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Teaming/Targeting in Death Tag

Discussion in 'Death Tag' started by Caesers, Aug 14, 2019.


Is Teaming/Targeting a problem?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2019.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Death Tag all in all is one of my favorite games on Mineplex but as the rest of the mini arcade games it not paid attention closely. In death tag Teaming and Targeting are a huge problem it’s what ruins the game and that’s why there is not many players on it. I have reported this problem over to some mods but they won’t listen, see in death tag you can become the chaser but ther is a runner who helps them by boosting them by hitting them with the traitor kit to kill another player who is running. And also targeting this is one of the most frustrating things in Mineplex also in Death tag when you kill a player they would just stop for a while and text their friends to kill that person so they can win the next game and the next this is really hard for new players and old players like myself to play this game. All I’m asking for is a mod or helper to not give warnings but to ban those who are teaming. Thanks, Caesers
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  2. With the traitor kit, the name suggests that you can betray runners at any time. They are still runners but can knock others off to indirectly kill them by fall damage or into chasers. This is equivalent to knocking chasers into runners as both are plotting against the traitor kit's team. With the traitor kit, something needs to be done about it other than removal or else that will kill the game. With other kits, I believe it is a problem. If the chaser takes too long to catch someone, the game selects a runner who has been standing around the most to be one. Non-traitor kits cross-teaming with chasers is too much for the runners to handle and should be punishable if not already. The team limit changes for the chasers as it will always be the current amount of skeletons on the map. From that definition, traitors are not even allowed to team with chasers, I believe this is a dead end from here.

    Targeting can be frustrating to the victim but there is not much Mineplex can do about it. Evidence of targeting is already difficult to capture in the first place. Since only YouTubers and Streamers cannot be targeted, the most regular players can do is to not be seen by the targeter or just not be seen.

    It is up to staff discretion to decide if you are intentionally trying to team/cross-team, no warning will be given before banning.

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    Posted Aug 14, 2019
  3. I actually asked about it in staffrequest when it was happening to me, and I was told by multiple people that cross teaming in any capacity on Dt was not punishable. I think that is a huge problem, because there is usually always a party of long time DT players who refuse to kill each other and target any new players. It makes the game not fun, and generally turns away any potential new player from wanting to stick with the game.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  4. Death Tag is one of my favorite Mineplex games. Targeting and teaming is a issue. The Traitor kit should be nerfed, maybe like a cooldown on hits or slower hits just something to make it fairer.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 14, 2019
  5. As PapiKirito mentioned above, teaming of any kind isn't punishable in Death Tag.
    Cross teaming (different from regular teaming) only applies to games with 3+ teams, such as Bridges for example. Teaming (games with 2 teams) only applies to solo games with team game counterparts, such as Survival Games or Skywars. There's also the fact that the "Runner Team" isn't actually a team, but more of a free for all survival that's mostly passive except for the Traitor kit. So a runner teaming with another runner, or a runner with a chaser (using Traitor/Archer to boost the chaser, or having a chaser stand inside a runner to protect them) is just part of the game.

    From my own experience, most the people that team are dangerous enough without their friends helping them. Most of the long-term community has gotten really skilled at ambushing or chasing runners. If they stopped teaming it would be a challenge to catch each other (especially if they know each other's strategies) so they'll most likely go after the easy people first, which leads into targeting.

    It's unavoidable. If you want to kill someone you essentially 'target' them until you give up or they die. I'm assuming that you refer to targeting as a multiple round kind of thing. It could be that you're just easier to catch than someone else, even if you're still a good player. Or perhaps you're just closer to the chaser than anyone else. Or... yeah, the person just wants to ruin the game for you. To which I say cool, they're viewing someone to be worth their time and effort to chase down every game, although it can still be frustrating. (Also, not punishable in any case unless you have the Youtube/YT/Streamer rank.)

    So all-in-all, it's just part of the game and nothing can be done. As an older player, I can testify that it's much harder to get onto the level of the pros now than it was two or three years ago. Prior knowledge and experience don't mean much anymore. Best thing you can do is make a group of 2-4 people and stick together until you each catch up to their level. If you're on your own then it's just a matter of playing a lot until you get the skills needed, just like any other video game. New players have it rough, but strip away all those annoyances and it's still a fun game.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  6. I used to play Death Tag pretty often a couple of years ago, when it was still really popular. It definitely was easier to win due to not constantly running into huge parties of people that basically owned the entire match. Mind you, there are numerous gamemodes that this same issue occurs one, where there's a big party that basically team's together and don't do anything towards each other.

    I don't play it as often anymore, so I'm not as good as some people now that play it every day, and I do find it kind of irritating sometimes when I go into a game to try to remove my rust and get back into it, but then there's a huge party, and I'm basically dead the moment I join. However, something like this can't be avoided, so it kind of a bummer.

    Nonetheless, I still find Death Tag as being one of my favourite gamemodes to play, even if I don't win as often as I used to. Being able to outrun a bunch of chasers for the victory still gives me such satisfaction, even if it only happens here and there.
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
  7. I’m aware of that but the problem with me and other of the so called “easy people” have the problem when we kill a teamer they would target you the whole game until you die or call upon their other friends to help them and then they just run away and start making insults at the person they teamed up on who killed that person in the other round.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 17, 2019
  8. Honestly, the way I view it, it's very unfair, especially when people can go alpha chaser in the beginning of the game and team with their friends (which pretty much means instant win for them)... At least remove the option to be an alpha chaser
    Posted Aug 22, 2019

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