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Swamplands - Block Hunt

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by afterfive, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Swamplands is a swamp themed map that me(afterfive), BlueFlash, little_dude_9000, OzKakeru and VodikFlare made. Sadly VodikFlare won't be on the authors list because the maximum number of authors allowed is 4. We tried our best to make the map balanced. Anyways, we hope you like it! Link to preview: https://imgur.com/a/ePHsgvX
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
  2. *turns up brightness on screen* Oh, there's the build

    Got some good organics going on there, 11/10 trees
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
  3. hey hey gamers!

    make sure you make a team name; you could have more than 4 it just has to be a team name (you might still need one with the length of the names).

    anyways; let me start with data points; make sure there’s 24 BLUE spawns for hiders and 16 RED spawns for the seekers. Secondly, the map will be Day time unless you add a sponge data point with a sign that says

    on to the map; there's way too much water. Water does damage, and with how much water there is, I'd recommend you change some of the one block places to stained glass.

    secondly, what's with the chicken here?

    make sure to remove the random cake here


    as well, what is this? a light house? a tower? why are there MORE chickens?

    another chicken

    more cakes?


    c h i c k e n


    all the random chickens/cakes that are on roofs would be extremely annoying and confusing for hunters. if there is not more than one chicken/cake; it can confuse hunters and will make them think someone is hiding there. if the purpose was to actually confuse hunters, it's simply not going to work out because of that reason.


    try to remove wheat, pots can hide there almost too easily.

    as well, for the tree; if you're going to leave it daytime, then remove the glowstone. There's going to be no use for it.

    when it comes to structures, they're poorly made. what literally every structure is missing are: color palette, shape, and some depth. color palette is really the key to make your builds look more detailed, I'd suggest using some gray-ish stuff that match with stone brick (because i can see that that's your most used block for the walls). just making a square-able shape won't cut it, it looks bad, and you cant put much creativity with just a square house. Instead, try sketching it out first, with wood for example. try making L or T shape, with 2-3 stories, that'd be much more interesting to explore. and finally, depth. making a flat wall with nothing on it honestly looks unprofessional, try putting your wall 1 block inside, it really makes it more appealing to watch. i'd suggest looking on internet for tutorials of some sort of, so you could make understand what I mean by "depth", and to just make a nice structure in general.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  4. Overall, I think this will be a fairly balanced map. EwMikey does have some points that I think should be considered.

    In the second to last image of the album, there are two yellow blocks visible on the mountain in the background. Presumably, one of these is a sponge data point for time.

    Water fits the swamp-based theme of the map. However, the random single blocks of water would quickly get annoying, so they should be removed or made less frequent. Stained glass in the middle of grass could look weird for small pools of water, so the random water should be replaced with grass.

    I think that random blocks/cakes are fine to an extent, but the screenshots do show too many. Some of these should be removed.

    Many hunters in Block Hunt enable visual hitboxes by pressing f3+b. All non-solidified blocks (including pots) are disguised falling sand, so they have full 1m^3 hitbox. This hitbox is incredibly easy to see in wheat, so having wheat on a map should not be a major problem. However, not everyone uses hitboxes (and farmland can cause players to get stuck in blocks). A middle ground could be reached by removing some of the smaller wheat fields and/or by reducing the size of the larger one.

    Unsaturated blocks and lack of color seem to work for a swamp theme. Multiple types of stone should be used in each of the buildings. This would improve the color palette of each building without adding color to the map. The shape of the buildings could be improved somewhat, and extra depth would definitely help make the map look better.

    The shape of the buildings could be improved, but simple buildings tend to work quite well in Block Hunt. If a building is too complex, it can be hard to navigate. This could make the map too easy for hiders. Ideally, each team should have a similar chance of winning. Some of the buildings should be non-rectangular, but 3 stories may be too many. Buildings having 1-2 stories could be a good middle ground between gameplay and aesthetics.

    As an additional note, some walls and roofs have a few blocks that seem out of place. The random blocks in walls should be fully removed. The randomness on the roofs could be resolved by making piles out of the blocks or by removing some of the blocks entirely.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 14, 2019
  5. 8/10 too much water but that tree looks really hot
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
  6. every map has random block and mob placement - it helps for disguise, if people hide in big piles of blocks its sometimes more obvious than next to just one of its own kind
    -- however we can remove some

    im not sure how much block hunt experience you have but i assure you things like this are important
    Posted Aug 14, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 14, 2019
  7. Good job to everyone who made this map >:]
    Posted Aug 15, 2019
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  8. Hey,
    Your map is really well made. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented in the near future.
    Some feedback:
    1. The mountains are incredibly messy. I see your theme is "swamp" and I like this; however, the mountains, at the moment, seem incredibly busy with all of the random blocks splattered all over it. I would recommend having a gradient of color from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Have the tops of the mountain be the green clay, then go in with the cobblestone and the mossy cobblestone, and then, finally, at the base of the mountain, go in with cyan clay. This will make the mountain looks much nicer while still not taking away from the darkness of the swamp biome.
    2. Make sure the water has a maximum depth of one block. I can't tell the depth of the water from the screenshots, so I thought I should include this just in case.
    3. The paths could use a bit of work. Right now, they seem to just be a random assortment of different blocks. I think going in by hand and revising these paths to consist of cobblestone "blobs" within the coarse dirt rather than just being random block noise might be a better option. This would make the paths seem less messy while also making use of the same pallet.
    4. A lot of your houses have flat and rather blank walls. Specifically, the houses in this screenshot. You should definitely consider adding a bit more detail to these walls. Maybe add some support beams? Add a few windows with window shudders? Overall, just add a bit of texture, depth, and general aesthetics to these houses.
    5. Remove the cobwebs that are around the map. To me, there's nothing more annoying than getting caught in cobwebs. Also, remove the sugar cane. There should not be any tall plants on Mineplex maps, as they interfere with PVP and are quite annoying to deal with.
    6. In this screenshot, there appears to be little to no room in between the water and the TNT blocks. Furthermore, the water appears to be multiple blocks deep in the image (or it could just be the lighting of the image. It's hard for me to tell).
    7. The tower in this screenshot could use a bit of detailing as well. At the moment, it looks quite odd and seems more like a pyramid than a watchtower. Maybe add some more depth to the build?
    8. In the screenshots, there appear to be a few places where the terrain seems to be a bit difficult to traverse. Make sure the map is able to be run across with ease.

    Posted Aug 15, 2019
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  9. no...those are more chickens. the points I'm talking about have signs on top.


    i can agree; i just think that they should be around MORE than one block of the same type like in the example i showed of them being clustered together.

    i see now, my bad haha. HOWEVER, not all players use F3+B, and so a lot of wheat should be removed.

    as well, with wheat, it's best if you have wheat to make it one big clump, like in the map "Lylinore Forest" there's wheat clumps, really.

    i understand what you're saying--but if you looked at my screenshots, the blocks are just randomly there for no reason and are completely alone, same way with the chickens. as you're one of the makers, i'd recommend you also look at more of my feedback, and while you're at it make sure to read everything. again, the best bet for blocks like the cake would be to cluster it together like in the example i put. although i agree that random blocks help with disguise, there are simply too many of them, and i haven't even covered all of them in my previous reply.
    Posted Aug 15, 2019
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  10. Signs render differently than chunks, so they don't display past a certain distance from the player. Those yellow blocks appear to be outside the walls of the map, so they are likely sponge blocks that were compressed poorly when the image was uploaded. The signs on top are just too far from the player to be rendered.

    Turning them into clumps would fix the issue (and would fit in with Block Hunt's other maps), so this fix would help improve the map.
    Posted Aug 15, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 15, 2019
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  11. Hello there!
    I am not too knowledgeable myself on what to look for in a map, but from what I can see from your pictures, this map is a very well put-together map! I like the whole swamp theme and I believe it would be great for a Block Hunt map. Thanks for building and keep up the great work :)
    Posted Aug 15, 2019
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  12. I do agree with many of your points EwMikey.

    The wheat one i partially disagree with as this map has wheat in 4 clumps as seen below (which is less than lynlinor, hidden, cookie town and more).

    This is not randomly place wheat. if i recall correctly, Pirate Island has two clumps, Cookie town has randomly placed wheat throughout,lylinore has more than 4, Hidden fields has random wheat through out the map (although it does fit with its theme of a windmill)
    this shows a minimum of 10 screenshots over 3 or 4 maps showing the distribution of wheat. However all these maps use other crops with them ( such as melons, haybales, pumpkins etc)

    Also I'll like to confirm that they are sponge data points as seen in the screenshot below (I know you were only informing us to be helpful, so thank you :D)

    However I agree that the random block placement feels forced in screenshots shown below
    This doesnt fit the theme of Blockhunt and we wish to alter this

    But, spots like these
    fit the theme set in maps such as Cookie town, frozen outpost, desert village and many other maps. where there are flat roofs and balconies where blocks are placed

    However the random chicken point. I do agree that we have far too many chickens on this map and should reduce it, but chickens being in buldings, roofs and more is done throughout all recent blockhunt maps. as seen in eclipse town below:

    However, I have taken many of your points into account. Such as the small points of water, which we will remove outright and not try to replace with glass as it it doesn't fit in

    Also, your point about building depth we shall improve our buildings by adding multiple layers on them (such as seen on the latest maps like nakoji, eclipse and such)

    We also plan to remove a large amount of the chicken and random animal data points as they do feel far too excessive

    Thank you all for your great feedback especially EwMikey and Danese as you provided extremely well structured points and i hope my response didn't seem rude at all. You both provided extremely useful feedback for us if we hope this map to be accepted.Without this feedback we may have never thought of these work arounds and fixes so Thank you <3 :D
    I shall bring these points up to the other members who built the map.
    Posted Aug 15, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 15, 2019
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  13. thanks c:
    Posted Aug 15, 2019
  14. Hey buddy!

    I have been reading some of the comments above, and before I say anything else, you and your friends killed it with this map. Yes, there may be some room for improvement, but I can tell how all of you guys worked together and spent time perfecting most aspects of this map. I used to play heaps of Block Hunt so I do like to see the community develop and work on new maps for the game mode because, in my opinion, you can never have enough amazing maps!

    Feedback wise, I don't have too much to add. If you are intending for this map to be played at night time, I'd definitely add some more lighting around. I don't think the lighting you currently have would work too well with the gameplay. I also think you could add some more terrain change all around the map, maybe make some hilly parts in the middle of the map, or make a large hill in one of the corners with some miscellaneous builds on top of the hill so players can still hide there. My final suggestion is to add some more textures to the outer surrounding hills. At the moment you have only included two blocks, and it is a little bit plain, so if you add some more stone textures, it'll make the outer boundary look more interesting!

    If you are looking to submit this map soon, definitely read over the Map Submission Guidelines to ensure your map meets all the requirements to be used for Block Hunt, otherwise, your map will be rejected. Then, if you aren't already aware, you can submit your map here. Thanks for sharing this map with the community, it's very brave of you and your friends. I am glad everyone has been supplying you with helpful feedback so perhaps before you submit your creation to Mineplex, you can make some final touches to make your map the best it can be! I'd love to see more of what you and your friends can make, so definitely be sure to share with the community what you guys are building next! Good luck with the acceptance of your map mate! :)
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  15. Wow, thanks everyone for the awesome feedback! First of all I’d like to state that i already submitted the map when i made this post so we can’t implement your improvements in the first version of the map. But the guide says that we might get feedback and one month time to improve the map so we will of course make sure to take your feedback into account too if that happens. Also thank you for the worries but i triple checked everything on both map guides (block hunt and general guide) to make sure there werent any mistakes.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 16, 2019
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  16. Are the hiders able to climb up the trees?
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
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  17. all spots that are parkourable have not been barriered
    everything we wish to not be accessed we have made parkour jumps impossible and then barriered to prevent exploiters getting there. (we tested with speed three to show us hyper axe jumps)
    if it looks like it can be parkoured. it likely can be parkoured due to our testing
    We dont wish to disclose any spots though unless it is released.
    Posted Aug 16, 2019

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