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Super Paintball: Machine Gun Alteration

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by 73GG, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. From my experience playing Super Paintball, the Machine Gun kit is seemingly the most underwhelming of the 3 non-achievement kits. It requires too many hits to kill and you aren't granted the similar speed buffs as that of Rifle (Speed 1) and Shotgun (Speed 2).

    While Shotgun is almost always the go to kit on most maps, it is evident this won't change without a nerf in some way to the kit. However, giving the Machine Gun a slight alteration might make it more viable than it's current stance.

    I propose it is given the same Speed buff as Rifle (Speed 1) and the hits to kill are reduced from 4 to 3.

    More often than not - due to the Shotgun meta - Machine Gunners are killed long before they can even fire off 4 shots. Even in a long range engagements, the Rifle will always dominate over the Machine Gun due to it's 2 shot potential. An accurate player will often splat a Machine Gunner before he is able to fire his 4 shots.

    Let me know what you guys think!
    Posted Sep 17, 2020
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  2. Hello!

    Every kit within Super Paintball has its ups and downs. While it is true that it does not receive a Speed boost, it is used mainly for long range gameplay, similar to why the Sniper kit does not receive a Speed Boost. Both shotgun and rifle receive a speed boost due to their gameplay. They are close / middle range and being able to have maneuverability is something that should go along with it. The speed boost counters it a bit against the Machine Gun. Furthermore, while it is 4 hit kill the pellets shoot way faster than those of any other gun.

    This is a matter of skill and tactics. If you are using Machine Gunner, you shouldn't be out on the front lines instead you should be behind some kind of obstacle that will allow you to snipe players from afar.

    I believe you are talking about mid range engagements, since that is the primary focus of Rifle. Again if you are long range, the machine gun has the advantage, and that is more of a player skill issue.

    Now regarding your proposals:

    This will make the machine gun way more overpowered compared to the Rifle kit, since now you are given the same speed. Furthermore, as stated earlier, the hits to kill while it may seem like a lot really isn't compared to the amount of pellets that the machine gun can shoot in a period of time.

    And if the machine gunner is also an accurate player, they will also be able to splat 4 shots.

    Overall, I will have to give these ideas a -1.
    Posted Sep 18, 2020
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  3. Actually, no. I was not talking about mid-range engagements. While yes the Rifle does excel a mid-range engagements as that is the centre and premise of it's kit. Due to the kits Semi-Automatic clicking, it is significantly more accurate than that of the Machine Gun, as the auto clicking deters weapon spread and the paintball will often fly in a linear pattern to how you have launched the ball.

    Machine Gun on the other hand is a spray and pray weapon and actually has quite a wide weapon spread meaning shots are much more likely to miss in a long-range engagement between Rifle and Machine Gunner.

    Furthermore, due to the Rifles 2 hit potential across all ranges, Rifle will almost always win that engagement no matter the range provided you are accurate with the kit.

    Moreover, landing just one pellet with Rifle is enough to make a player hide and regen for a moment. That one shot can be fired long before the Machine Gun has a chance to fire 4 shots. In turn, the Rifle now has the advantage. With little skill in aiming required, the Rifle player can then just watch the stop that the Machine Gunner was peaking from and immediately 2 tap them.

    Alternatively, they could use this time while the Machine Gunner regens to enter mid-range with it's Speed bonus long before the Machine Gunner knows it.

    All in all, Rifle is far superior in all engagements with Machine Gunner.

    Once again this is where I disagree. Due to the fast pace of Super Paintball - some games lasting barely 30 seconds - the Shotgun kit can far too easily flank backlines. As we are all aware the kit does need a slight nerf. Alternatively you can give the other kits compensation buffs to help even the playing field.

    The reason I suggest Speed 1 on the Machine Gunner kit is to help aid in escaping a Shotgun flank. It is far too easy for Shotgun to shred past a frontline and enter the backline of Riflers' and Machine Gunners' Luckily for Rifle it can at least manoeuvre and weave between obstacles with Speed giving it outplay potential in a close range engagement with Shotgun. Machine Gun does not have this luxury and in every backline engagement it will lose. It is already apparent that Machine Gunner cannot function in short-mid range engagements so at least grant it the tools to disengage a close range engagement by running away.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 18, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 18, 2020

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