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Super Smash Mobs Advanced Guide

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Shipsa, May 28, 2020.

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    Howdy, everyone! Welcome to the Extended Super Smash Mobs Advanced Guide! In this guide, we will go over the core functionalities of the game while also attempting to provide a thorough yet concise guide that can help you become a better player! (In other words, make you learn a thing or two about a thing or two.)

    We are going to be breaking this comprehensive guide into 5 different “stages” each consisting of some pretty solid information that will help get yourselves kicked off as a Super Smash Mobs Grandmaster!

    This thread will consist of various tips and tricks for every SSM kit, the kit’s description taken directly from here, a set of “commandments” to follow when playing SSM, the official SSM Tier List, and even some personal opinions from me

    • Each kit’s official description taken from here. (I’m including this because I personally believe that the current descriptions font style is very difficult to read and understand.)
    • The kit specific tips will go in the order of Skeleton-Villager, so it should be pretty straightforward for everyone!
    • Official Tier Lists.
    • All playable maps as of 5/28/2020 (MM/DD/YY)
    • 10 general “commandments” that every SSM player should follow.

    Now, since this is a very extensive read, I am going to be making it easier on you and your precious little eyes. To do this, key information will be either be Bolded, Italicized, or Underlined. With the really juicy stuff being multiple of these, like so: Blah blah blah. I also respect your eyes, so instead of composing this of several lengthy paragraphs that are impossible to read, I will instead be spacing each section with some spaces, double spaces, or even some TRIPLE spaces!

    Finally, to conclude this introduction, I would request that everybody who is looking forward to criticizing this post, to please do it with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If you disagree, please express your opinions nicely and maturely, as that is the entire merit of this thread! I work very hard on my posts and appreciate constructive criticism, as it helps me see different perspectives from different players, so feel free to do so, just remember to be nice!

    If you notice that I left anything out here, please message me on Xenforo or Discord, and I should be able to patch some things up when I make a more revised version in the future.


    The first section of this guide will consist of the official description of each kit! More information with regards to SSM can be found here.

    Skeleton: Damage: 5, Armor: 6, Knockback Taken: 125%, Health Regeneration: 0.2 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Receive 1 arrow every 3 seconds to a maximum of 3. Arrows deal 150% Knockback. Right-Click with Axe to use Bone Explosion, deal damage and knockback to nearby enemies. Left-Click with Bow to use Roped Arrow, firing an arrow that will pull you towards where it lands. Charge your Bow to release a Barrage of arrows.

    Iron Golem: Damage: 7, Armor: 8, Knockback Taken: 100%, Health Regeneration: 0.2 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. You have Permanent Slow 1. Right-Click with Axe to use Fissure, sending a wave of blocks out in front of you dealing damage to anyone they hit. Right-Click with Pickaxe to use Iron Hook, launching a hook that pulls anyone it hits violently towards you. Right-Click with Shovel to use Seismic Slam, launching yourself up into the air and creating a shockwave wherever you land.

    Spider: Damage: 6, Armor: 5.5, Knockback Taken: 150%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Spider Leap, launching you in the direction you're facing. Hold Crouch to use Wall Climb. Wall Climb requires Energy. Hold Block to use Needler, launching a flurry of needles inflicting Poison on anyone they hit. Right-Click with Axe to use Spin Web, launching yourself forward and firing several cobwebs out behind you, ensnaring anyone they hit.

    Slime: Damage: 6, Armor: 4, Knockback Taken: 175%, Health Regeneration: 0.35 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Slime Slam, launching you forward and inflicting damage and knockback to anyone you hit. Hold/Release Block to use Slime Rocket, throwing a slime that deals damage and knockback to anyone it hits.

    Enderman: Damage: 7, Armor: 6, Knockback Taken: 130%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Blink, teleporting forward in the direction you're looking. Hold Block to pick up a nearby Block. Release Block to throw a held Block, dealing damage and knockback to anyone it hits. Hold Shift to charge a long distance teleport that will send you to wherever you're looking.

    Sky Squid: Damage: 6, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 150%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Hold Block to use Super Squid, allowing you to fly forward. Right-Click with Axe to use Ink Shotgun, releasing a flurry of close ranged shots dealing damage and inflicting blindness to whoever it hits. Right-Click with Shovel to use Fish Flurry, summoning a well of fish which flurry in an area, dealing damage to those caught inside.

    Creeper: Damage: 6, Armor: 4, Knockback Taken: 165%, Health Regeneration: 0.4 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. When hit by a non-melee attack you gain Lightning Shield, protecting you and dealing damage to anyone who hits you during its duration. Right-Click with Axe to use Sulphur Bomb, launching a small explosive bomb in the direction you're facing. Right-Click with Shovel to charge an explosive leap, detonating yourself to send you flying in the direction you're facing.

    Wolf: Damage: 5, Armor: 4.5, Knockback Taken: 160%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to use Wolf Jump. Your continued attacks stack, dealing +1 damage for 3 seconds. Right-Click with Axe to use Cub Tackle, launching a small cub that ensnares anyone it hits. Right-Click with Shovel to use Wolf Strike, launching you forward and dealing damage and knockback to anyone you hit. Wolf Strike deals 300% Knockback to tackled opponents.

    Snowman: Damage: 6, Armor: 6, Knockback Taken: 140%, Health Regeneration: 0.3 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to use Double Jump. You freeze things around you, slowing enemies. -100% Knockback to enemies on snow. Hold Block to use Blizzard, launching a flurry of snowballs dealing damage and knockback to anyone it hits. Right-Click with Axe to use Ice Path, summoning a path of Ice beneath you.

    Magma Cube: Damage: 5, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 175%, Health Regeneration: 0.35 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to use Double Jump. Kills give +1 damage, -15% knockback and +1 size. Kill bonuses can stack 3 times and reset on death. Right-Click with Axe to use Magma Blast, launching a large fireball that deals high knockback to anyone it hits. Right-Click with Shovel to use Flame Dash, vanishing and traveling quickly in a straight line damaging anyone you hit.

    Witch: Damage: 6, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 150%, Health Regeneration: 0.3 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Daze Potion, throwing a potion that does knockback and damage to anyone it hits. Right-Click with with Shovel to use Bat Wave, launching a flurry of bats that deal damage and carry away anyone they hit. Double Right-Click with Shovel to use Bat Leash, attaching yourself to the bats to be carried wherever they go.

    Wither Skeleton: Damage: 6, Armor: 6, Knockback Taken: 120%, Health Regeneration: 0.3 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Hold Block to use Wither Skull, firing a small skull that explodes on contact with an enemy. Right-Click with Axe to use Wither Image, creating a clone of yourself that will fight nearby enemies. Double Right-Click to use Wither Swap, swapping places with your clone.

    Zombie: Damage: 6, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 125%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Receive 1 arrow every 2 seconds to a maximum of 2. Arrows deals 150% knockback. Charge Your Bow to use Corrupted Arrow, charging up large amounts of damage. Hold Block to use Spew Bile, vomiting rotten flesh onto your opponents, knock them back and dealing damage. Left-Click with Bow to use Death's Grasp, launching you forward and throwing anyone you hit into the air. +100% Arrow Damage to enemies thrown by Death's Grasp.

    Cow: Damage: 6, Armor: 6.5, Knockback Taken: 110%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Build up Speed levels as you sprint. +1 damage for each Speed level. Right-Click with Axe to use Angry Herd, sending a stampede of cows out in front of you dealing damage and knockback to anyone they hit. Right-Click with Shovel to use Milk Spiral, sending you flying forward in a milky vortex dealing damage to anyone you hit. Crouch to cancel movement from Milk Spiral.

    Skeletal Horse: Damage: 6, Armor: 6.5, Knockback Taken: 140%, Health Regeneration: 0.3 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Bone Kick, kicking enemies in front of you with your front legs, you deal damage and a large amount of knockback. Right-Click with Shovel to use Bone Rush, charging forth in a deadly wave of bones which deal a small amount of damage and knockback. Holding crouch will prevent you from moving forward while using Bone Rush. You will also drop explosive bones as you take damage.

    Pig: Damage: 5, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 150%, Health Regeneration: 0.2 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Bouncy Bacon, launching a piece of bacon which deals damage and knockback. Eating the bacon will restore energy, as well as hitting an enemy with the bacon. Right-Click with Shovel to use Baby Bacon Bomb, spawning a baby pig which will give you a boost forward. The baby pig will run to nearby enemies, and explode on them. Pigs will become pigmen when their HP is below 6, which will then return to a normal pig once the HP is 10 or above.

    Blaze: Damage: 6, Armor: 6, Knockback Taken: 150%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Hold block to use Inferno, releasing a deadly torrent of flames which ignite and damage opponents. Right-Click with Axe to use Firefly, sending you flying forward with great power, destroying anyone you touch. If hit by a projectile while Firefly is starting up, the skill will be cancelled.

    Chicken: Damage: 4.5, Armor: 2, Knockback Taken: 200%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Flap. Hold Block to use Egg Blaster, unleashing a barrage of your precious eggs. They won’t deal any knockback, but they can deal some serious damage. Right-Click with Axe to use Chicken Missile, launching a baby chick forwards. It will fly forward and explode when it collides with anything, dealing large amounts of damage and knockback to players.

    Guardian: Damage: 5, Armor: 4.5, Knockback Taken: 125%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Whirlpool Axe, firing a Prismarine Shard that deals damage to the first player it collides with. This player is then drawn towards you. Right-Click with Sword to use Water Splash, bouncing you into the air and pulling all nearby players towards you. Blocking with a sword while bouncing will increase the height to which you bounce. Landing causes a water splash which deals damage and knockback to any nearby players. Right-Click with Pickaxe to use Target Laser, you will target the player closest to you with your laser, causing them to take increased damage and knockback from you. Your laser breaks if you get too far away, or after some time. You take 66% less damage and knockback from projectiles when under 10 HP.

    Sir Sheep: Damage: 5, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 170%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Hold Block to use Static Laser, charging up a static electricity in your wooly coat, and then unleashing it upon enemies in a devastating laser beam! Right-Click with Axe to use Wool Mine, shearing yourself and using the wool as an explosive device. You can Right-Click a second time to solidify the bomb, and a third time to detonate it on command. Right-Click with Shovel to use Wooly Rocket, shooting yourself directly upwards. You deal damage to anyone that you collide with on your ascent. Using this recharges your double jump.

    Villager: Damage: 5.5, Armor: 5, Knockback Taken: 145%, Health Regeneration: 0.25 per Second.

    Tap Jump Twice to Double Jump. Right-Click with Axe to use Sonic Hurr, screeching at the top of your lungs, piercing players ears, dealing damage and knockback in front of you. Right-Click with Hoe to use Trade Scatter, propelling you back or forth depending on your trade skills and throwing your favorite items in the opposite direction. Right click with Shovel to cycle through villager arts. Dropping the shovel with activate the selected villager art.


    The second section of this guide will showcase some tips and tricks for every single kit.

    Skeleton: Ah, the default kit. This kit was my original main back when it was obnoxiously overpowered. Nowadays, this kit is still decent but is often overshadowed by other kits such as Zombie. Despite this, Skeleton still continues to be played often among some of the best SSM players and has a wide variety of “move sets” for players to use.

    First of all, it’s important to point out some Skeleton basics. Skeleton is able to set up a pretty basic combo by doing the following: Use Roped Arrow and land that arrow on an enemy. After this, when you get close enough, use Bone Explosion to complete the combo. This combo can be devastating to other mobs, especially on smaller maps such as Mushroom Islands or Glacier, and thus is extremely useful.

    Furthermore, Skeleton offers a wide variety of playstyles. From a passive “runaway” playstyle to a combo-based aggressive playstyle, and everything in between! Skeleton offers high mobility, decent damage, and a very high skill ceiling for those who take it to a better level. Because this kit has so much variety in the playstyles and requires a lot of skill to master, I’d rate it to be one of the most well balanced and methodical kits in the game.

    Iron Golem: Similar to Skeleton, as it has a very high skill ceiling. However, Iron Golem’s different playstyles are lacking. Primarily because all Iron Golem effectively does is sit in wait for their enemies to come after them, rather than play the aggressive. This does not mean that Iron Golem is bad though, he just happens to be a very defensive-oriented kit and relies on its abilities and health to survive several barrages of attacks. As Iron Golem, try to use fissure as best as you can.

    Be patient for your opponent to walk in a straight line when using fissure and understand that most players will likely underestimate your strength. Try using your Iron Hook to pull players off the map and try to set up combos by using it as well. Using your abilities in any order will automatically give some pretty easy combos without you actually having to plan your attacks, so it can be a great kit for beginners due to its simplicity. You should always remember that Iron Golem has a very large hitbox, and most players will likely target you because you seem to be an easy kill to them, and rightly so. The majority of Iron Golems that I’ve encountered in games are fairly bad at the game, and most of your better or even average players are aware of this, and thus will target you. Expect this and try not to get frustrated when that one Wolf main flies around you like a maniac and makes your head spin around and around until your inevitable death.

    Positioning yourself in areas where you are at an advantage can really help Iron Golem out, such as ledges, camping areas, and small islands. Overall, Iron Golem is a pretty solid kit and is worth playing.

    Spider: Where do I even begin? There is just so much Spider tricks that you can perform and the ideas for this kit are basically endless. I’ve got to start off somewhere though, and we will start with Needler. Needler offers some pretty annoying poke damage and allows you to get up close and personal with the enemy or keep them at bay. It’s Needler is similar in damage to Blaze’s Inferno while also doing knockback similarly to Snowman. When approaching an enemy, spray Needlers towards them and go in for the melee attack afterward. This discombobulates the enemy and is frustratingly annoying to deal with. (Yes, I said it). When keeping enemies away from you, try to use Spider Leap to run away, then turn around and Needler them. Continue to do this until they either get tired of chasing after you or you regenerate health. Note that the higher you look upwards, the farther your arrows travel, as the projectiles are arrows after all.

    Spider also has the ability to Spider Leap and Wall Climb. While these passives don’t really need an introduction, Spider Leap is very strong compared to the other Leaps and allows for high and unpredictable mobility. Wall Climb offers a very nice recovery and can be used to get those scummy campers off of the Hyrule Modified tower with ease. This ability is very useful and is probably the best passive ability in the game, so use it wisely! (In other words, hold SHIFT or your crouch key to win!)

    Finally, Spider’s Spin Web ability. This is probably the most versatile ability in the game and is fairly simple to use. When you see an enemy, perform a 180 (turn around) and use Spin Web! That’s all you’ve got to do to get easy kills. But, if you are a more, “Advanced” user, you will appreciate these tips for using Spin Web! When a user is right next to you, look upwards, Leap, and use Spin Web. This will most likely catch the player below you in a web and will make them feel like an absolute buffoon. You should be able to clean up players pretty easily with this ability, and by practicing your aim and striving to be consistent, you should develop the innate ability to do 180’s easily and perform Spin Web accurately. Spider has a very high skill ceiling and is undoubtedly one of the most overpowered kits, so just play this kit! This is also the best kit for getting the “Free Kits Forever” achievement in my opinion, so use this if you are an achievement hunter!

    Slime: Oh boy. A kit that I really shouldn’t be making a guide for Slime since I seldom play it. Ah, whatever, might as well include it I suppose. First off, Slime uses energy when using his Slime Rocket ability, and always gains more energy when he isn’t using abilities. If you notice, your experience bar displays how much energy you have, and the more energy you have the bigger the Slime that you are. Your main goal should be keeping yourself as small as possible by consistently using Slime Rocket and charging it up completely. Slime Rocket does an incredible amount of damage, so make sure to land those properly!

    As far as Slime Slam goes, there really isn’t much to say other than you should be mindful when slamming others, because you receive some knockback recoil when doing this. It should also be noted that Slime’s typical playstyle is one in which the Slime runs away, turns around and uses Slime Rocket on an enemy. Rinse and repeat. Slime thrives on smaller maps as well, so use that map vote to your advantage!

    Typically, though, you should avoid actual combat with other players, but rather kill them with your abilities only. You want to do this because your abilities are strong enough on their own to wipe out enemies, while also keeping your distance from them as well. Slime is a good social distancing kit, and it fits in the current meta now more than ever.

    Slime is a great kit and is favorited by some of the best in the business of SSM, it’s just not my best kit, and therefore I cannot give an incredibly depictive guide on Slime, unfortunately.

    Enderman: A really strong kit if you use it in the right situations. Enderman offers incredibly high mobility with Blink and has a relatively short cooldown. Enderman’s Block Toss does an incredible amount of damage, can be thrown from far distances to snipe enemies, and it too has an incredibly short cooldown. (No bias whatsoever, not at all)

    When using Block Toss, try to not put yourself in harm’s way whilst fighting others. For this example, I’ll use Wolf. If a Wolf is chasing after you, your best option is to find a place to camp for a moment by using Blink to getaway. After this, you may prepare a Block Toss. This is important because you never want to take needless amounts of damage for no absolute reason. Avoid combat with fast-moving targets such as Spider or Wolf, and instead, prepare your Block Toss to damage them enough so that they are afraid to chase after you again. In other words, don’t turn around to use Block Toss on a chasing enemy, but run away instead. Enderman is best played when he isn’t under heavy pressure (similar to Iron Golem in retrospect) Enderman prefers larger maps, that offer several terrain height (Y) variations because it allows him to get around and regenerate health when other mobs cannot, such as Wolf for example.

    Blink has such a short cooldown, that you should regularly be able to run away from others or prepare a counterattack after using Blink. Blink can also be used offensively, however, as it can be used to chase after enemies who are low on health and clean up fights fairly easily. There really isn’t a high skill ceiling for Enderman, because once you reach a certain point where you are able to use Block Toss accurately and consistently, everything else comes naturally. There isn’t too much strategy when playing Enderman either, apart from knowing when to attack and when to retreat with Blink.

    Enderman also has a Crouch/Shift ability which allows him to teleport anywhere he is looking. The only issue with this ability is that you are incredibly vulnerable when using it, and there isn’t much opportunity to effectively use it in most situations, so this can be ignored for the majority of the time. However, if you see another camping player, you can always use this ability to reach their position. (Hyrule Modified Tower for example)

    Sky Squid: A fairly versatile kit, Sky Squid offers high mobility options as well as consistent, low cooldown damage. Because his kit has a pretty simple playstyle, I won’t go into too much detail for it’s abilities.

    Ink Shotgun is an incredibly strong ability. It’s damage and low cooldown allows you to thrash enemies quickly and is your main source of strength. For this example, we will be using Slime. Slime is a kit that allows the Slime player to jump high into the air. However, what goes up must come down, and when enemies fall to the floor, use Ink Shotgun before they hit the ground so that the momentum from their fall and the knockback from Ink Shotgun coexist with one another and send your enemies flying farther away than they would normally.

    Ink Shotgun shouldn’t be difficult to land on enemies either, as it is a fairly easy-to-aim projectile, and this shouldn’t be a struggle. If you have difficulty aiming this ability, try aiming a little bit in front of others, as it is a projectile and requires some prediction of the enemy’s movement!

    Super Squid is it’s main ability however, as it provides the user with a good recovery and can be used offensively as well. There isn’t much to be said with regards to this ability apart from the following: When using Super Squid, try moving unpredictably, and attempt to confuse your enemies. Simply moving from side to side should do it and will make their heads spin.

    There isn’t much to be said about Fish Flurry either, apart from you should use Fish Flurry in the same way that you would use Sir Sheep’s Wool Mine. (We’ll get to that later) Basically, just use your common sense when using this ability and that’s pretty much it.

    Creeper: Let’s face it, Creeper doesn’t need an introduction, nor does it need a guide. If you are reading this, you most likely have already played Creeper and understand the kit completely. It’s probably the most overpowered kit in the game and doesn’t require much skill from the player either to win effectively. However, if you are an epic gamer, and aspire to master this kit, I will help you! (Not like I’m biased against Creeper or anything)

    Sulphur Bomb is a difficult ability to land, so practice on smaller targets such as Chicken with a friend in an MPS or practice it regularly in public SSM games. Learn the flight pattern of this projectile and use your knowledge to land this ability effectively. My biggest tip for you to become a master Creeper player is to practice your Sulphur Bomb accuracy and to use it consistently, similar to how an Enderman would master his Block Toss ability.

    Creeper’s Explode is self-explanatory and doesn’t need an introduction. However, always remember that you can use your Crouch/Shift key to cancel the Explode.

    Wolf: Similar to Creeper, Wolf is easy to learn and doesn’t require a large introduction. However, Wolf does require some Minecraft Pvp skills to allow you to reach for the stars with this kit. (corny metaphor please don’t hurt me)

    Most Wolf players typically go for a “run away and turn around, then use Cub Tackle to finish an enemy” playstyle. And yes, this is probably the best playstyle because most players always seem to fall into this trap. The Wolf runs away and makes the aggressor believe that the Wolf is low on health and thus Wolf wins the mental battle in these situations. When using Cub Tackle in this situation or in any situation, make sure you are absolutely certain it will hit an enemy. It’s really embarrassing and is detrimental to a Wolf when they blunder their best ability, so make sure to put it to good use.

    Cub Tackle is essentially an extended leap, so use it in the same way as you would Slime’s Slime Slam.

    The best Wolf players also know how to mash their spacebar, so try practicing aiming your leaps to give you the highest speed and most distance when attacking enemies.

    I would also recommend Wolf only to players that have a decently high CPS (clicks per second), as it is entirely focused around landing combos and doing high damage in short amounts of time.

    Snowman: A very self-explanatory and easy to use kit, Snowman doesn’t need a guide at all, really. Just be mindful that when enemies are standing on snow that they will be slowed and take less knockback. Use Blizzard to keep enemies at bay and spam it when enemies jump over the void. Use Ice Path to get up to areas where you can camp and regenerate your health.

    I advise you to use Snowman when you are playing in an SSM Teams game, as two Snowmen are able to create a lot of trouble with their Blizzard ability and it is a real pain for your enemies to play against. Snowman is an excellent kit to work alongside any others as Blizzard is an amazing crowd control ability, but aside from using Snowman in SSM Teams, there isn’t really a point in playing it because the kit lacks any sort of sustainable mobility and suffers from weak abilities which make the kit quite underpowered in most situations. Reconsider playing this kit unless you understand that you are going to predisposition yourself to lose more (probably).

    Magma Cube: A decent kit, Magma Cube offers high mobility with decent damage and is difficult for your enemies to deal with. They will naturally avoid you as you typically are able to escape any of your enemy’s attacks with ease, and they understand that they are simply wasting their time when chasing after you. Therefore, Magma Cube generally is a late-game thriving kit.

    Learn to use Magma Blast with accuracy and understand that your enemies can hit the Magma Blast away from them, and potentially back at you. To avoid this occurrence, try using the Magma Blast when your enemies are not paying attention to you or have their back turned towards you as they will be unlikely to react quickly.

    Use Flame Dash in all sorts of situations and acknowledge that it also does damage to enemies if you hit them with it. You can also attack enemies while you are using Flame Dash, so make sure to fight during the Flame Dash ability as well.

    Magma Cube is similar to Slime because their hitboxes are the same, and both can increase or decrease in size. However, Magma Cube doesn’t consume energy but rather gains size when killing other players. Because of this, I advise for you to avoid killing other players until you absolutely have to, which is normally when fighting in a 1v1 situation.

    Witch: Typically considered to be one of most niche kits in the game, Witch offers low mobility and decent damage. Personally, I consider Witch to be a “worse version of Creeper”, but it still is an interesting kit and most definitely deserves a guide!

    Witch’s Daze Potion works similarly to Creeper’s Sulphur Bomb in that it does decent damage, has a low cooldown, and is difficult to hit enemies with it properly. Practicing your accuracy with Daze Potion and try to land it as consistently as possible. Similarly to Creeper, you can practice this ability in an MPS against Chickens to have the best results (Ask a friend to help you out!).

    Bat Wave is a decent ability and can be used to push enemies away and actually does pretty high amounts of damage. I advise you to wait to use this ability and try your hardest to use it against attacking enemies rather than defending ones. Most aggressive SSM players will more sporadically, and you should prepare for this by always having a Bat Wave ready to stop them in their tracks. Save Bat Wave when you need it most, and you should be fine. It should also be noted that you can use Bat Wave to climb back up to the map if you happen to fall off by right-clicking twice.

    Wither Skeleton: A high damage kit that offers decent mobility and a good recovery. This kit is pretty popular and rightly so, as it is fairly easy to use and is a very well-rounded kit.

    Wither Skeleton’s Wither Skull is an intuitive ability that can be used to hit enemies from close or far distances. When using Wither Skull, make sure to continuously hold down right-click so that you can direct the Wither Skull and change its direction similar to a missile.

    Wither Image is a very good ability because it provides the Wither Skeleton with an incredible recovery and can even be used to confuse enemies in combat. When using Wither Image offensively, make sure to switch between the two images often. Try to confuse your enemy by holding your Axe while using Wither Image, as it will make it harder for your enemy to differentiate between the two images. When using this ability to recover from a fall, try your hardest to react as quickly as possible to prevent a preventable death.

    Zombie: An incredibly powerful kit that is more difficult to learn than most. Zombie’s damage from Corrupted Arrow is absolutely monstrous and will eliminate foes incredibly quickly.

    Zombie’s Spew Bile is an ability whose primary function is to keep enemies away and make room for Zombie to shoot arrows. Use Spew Bile when fighting in close quarters combat, or in preparation to spam arrows at your enemies. This ability can be used offensively or defensively and doesn’t require too much information as it is pretty self-explanatory.

    Death’s Grasp is an ability that is similar to Skeleton’s Roped Arrow, however, this ability is generally considered to be a stronger and more effective version of Roped Arrow. Similar to Chicken’s Chicken Missile, the cooldown will reset when Death’s Grasp lands on an enemy and will allow Zombie players to create multiple chains of attacks from Death’s Grasp alone. It is an incredible defensive recovery ability and can even be used to fling others off the map. (Similar to Iron Golem’s Iron Hook) When you land Death’s Grasp it will normally send your enemies flying into the air and will almost always result in a great set-up for you to finish your foes off quickly and effectively.

    Zombie is overall one of the best if not the best kit in the game, as it’s damage is incredibly sustainable, and Zombie has several abilities which allow it to have freedom over the battlefield to do what it pleases. High mobility, high damage, decent health, and a high skill ceiling all match up for an incredibly powerful kit, and thus I HIGHLY suggest this kit for players who are skilled with Bows.

    Cow: A kit that offers high damage and high health with high mobility. On paper, Cow seems as though it would easily be the strongest kit in the game, however, this isn’t the case. Although it’s stats are solid, it’s abilities can easily be blundered and require a bit of skill to use effectively.

    Cow’s passive, Stampede, is the most effective part of this kit in my opinion. Over time, you will gain speed, and the higher speed you have, the more damage you will do on your first hit on an enemy. Try to abuse this passive by avoiding combat with foes until you have reached the maximum speed level. After this, avoiding certain terrain that could prevent you from keeping your momentum (hills, structures in the way, or movement-restricting areas). As Cow, you want to stay on larger maps that do not restrict movement such as Skylands or Hyrule Modified.

    Angry Herd can be used in a few different ways but is generally considered to be an aggressive-rush style of attack ability. Using this ability shouldn’t be difficult as it has a large spread and the Cow projectiles move quickly. Remember that you can also use Angry Heard while in the air, so you feel free to attempt to force camping enemies out of position.

    Milk Spiral can do lots of damage and is very effective when reaching certain areas or running away from enemies. However, it can be used offensively as a projectile rather than a movement ability. Hold Crouch/Shift when using this ability to prevent yourself from moving while also sending out a Milk Spiral.

    Skeletal Horse: Generally considered to be easy to learn. Skeletal Horse offers a decent recovery with Bone Rush, while also doing significant amounts of damage with a high "boop off the map and into the void" potential. Here's a little tip: When using Bone Rush, click SHIFT or crouch. This prevents you from moving while also sending your enemies away from you or even off of the map entirely.

    Skeletal Horse's passive, Deadly Bones (albeit overpowered in my opinion), is a good ability and offers quite a lot of crowd control to the user. The ability to keep others away by hitting them around without actually doing anything is very useful.

    Bone Kick offers a ridiculously high knockback and can send other mobs flying off the map with 1 click, which will provide easy eliminations, especially on smaller maps such as Mushroom Islands or Glacier.

    Skeletal Horse also offers some pretty high defensive capabilities, including its 6.5 armor stat and its high crowd control functionality.

    The only major downside to this kit is that when it's abilities are on cooldown; Skeletal Horse basically becomes a sitting duck. It doesn't really do much when it's abilities are on cooldown aside from Deadly Bones, and thus is at it's weakest standpoint when relying on normal PvP to fight other players. It also should be noted that the Skeletal Horse has a very large hitbox, and you will feel as though you are being tossed around if you aren't that proficient in regular PvP combat.

    Pig: A strong kit with some pretty good abilities! Pig offers a decently high skill ceiling and happens to produce a lot of damage as well. Despite the fact that I almost never play this kit, it’s still one of my favorites and is an excellent choice for beginners in my opinion.

    Pig’s passive allows him to go into Pigman Form when he has less than 6 hearts. He becomes stronger during this period, so make sure to use this to your advantage and fight when you are at your weakest. It should also be noted that Pig consumes energy similar to Slime, so be aware of this when using Bouncy Bacon and Baby Bacon Bomb.

    Bouncy Bacon offers some pretty high damage if you aim and manage to hit foes with it. Practice this repeatedly until you are confident that you can consistently hit enemies. The best mobs to practice this on are Wolves, as the Wolf has high mobility and an awkward hitbox. Use this ability to keep enemies away from you and try not to use all of your energy at once.

    Baby Bacon Bomb is a far less effective ability, and in my opinion should mainly be used for movement purposes. It’s a good recovery and will help you reach areas if you have enough energy, so be knowledgeable to how much energy you have and try to conserve energy for when you need it most.

    Blaze: Similar to Creeper in it’s popularity and is easy to play. Blaze has a pretty low skill ceiling and doesn’t offer too many options for creativity if any at all. However, it does have some strong abilities that make it one of the best kits in the game.

    Inferno is an ability that is annoying spammy to play against, but it is worth mentioning. There isn’t really a strategy to using Inferno, but just be mindful that using Inferno consumes energy (similar to Slime or Pig). This energy is regained fairly quickly, however, and unlike Pig you shouldn’t have to worry about how much energy you have available for use.

    Firefly is a pretty simple ability as well, but it does have a few implications that can make you fail as a Blaze player. You MUST understand that players can cancel the Firefly ability if they hit you quickly after you start using the ability. This can be terrible for Blazes if they are trying to use Firefly above the void because players can send you falling to your death if you aren’t careful. Avoid using Firefly above gaps in the map where you could potentially fall if your Firefly were to be canceled.

    When playing against Blaze players, I recommend you change your particle settings with Optifine to Minimal. This still gives you the visual representation of when Blaze is using Firefly, but also prevents you from being blinded by the several particles that Blaze emits when using Firefly.

    Chicken: A very strong kit that has a high skill ceiling. Chicken is more than just a camping machine, there are some real tricks that good Chicken players use.

    Chicken’s Egg Blaster is a pretty strong ability if you land all the eggs. I recommend using it when you are certain that you will be able to hit an enemy with it. After doing this, quickly use Chicken Missile to do some extra damage and attempt to set up a Chicken Missile combo.

    Chicken Missile is an interesting ability because it’s cooldown can be reset by creating a combo. Normally, Chicken Missile has a pretty long cooldown of 8 seconds (I think) When a Chicken Missile hits an enemy however, the cooldown resets. If you practice timing and prediction of your enemy’s movement, you should be able to hit chains of Chicken Missiles over and over. Learn the flight pattern of the Chicken Missile and you should be able to set up combos. You will not be a good Chicken player if you don’t learn how to do these combos, so I suggest learning this fairly quickly.

    Also, Chicken has incredibly low health, so avoid PvP with other players and try to distance yourself and rely on solely your only to do damage. (Similar to Slime)

    Guardian: A complicated kit that has a high skill ceiling. Guardian is very similar to Iron Golem in terms of it’s abilities but has significantly less health but has more mobility.

    Whirlpool Axe works almost exactly like Iron Golem’s Iron Hook in that it pulls enemies towards you and damages them in the process. Try practicing this and learning to be accurate with it, but it really doesn’t require much skill to master your precision with it.

    Water Splash has some pretty advanced tech that I don’t even know about, so in the later versions of this guide we will go over Water Splash in far more detail. Generally speaking, this ability works similarly to Iron Golem’s Seismic Slam, and doesn’t require much action from the Guardian player. Note that you can move horizontally and vertically when using this ability, so don’t be afraid to Water Splash onto enemies that are distant from you!

    Target Laser is different than the previous two abilities, however. It requires a lot of knowledge and using it properly in the right situations makes Guardian immensely powerful. You can only use this ability on the ground, and I suggest using it on enemies who are confronting you aggressively. If you break line of sight or the target gets too far away from you, the bonus damage that you receive from Target Laser will not be applied. Be mindful of how long the cooldown is for this ability, and do not waste your opportunities when you actually use Target Laser.

    Sir Sheep: A decent kit that thrives in 1v1 situations but isn’t that great when fighting multiple enemies at once. Playing this kit to run away from enemies while also doing consistent damage is great, and is truly a fun kit to play with, despite it not being the strongest.

    Static Laser doesn’t really require much of an introduction, just focus on aiming it and being precise with it.

    Wool Mine doesn’t have many strategies to it either, just use the ability when running away from enemies and be mindful not to explode yourself on accident.

    Sir Sheep’s Wooly Rocket is incredibly effective against campers and is a great utility ability. It can be used to reach high places or to save yourself from the void. It doesn’t really require a lot of skill either and is pretty self-explanatory.

    Most Sir Sheep players focus on having a pretty “cowardly” playstyle in which they run away and socially distance themselves from their foes and try to use their Static Laser and Wool Mine to do damage. This is probably the most effective strategy as well, and will likely provide you with easy wins.

    Villager: An incredibly complicated kit, Villager honestly requires you to have incredible superhuman gaming ability to understand. The kit is so ridiculously complicated and has an absurdly high skill ceiling. Learning to play this kit requires a lot of time spent practicing and learning how the kit even operates, and can't really give any details tips, unfortunately.

    All the advice I can effectively give is for you to be mindful of your cooldowns and try to conserve your abilities rather than spam them all at once. Understand that you are to use different traits for different situations, and learn when and when not to use your abilities.


    Now that we’ve finished the segment, we’ll look over the various Tier Lists!

    Tier List:


    Matchup Chart:



    Here’s the maps list!

    · Adrift

    · Alpine Ruins

    · Amplified

    · Ancient Islands

    · Apache

    · Ardan Forest

    · Astron

    · Autumn

    · Blizzard

    · Candyland

    · Caste

    · Desert

    · Dreamscape

    · Enigma

    · Extinction

    · Forgotten Stones

    · Glacier

    · Hyrule Modified

    · Mining Camp

    · Mushroom Islands

    · Oriental Gardens

    · Radiant Reef

    · Remote Islands

    · Skylands

    · Tectonic Islands

    · Wasted Lands

    · Welcome To The Jungle

    · Build


    Here are some general tips or “commandments” for playing SSM!

    1. Try to "read the other player's mind". I know this sounds strange but try to think about what your enemy plans on doing. If you see a Wolf looking at you while also aiming its head upwards, you can assume that it is about to Wolf Strike and Cub Tackle you for an easy combo. Try to avoid or bait the Wolf out of its abilities during these instances. This also applies to all mobs, not just Wolf as a further notice.

    2. Avoid going "All In". If you are playing a kit that relies on its abilities for damage (i.e Chicken, Wolf, Sky Squid) don't use all of your abilities at once unless you are completely sure that they will be accurate and do lots of damage. It's quite embarrassing when a Wolf misses it's Cub Tackle and prevents the Wolf from really being able to be a significant threat. (Unless they are better than you.)

    3. Understand that being "Hyper-Aggressive" doesn't help. Sure, you can run in and try to do as much damage as possible to others, but you always need to be cautious and understand that others can hit you as well. In other words, moving predictably and trying to dish out as much damage as possible isn't always the best method of attack. Be mindful that other players will fight you back and taking needless amounts of damage only sets you back more. If you do 8 hearts of damage to a Creeper for example, and the Creeper does 5 hearts to you as a Skeletal Horse player, you are actually losing. This is because Creeper has a significantly higher regeneration rate than you, and by the time you have healed up a few hearts, the Creeper is probably ready to fight again and has full health.

    4. Be knowledgable of cooldowns. If a Sky Squid is attacking you very aggressively and hasn't been fighting anybody recently, understand that he most likely has all of his abilities. This means that the Sky Squid is prepared to use Ink Shotgun. If you do manage to fight the Sky Squid off, now he can run away with Super Squid. After this has happened, you have to understand that the Sky Squid doesn't have a damage or mobility ability to spare, and thus now is your time to attack, because the Sky Squid is at his weakest position.

    5. Grab that Smash Crystal! Although most top tier Super Smash Mobs players avoid using the Smash Crystal because it provides easy vanquishes to anybody that uses it, you still need to be the player that picks it up. In regular games of SSM, all of your average level players will use the Smash Crystal. Even if you just pick it up and avoid using it, you still can be provided with a sense of security, while also being able to use it if you really need it. There is no harm in grabbing the Smash Crystal, even if you don't use it.

    6. Don't have the need for revenge. Suppose that another player kills you once. After this, you immediately charge after that player because you believe that they are still on low health. This is immediately a bad idea and most likely will either cause you to die again, or make the other player frustrated and potentially become toxic if you succeed in killing them. You have to understand that when you are killed by another player, the other player is regenerating during this time, and is most likely prepared to fight you again because the player understands that most players are hungry for revenge when they die. Only go after another player repeatedly if you are certain that you will succeed in a fight.

    7. The map of choice matters, a LOT. Suppose that you are using Creeper. Creeper is stronger on smaller maps rather than large ones because of Sulfur Bomb, Explode, and Lightning Shield. It should be noted that all of these abilities give plentiful amounts of knockback to other players when they are hit by any of these abilities, and by voting and playing smaller maps, you increase your chances of killing a player by sending them into the void.

    8. Don't be toxic, and report teamers. First off, this rule should apply in all games, not just SSM, however, I think it is easier to get frustrated in SSM compared to other games. I understand that it can be very frustrating when the other player who is playing Creeper repeatedly sends you off the map and into the void. It's annoying, and I understand that, but you have to be aware of the map you are playing, your cooldowns, and what your enemy is thinking when attacking you. Understand that losing in a game of 4 players is common and that even if you are a better player than all of the others in your lobby, you are still likely to lose. Often, a better player will be targeted or teamed on simply because the other players realize that it is the only way that they will win against you. Although it's against the rules, it still is very prevalent in SSM and will occur very often. When this happens, don't have a negative reaction, and just leave the game to queue for another one or even better, just report them.

    9. Learn what abilities each mob has to use and be knowledgeable of when a player will use them. Understand when your enemy will use his/her abilities is crucial and being able to bait them out will offer you will easy out-plays and can win you the game simply because you are smarter than your opponent. When the Blaze is running away from you and jumps off the map, know that it is about to use Firefly to get itself back onto the map. When this happens, either A. hit the Blaze before Firefly activates to send them falling off the map, or B. run away and attempt to take as little or no damage if possible.

    10. Have fun. Playing and learning the way SSM operates can be difficult when you are new to the game, but overall having fun is more important than winning games. Because the learning curve is steep, it automatically isn't favorited for newer players and is more leaned towards more hardcore players, thus creating a player base that is either very good or very bad. Regardless if you win or lose, having fun in a game that can and will sometimes have a toxic environment can be difficult, but pride yourself on being relentless, and try your hardest to have fun, even when you get killed by a spacebar-spamming wolf player. Because at the end of the day, it's just a pixelated block game.

    That wraps up my guide! If you have any questions or concerns or have some opinions about this guide, please tell me your thoughts below! I’m preparing the 2nd version of the guide and want your personal thoughts and opinions to be implemented into this guide!


    Have an AMAZING day everyone!

    Stay safe, and please remember to wash your hands!
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  2. damn bro!!! good work man. Sure to help a lot of newcomers!
    Posted May 28, 2020
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  3. Hey!
    w-wow... uh... long thread.
    I can't believe the amount of detail, effort, and time you put into this guide. It will definitely help players that are newer to the game and even intermediate players looking for some tips on how to improve. My favorite part of the thread would have to be the "Commandments" because many of them are unique and provide valuable advice for everyone. Even though I only use a few kits in SSM, I read the whole thread because your perspective on things captured my interest in learning about the other mobs. I hope this thread gains popularity and congratulations on a job very well done!
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  4. Very nicely done, I can tell you put a lot of effort into this! It's very thorough and detailed; thanks for taking the time to type this. It will definitely help some new players, and even some more experienced players. One thing that I think would be worth adding is that blaze is immune to inferno. It's great to use blaze against another blaze to avoid inferno. I do this all the time and it's great for not dying. It really does help a lot and I think that it makes the game shorter too. However, I would only recommend doing this if you're pretty decent at PVP. But other than that, I've think you got down the most important stuff. Once again, GREAT work! I'm looking forward to the 2nd version to see what kind of new stuff will be added. Have a good day/night!
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  5. Heyo, I'll definitely be making an updated version of the thread, and when I do I'll make sure to include that bit about Blaze being immune to Inferno. Thanks!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 29, 2020
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  6. Hello!

    I really love this thread. SSM has been one of my absolute favourite games since I joined (too many years ago now), and this thread is really going to help me expand my horizons with other kits.

    Up until a couple years ago, I mained creeper. This was until I found the absolutely legendary kit that is enderman, and let me tell you - playing basketball in SSM is now my favourite hobby.

    I find it hard to use any other kits though, and I struggle with changing how I play according to kits so this will be a massive help for me!

    Thank you very much for the extreme detail and effort you put into this :)


    - Ben
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  7. Hey ShipShape! I'm nothing but amazed and impressed right now. I can tell you really love this game and you put your time and effort into making sure this was as informative as possible. Nothing but great things to say about this. For one, I love the little attention to detail, I noticed it everywhere, whether it be the little underlining/ bolding important information or even simple things like changing the name kits color (black is free default kit, green is purchasable with gems, and purple are achievement kits). I noticed those small things, it shows the amount of effort you put into this. Secondly, I love how you provided tons of information without including bits of information that were not necessary. For every kit you tried to only include what was essential to making that kit succeed and it's primary abilities and how to use them. I think you did a very good job there as well. Lastly, I love the organization and art work that was included in this. It just made the thread feel 10x better not only having to see text. The art work also sometimes served as a transition to another topic and I think that was done very nicely.
    Now feedback: I don't have much to say as this is very very well made already. Just have one or two things to include if you would like to go even more above and beyond:
    • Include imagine links to the maps
    • Try showcasing the abilities of the mobs through video
    Again you don't have to include these things but if you really want to go even way more above and beyond than you already have then I think this would take it another extra mile. Thank you so much for this informative thread my friend. I'll go play a game of SSM now haha! Keep up the great work!
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  8. So, slime has a regeneration of 0.35 per second? That explains a lot...
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  9. Wow! I’m glad you made this a full thread after seeing your comment on your popularity list. Before reading this, I really believed I understood the kits I used but obviously, there is a lot more to discover. The tips and tricks section is extremely impressive in detail and I can’t believe that you’re able to keep so informed of all the kits’ nuances. I’m looking forward to more details on the Guardian in the next version. As mentioned in other replies, visuals could be a great addition to really go more above and beyond than you already have. Great work!
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  10. Wow, The amount of time that would have gone into this must have been crazy, I saw how long it was yesterday but It is very detailed and extremely helpful for newcomers. Good job, :P
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  11. I really like the idea of this guide, but there's a decent amount of flaws in this guide I'd like to address.

    Kit description issues:

    Clarify jump powers for kits that have larger jumps, such as slime. Slime and magma cube jump power are 1.0, and skeleton horse is at 0.9. The default jump power is 0.8.


    I'd recommend you add to the skeleton description that in addition to all arrows dealing 150% kb that they have a static damage value of 6 regardless of how long the arrow is charged.


    Ink shotgun does not blind opponents anymore, so that should be removed from squid's description.


    Snowman's arctic aura makes opponents take 60% less knockback, not 100% less knockback.


    It'd be useful if you included in the zombie description that corrupted arrows do 13 damage at max charge and that hitting an opponent with death's grasp resets the cooldown to 1 second and stops your velocity once you hit an opponent.


    Cow armor was buffed to 7 a long time ago, I don't know why mineplex still says it's at 6.5.


    The bacon description in pig is really poorly written, you will only get energy back when you eat the bacon and not the instant you hit your opponent. But, bacon that hit your opponent will come back as cooked bacon which gives you a half heart back in addition to the regular amount of energy earned from eating bacon. The description should also include that nether pig has speed I and a 33% energy reduction on all of its abilities.


    Blaze's firefly can also be cancelled by meleeing it.


    Would be useful to note that the range in which an opponent will still be stuck in target laser and the damage of the laser break (starts at 2 and caps at 6) increases as long as they are still in target laser.


    Should be noted that the double jump recharge feature is currently broken on sheep.

    A lot of the strategies and information you presented in your guide are inaccurate and need a lot of fixing, but there is also a lot of strategies in your guide that are well written. Here is my recommendations for the tips and tricks section:


    You make skeleton sound really bad for no reason, I don't understand why. Skeleton is usually placed in most tier lists at S tier, which is extremely good. Skeleton's barrage literally makes it almost impossible to miss with good RNG and proper spreading of the arrows.

    The combo you pointed out isn't optimal, as you should melee before the bone explode in order to get more knockback and damage output. But, you should only really go for a knockback finisher if you know you cannot get more melee hits in the interaction or if you know they are already low and want to knock them off to set up an edgeguarding situation.

    Iron Golem:

    Fissure is an extremely bad ability most of the time. It isn't reliable to predict it as if your opponent was moving in a straight line because competent players will likely not do this. The best way to use fissure is to punish extremely agressive approaches, such as a spider double jumping directly at you or a skeleton trying to approach with roped arrow. Fissure's damage is very rewarding though so it never hurts to go for, but do not heavily rely on it as it is a very poor move.

    Iron hook is a weird ability. You'd expect it to always pull your opponent towards you but dependent on where you aim it, they sometimes go at an angle straight upwards and towards you. If you put a player in this situation, they can get out extremely easily and begin to approach you. To try to avoid this, aim hooks at close range as hook's damage is velocity based and becomes much slower the farther it goes. Hitting iron hook at an opponent in the air will also always guarantee them to get pulled towards you.

    To overcome iron golem's big hitbox, I tend to heavily exploit knockback canceling. The only way to trade as iron golem is by always roughly predicting the timeframe in which they will hit you and what angle they will hit you at. When you think they will hit, you double jump. Sometimes you will frame perfect cancel it, which gives you a huge advantage; but most of the time you'll simply take a tiny bit of knockback and then get launched towards them. You should double jump towards them when canceling so you get closer to them, ensuring trades.

    Iron golem is extremely good at camping and you basically covered all the ways iron golem can camp, but I'd like to add getting the low ground is actually the best idea since it is more awkward for the other player to aim at you and also gives you an advantage in melee.


    I don't know spider that well so I won't touch on it too much. One important thing to note about spider is that needler's poison gives your opponent invincibility frames, and you will not be able to attack them. When you want to start a combo with needler, you have to be extremely quick to beat out the poison or you have to wait for one poison tick to occur before going in.

    Wall climb can also last for significantly longer if you rhythmically tap shift so you stay at the same position but lose energy at a dramatically slower rate.


    No comments other than the fact that slime has different advantages and disadvantages on small maps compared to big/medium maps.


    You forgot a very vital part of enderman, which would be speedblocking. Speedblocking is performed by sprinting and hitting the block at the same time. You should aim the block slightly upward and charge it for about 1/2 of a second to give it some speed beforehand if you don't have super high cps (15-20cps).


    Ink shotgun is a pretty sucky ability, actually. It is heavily affected by a bug in SSM where all item projectiles do not have a hitbox until they have existed for about a half second. This makes hitting ink shotgun close to an enemy extremely hard, as you can sometimes get unlucky and all the pellets will phase through.

    Super squid must be used carefully on staged, as its squid's only recovery move and has a long cooldown.

    Fish flurry is absolutely useless. The only thing it can do is make someone move if they are camping at one spot.


    Most overpowered kit? What? Have you looked at the tier list in your forum post?

    Sulphur bomb is easy to hit, especially since it has little to no repercussions for missing due to its 3 second cooldown.

    You have to be careful when trying to recover as explode is the most gimpable recovery in the game by a mile. The only tip I can provide for trying to not get hit while exploding is to semi-hide behind something when recovering.

    Magma Cube:

    Magma blast is much more viable as a surprise approach option, as fireballing behind yourself will launch you at your enemy at high speeds.

    Wither skeleton:

    You should always keep an eye on your image as it randomly killings itself every now and then by walking off the map. Wither image also frame 1 attacks opponents when you swap.


    It should be noted that angry herd can be used as a shield to projectiles and is notably effective in blocking arrows.

    Strafing with max stampede will also mess up your hitbox a lot making it harder for arrows to hit you, as they will bounce more often.

    If you milk spiral very slightly downwards while in max stampede, you will run at an extremely high speed and it will catch your opponents off guard.


    Villager is actually a lot easier than it looks. The general strategy I've seen villagers use in competitive is to start as speedster and go for a sonic hurr into melee for about 12 damage (3-4 hearts to most kits) and then either run away for a tiny bit or switch to butcher. You can also quickly switch to blacksmith if you know you are about to take a hard blow.

    I like the idea of this guide and I hope it improves over time. It's gonna be a lot of work for you to update this thread when the next SSM update comes out soon™. Feel free to correct me if any of my information is incorrect.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  12. As far as the kit descriptions go, they are taken directly from here and were not created by me, so those issues aren't mine to deal with. (They really should be updated and changed though).

    I really appreciate your information and constructive criticism used in the latter part of your post! I will definitely take this information into account when updating my Super Smash Mobs Advanced Guide. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate them because you are very knowledgeable with regards to SSM and are probably the best Iron Golem player of all time. Thanks!

    Oh and PS: as far as Creeper goes, I think it is overpowered in the sense that people don't really have to do anything and they automatically win by playing Creeper (Lighting Shield mainly). It's more of a personal opinion rather than what the Tier List created by the community says. I disagree with some aspects of the Tier List, but I didn't make the Tier List. In lower levels of play, Creeper seems to give players easy wins because no action is required by the user to use Lightning Shield or aim Creeper's explode.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 29, 2020,
    Last edited May 29, 2020
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  13. Got to hand it to you! You are the SSM master after all. From what I know the thread seems pretty accurate, and everyone has also addressed their concerns in the comments. This is very handy for people who enjoy SSM or for newcomers in general. Thank you for sharing this thread and continue making these detailed posts.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  14. Heyo!

    Thread moved to Mineplex Guides

    Wow. The amount of thought and time was put into this is crazy to think about. This guide seems very helpful towards newcomers and even users just coming across it to learn more about the concepts and essentials about Super Smash Mobs! I really like how you touched up on every topic you could think of, in the game itself, and even with the feedback you are receiving above. I can see this guide becoming more informational, more than it is currently. My favorite section was the commandments section as well as the tips and tricks section because of information being presented in a more creative way! The presentation is crazy good and absolutely love the additional pictures! Anyways, this is a great guide, and is very well-presented! Take care!
    Posted May 29, 2020
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