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Processed Staff Section Improvement

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by January34, May 23, 2019.

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  1. Definitely a great idea. It will be extremely useful to community members, especially for newer users who may not be familiar with the tags/ranks staff members hold. If this gets added, it will make it easier for those who need to get in touch with a staff member on a specific platform.

    It will definitely prevent a lot of confusion. Like others have said, big +1.
    Posted Jun 26, 2019
  2. Hey!

    I have thought of posting a thread similar this. Your idea is good, but I think Dul’s counterpoint is better. I would prefer to have borders around Staff members names. I think this is better and as long as it is stated on the page what the borders were and what they meant, I would be fine with them being added.
    Posted Jun 26, 2019
  3. I think that the Trainees and Moderators should be separated on staff list based on whether they are Java or Bedrock staff. For example, there would be a separate section for Bedrock Trainees, and a separate section for Java Trainees, and same with Moderators. I think Sr. Mods should remain the same and be organized based on which Sr. Mod team they are on .
    Posted Jun 26, 2019
  4. I’m just gonna say this regarding the colored borders suggestion just to let people know how that would work. If we were to implement the colored borders how would people be able to recognize which staff member would be a Java and Bedrock. I believe it would be more of a hassle trying to create three separate colors (Java, Bedrock, and if they’re on both teams) then to just create a separate link that says Bedrock and Java. Regarding the members that are on both Java and Bedrock it would be easy to just include them under the Java and Bedrock section. I feel that colored borders would be too vague as new members would not know which color is for Bedrock or Java. This could also create issues with visibility as the border may not catch the user’s attention.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 26, 2019
  5. We will be finding a way to show java and bedrock staff that looks nice on our staff page. I won't be locking this as we might still be looking for ideas on how we will go about this change and we'd love to hear feedback on each one.
    Posted Aug 5, 2019
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  6. Heyo!

    I really like this idea, as I play both Bedrock and Java, so it would be easier for me to see what staff are on what platform.
    Overall, a good idea!
    Thank you.
    Posted Aug 22, 2019
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