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SurrealKitsChronilcle: Ghast

Discussion in 'New Kit Discussion' started by CubicalMayhem, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. This post is about a mob with one of the largest hitbox in game and how could we introduce it as a kit in SSM.

    Theory: In my opinion every kit ability should be familiar with vanilla minecraft or at least has a logical explanation.
    For an instance it makes sense if all blaze's abilities related to fire. However, it is incorrect to let squid breath with fire like a dragon.
    Every kit must stay balanced between its abilities and hitbox. Its a reason why most of the unreleased kits have an extremely large or small hitbox. It is hard to make it useful and balanced at the same time. I prefer to use HP system (1HP equal to half a heart).

    Amor: 4
    Regen: 0.25
    KB taken: 125%

    Iron Sword: Infernal Breath
    Description: Hold right click to open mouth and rapidly breath with fire bolts and ash.
    Range: 4.5 blocks
    Ability duration: 4 seconds
    Damage: 2 hp/s
    CD(Cooldown): 10 seconds
    Note:This ability doesn't have any KB.

    Iron Axe: Fireball
    Description: Right click to launch fireball towards you.
    Damage: 6HP
    Projectile speed: 4.5 blocks/second
    Note:Deal massive KB
    CD: 6 seconds

    Iron Shovel: Chargin' Fernous
    Description: Right click to dash/ram at the direction forward and deal damage with large KB if opponent on its way.
    Damage: 2HP/hit
    Range: 12 blocks
    Ability duration 2.5 seconds.
    CD: 20 seconds
    Note:Enemy takes damage only when he stays close to ghast's hitbox. It deals massive KB, each 0.8 seconds enemy takes "hit" if he still stays in ghast's way. Ghast can easily combo enemy if victim doesn't have any escape plan (it is impossible to escape it without special ability if you already got in combo).
    Combo bonus: If victim takes full combo ( 3 hits), enemy will be knocked away with high pressure. Similar to Cub Tacle feature, but with different conditions.
    You can change dash direction during it, but you can't cancel ability.
    You are invulnerable while in dash, however you can't use melee weapon during this event.

    Passive: Fly
    Description: Double jump to fly around.
    Note: Your flight duration can be seen inside xp bar. Flight speed 1.7 blocks per second. By beginning of the game your xp bar is full. You can fly until xp bar reaches 0.
    You can refill it by dealing damage to your enemies.
    Each 2HP is equal 1.8 seconds of flying.
    Max flight duration is 12 seconds.

    Passive: Enraged Ghast
    If ghast reaches lower then 6 HP twice during 15 seconds in one live, it becomes enraged.
    When enraged phase begins, ghast refill 40% of its flight duration. Every ability CD is twice shorter.
    Duration: 10 seconds
    CD: 40 seconds
    CD resets after death.

    Smah: Eternal Beam
    Description: Ghast creates massive fire beam from its mouth.
    Damage: 10HP/s
    Range: - (infinite)
    Note:Your fly speed is 3x faster then usually, unlimited flight granted during smash.
    Smash duration: 5 seconds

    Only constructive critique accepted.
    Posted Mar 9, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 9, 2021
  2. Realistically, this kit isn't possible. The issue with a kit this massive is reach: if you're playing as a normal player (steve or alex hitbox), you won't be able to even reach other players before they can hit you. You'd lose every single fight. You'd be in the center of the ghast's mob hitbox, meaning players can hit you from however far the hitbox ends compared to your position plus another three blocks ontop of that. If i'm not mistaken, that's around 5-6 blocks. Whereas you can only reach 3 blocks from your viewpoint. What does that mean? Well, you'd have to have an enemy inside of you in order to even hit them. Even with 40HP, golem-type armor, and the hardest hitting melee damage you could grant this kit, it'd be no match for every other kit in the game. Spider webs would never miss, chicken missiles would have a field day on ghast; guardian would shred the kit to bits.
    If the kit could be shrunken to a smaller size, it might be viable. Even then, it'd need tweaks to its armor and passives. Allowing a kit to simply fly around is not a viable passive and would be incredibly unbalanced against melee kits.
    Good thought and effort in the idea - the execution is simply unrealistic :c
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  3. While this is a unique idea, I think that having any primarily flying mob in SSM alone could be very overpowered. Aside from Blaze and Chicken, both of which seen naturally don't fly (blaze more so levitate), seeing a ghast moving on the ground and not flying would look very odd to me. Obviously, in order for this kit to be balanced, a ghast can't be flying the entire game. I think also having it on the ground, especially on smaller maps, would make this kit nearly unusable due to how big its hitbox would be and how large the mob is.
    Posted Mar 9, 2021
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  4. SurrealKitsChtonicle provides suggestions for kits even if it may be impossible.
    Last chance to bypass giga hitbox is probably multiple ranges abilities.
    Thanks for your feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 10, 2021
  5. Thanks for your feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 10, 2021

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