 2018
  2. Hey!

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your idea! Unfortunately, this idea has already been denied in the past by higher-ups. Any NANO game will not be a game itself simply because these games would not do good standing alone and would eventually get dull after a certain amount of time.

    For the reasons stated above, this thread will be Locked.
    Idea Denied.
    Posted Nov 2, 2018
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