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Implemented Super Paintball- Machine

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by AAR2020, Dec 21, 2020.


What do you think, new kit?

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  2. Nopity Nope

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  3. kinda

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  1. armor: full armor of team color
    gun: Machine Gun
    water bombs: 2
    cost: achievement kit
    description: when shooting paintballs, it will keep shooting paintballs until it reloads or the person takes their hand off of it.
    Posted Dec 21, 2020
  2. I'm not too sure whether this is a troll thread or not. Currently, we already have a machine gun kit that is fairly balanced (Kind of) but no one uses it these days because they get hate for it.
    Posted Dec 21, 2020
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  3. As PrettyChillDylan was saying, this is already a kit. It's not used by most people due to the fact that you will get harassed for it in the PB Community, being a former member of the PB Community, which I left because it grew too toxic.
    Posted Jan 13, 2021
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  4. Going to lock this thread simply because the suggestion is very close to the machine gun kit that already exists in game. Thank you for the suggestion though!
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
  5. wow good idea! I like the part where you shoot them
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
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