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/staff Profiles Showing Profile Preview

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Sophie_OGrady, Jun 29, 2019.



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  1. hello my fellow :mineplex:ineplexians,

    If you click on a staff member on https://www.mineplex.com/staff currently, you are immediately directed to that user's profile page. Just to be clear, I'm referring to if you click on:

    Instead, I'd like to propose it bringing up that users profile preview, which typically comes up when you click on their name on a post, etc. To be clear once again, when I say profile preview, I am referring to this:

    Most of the time if I'm looking at the staff page/a particular staff member, I'm interested in seeing basic information about them (i.e post count, ign, last seen, etc) all of which are visible on the profile preview. I find it annoying that in order to see that information, I have to be redirected to a different webpage (their profile) when all of that is on the profile preview when typically I still want to look at the list further.

    Of course, if you do want to go to their profile then you just need to click on their name on the profile preview and you'll be directed, however, I much rather have the preview on click instead of being forced redirected.

    As always, let me know what you think.
    Posted Jun 29, 2019,
    Last edited Jan 7, 2020
  2. This is a simple but great idea. I think this would benefit both community and staff members for the reasons you stated above. I know sometimes I just want quick information on mentees (such as post count), so being able to see it in a preview rather than going to each profile individually would be extremely helpful. I hope that your suggestion is implemented! :)
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  3. Really nice idea.

    This would be a lot better than the way it is now. The profile preview page gives a lot of information on it. Most of the time I wanna view info on someone, I don’t even need to go to their actual profile. It’s usually on that screen.

    Doubt it would be that hard to implement either. Also don’t really see any negatives in adding it, considering if a user wants to access the staff member’s actual profile page, they can easily do so with one simple click on the staff member’s profile preview page.

    Big +1
    Simple idea, no negatives as far as I can tell.
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  4. Heyo,

    I think this would be a good idea and would make looking at certain information more accessible. I can't really see a reason to not add this because it's simple and it's useful. The redirect directly to staff profiles also seems kind of clunky, so this would help sort that out a bit as well. Overall, I like this a lot and want it implemented soon!
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  5. When I'm scrolling through the staff list, I sort of expect to see the member cards to pop up whenever I click on someone's name. Therefore, it would be nice to see this implemented as I'm used to seeing the member cards before viewing a profile. Plus, one would quickly get access to information regarding account details. This idea doesn't seem it would be hard to add, so I am looking forward to seeing this feature on the staff list.
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  6. Heyo!

    It seems like something so simple but yet so important. Its a bit strange why the developers made this how it is, it would be nice to switch to normal profile previews for the staff list. As AceSJus mentioned above, this does not seem like to hard of a task to do and it would benefit users trying to see the information of the selected staff member that you mentioned, e.g. profile stats, IGN, bio etc.

    Have an awesome day!
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  7. Herro!

    As people have stated above, this would be really useful! This happens on other parts of the forums and honestly I expected it to happen when I first checked the staff page as well. I see no reason not to add this, so it's a big +1 from me!
    Posted Jun 29, 2019
  8. I think the idea is really cool and simple. I do also just want to see their basic information and not be taken into an entirely different area of the forums just to see their info. This could be really useful and just cleaner. +1
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  9. I love this idea, and would like to see it implemented as it would allow for a lot of information at a glance, more so than you would get now. And, its very simple. +1.
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  10. Hey Sophie!

    I completely agree with this. It's a simple and useful feature that would definitely improve Mineplex!
    Posted Jul 14, 2019
  11. Being able to see the basic info of a staff member could be pretty helpful to plenty of people. Sometimes I want to see a basic preview of whoever's profile it is that I clicked on. It's a simple idea but it's beneficial too. I don't see why this shouldn't be added.
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
    EwMikey likes this.
  12. I really like this idea! Even though it is just a small QoL change, I think that it would be extremely useful for when you just want to check out one specific thing about a staff member, but do not need to load their entire profile. Whenever I scroll through the staff page, I always expect that pop-up to show up, but it always brings me to their profile page, which is different than it is for other members on different parts of the website. I think that this would allow for greater consistency in addition to it being a nice feature to have.
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  13. Hiya,

    This is a simple yet effective idea I completely agree with. Honestly I’m not sure why pretty much everywhere else on the website gives you a profile preview when clicking on someone’s name, except for the staff list. I can imagine it would help a lot of trainee mentors to see a preview of a trainee’s profile rather than individually visiting each persons profiles. Great idea!
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  14. Instead, I want to see their basic profile rather than going into their full profile. I think it's a great QoL improvement on the forums. Personally, I don't want to go to their full profile all the time because it'll take me to their page. Sometimes, I want to go to the staff page and want to look up their basic profile. Overall, great idea you have! +1
    Posted Jul 29, 2019

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